Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


14. Our future.

The sound of the monitor beeping. Brent slowly opened his eyes. He was at the hospital. He looked around. His room was empty and there was silence. Brent slowly sat up and blinked a few times. He looked down his body. He could feel his body was sore but all the burn marks and bruises were gone:
"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU DOING!" A male voice cried out from the room next to him:
"I just dropped my glass of water!" A girl's voice cried out. You could hear the sound of a window opening and someone screaming:
"What?" Brent said low. He was about to check out the window when he felt something. He removed his blanket to find Tiffle lying on top of his knees and resting her head on his stomach. Brent smiled and just leaned back. He looked at the clock in his room. It was just past one 'o clock:
"Seems like it's past breakfast," Brent said low. He looked at his side to see a plate with a sandwich and a glass of water on the small bedroom table. He slowly took it and began eating. He remembered the night before. What tension there was in that park. The fight between the two. The winds raging against the power of emotions themselves. Tiffle nuzzles her head on Brent' stomach. He smiled and pet her hair before taking a swig of the water:
"I'm back!" The girl from the other room said suddenly:
"Oh...Hey." The male voice said from the room:
"You can start by drying up the water." The male voice said:
"Yes!" The girl answered:
"What a weird thing. I could swear he threw her out of the window." Brent said. Brent slowly stood up and left Tiffle on the bed. He looked out the window. He could feel he was a bit sore but no other damage was there. He looked out the window to see a few marks on the ground below. Like something been continually dropped from the room next door. Brent just closed his eyes a bit:
"I see. So I didn't imagine it." Brent said:
"Oh. You awake." Tiffle said slowly sitting up:
"Yeah," Brent said. He turned around and looked at her. The two looked at each other for a bit and both smiled. Tiffle jumped down from the bed and pressed her head against his stomach:
"I was scared," Tiffle said:
"I know...I'm sorry," Brent said. Tiffle sobbed once then stepped back:
"I promise I won't leave you. Not now. Not later. I will stay." Brent said kneeling down and placing a hand on her head. Tiffle nodded. Brent slowly sat down as the doctor came in:
"Hello there. I'm doctor Volten. In charge of this hall. I must say it's nice to have someone new here. The guy next door can be a bit crazy sometimes." The doctor said. The doctor was bald with black sharp eyes. He had a doctor coat on with white pants and black shoes:
"Thanks for your help doctor," Brent said:
"I must say. I didn't do a thing. You healed like that on your own." The doctor said:
"Oh, I see," Brent said low:
"You have had a visitor waiting all morning. She refused to enter before she was sure you were awake. Her name is Natacha. Shall I call her?" The doctor asked:
"Sure," Brent said with a smile:
"I will then." The doctor said leaving the room:
"Run!" You could hear the girl voice next door shout in the hallway:
"Get back here Stump!" The male voice shouted:
"I can see what the doctor meant now." Brent said. Tiffle giggled. The door was slammed open and Natacha looked inside. Brent looked at her. The two looked at each other for a few moments:
"B-Brent?" Natacha said:
"Yes...It's me." Brent said tilting his head with a smile. Natacha rushed forward and hugged Brent. Brent caught her:
"I will wait outside." Tiffle said skipping out. She was about to leave the room when she saw the person at the door. It was Clonic:
"Oh, look what we got here." Tiffle said arrogantly:
"Oh, I see what we have. A small fairy." Clonic said:
"Don't you start Lilin!" Tiffle shouted. The two continued to argue as they left the room. Brent grinned but Natacha didn't let go:
"I'm sorry." Natacha said:
"It's okay. You did what you had to." Brent said:
"Still. I nearly killed you." Natacha said:
"That is a fact yes." Brent said wrapping one arm around her:
"I'm so sorry." Natacha said:
"It's fine... There...There." Brent said:
"But what now?" Natacha asked:
"Well. back to normal. I won't kill you or Clonic and I hope you won't hurt me and Tiffle." Brent said:
"We won't." Natacha said wiping her eyes:
"Well. It's fine." Brent said sitting down on his bed. Natacha looked at him:
"You told me you powers depend on how strong your emotions are. You love emotions were so powerful. You must really be in love." Brent said with a grin:
"Yeah...I am...I'm crazily in love with an absolute air head." Natacha said with a blush. She took a step forward and leaned down. She pressed her lips against Brent's. The time stopped and Brent slowly closed his eyes. Natacha broke the kiss and smiled:
"I love you, Brent." Natacha said:
"I love you too." Brent said with a smile. The two started to laugh. Tiffle and Clonic peaked into the room. Clonic liquid dripped down on Tiffle and Tiffle kept pushing the liquid off using small winds. The two laughed and the two fairies enter the room:
"So. From now on you two are friends." Brent said as he looked at them:
"Me, friends with a Lilin?!" Tiffle shouted:
"Me, friends with a Fairy?!" Clonic shouted:
"Be silent!" The male voice next door shouted as you could hear something smash against the wall. You could hear footstep approach and a small girl in a doctor coat come in. The girl had one long hair:
"Yes, please. Hayden is trying to sleep." The small girl said.
"Oh sorry." The fairies said. Tiffle and Clonic eyes widen. The small girl's eyes widen too:
"Hayden!" The girl shouted and ran back:
"I just told those in there to be silent so shut up Miu!" The male voice shouted:
"Okay! Sorry!" The girl shouted. Brent just shrugged:
"Well. I need to stay here for a bit. So why not just sit and talk?" Brent asked:
"One thing I want to ask you is...What now?" Tiffle asked:
"We gonna keep fighting. Keep becoming stronger." Brent said:
"Yes!" Tiffle shouted:
"What about us?" Clonic asked:
"Same goal," Natacha said:
"Yes!" Clonic shouted. The four smiled:
"This is our future. A Lilin and fairy pair working together." Brent said.
"I dislike the idea but this is just how it is," Tiffle said:
"Yeah, same," Clonic said:
"Did you two just agree?" Natacha asked:
"Shut up!" The two shouted. Brent laughed:
"I SAID BE SILENT!" The male shouted as a crutch got hit through the wall. Brent's eyes widen:
"It's Hayden again." The nurses cried out as you could hear a lot of people approached the room next door.
"How weird," Brent said low. He looked at the others and smiled:
"Our future," Brent said:
"Our future," Tiffle said:
"Our future," Natacha said:
"Our future," Clonic said. All four nodded and then smiled. A new day on the way and a new enemy closer then they think.

Hayden was being held back by the nurses as he was about to walk into Brent's room. Miu was pulling on Hayden's leg trying to stop him too.

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