Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


46. One step.

Brent's eyes slowly got color and he slowly sat up. He looked at his phone and saw it had been two whole weeks since he went inside the seal now. It was night and the moon stood high in the sky. Brent looked around him. There was one person in the room. He was staring at Brent:
"Finally awake?" Hayden asked:
"Yeah," Brent said:
"You really are the biggest asshole you know that?" Hayden asked:
"Yeah," Brent said:
"They have been worried and you just been hiding...I could literally kick your ass right now...But-" Hayden said as he sighed and the smiled:
"Welcome back to reality," Hayden said. Brent nodded and then gave a smile:
"Thanks," Brent said. The two looked at each other:
"You ready?" Hayden asked:
"Yeah...Get them in here." Brent said. Hayden nodded and stood up leaning softly on his crutch. He walked out of the room. Brent sat there for a few seconds:
"You know. You can be annoying..." Amaterasu said as a spiritual version of her came into reality:
"Oh really? I'm not the unholy being." Brent said:
"True...My room is all white now. Seems like you have more control over the seal then I have now...That is some resolve..." Amaterasu said:
"Now go. I have others to say hey to." Brent said. Amaterasu sighed and vanished. 

Brent just sat there for fifteen minutes. The memory of Natacha rushing in the door after their battle came to his mind:
"You know. I'm gonna miss you...This is gonna be harder then I thought." Brent said to himself. He softly leaned back and placed his head up against the wall. The bed he was in stood up against the wall. So when he sat up he was able to hit the wall with his head:
"I feel like it hasn't been that long...But it was quite some time...Maybe I'm just having teenage problems and all that...But somehow I knew what we had was real." Brent said to himself:
"How long was it again?" Brent asked himself. The tears rolled down his cheeks:
"I think...Three to four months...It's not that long huh." Brent said he could feel the tears fall down on his arm. The arm was still destroyed and in a noose now so it could heal with time.

"H-hey..." Natacha had said the moment they met on the rooftop for the first time.

"Hey, Brent...Wanna be my boyfriend?" Natacha had said. She asked him out. He didn't have the guts at the time.

"I know...I know...It's just...I'm happy." Natacha had said. When she cried after Brent accepted her feelings.

"Seems like this is my strongest emotions lately." Natacha had said. As she turned into love. Her strongest emotions. The emotion was strong because of Brent.

"B-Brent?" Natacha had said. As she came in and saw how damaged he was...She came over and hugged him tight:

"Morning!" Natacha had said. Every morning she came and saw Brent after their fight. She was always there.

"Give me back my love!" Brent had shouted. As he finally reached her on the hospital roof that fateful night.

"Brent!!!" Natacha had shouted as the meteor hit him. Brent had heard her.

"Don't you dare!" Natacha had shouted as he had hugged him in his Fairy king state. No care for the danger. She just wanted to stop Brent.

"Brent..." She had said. Before they finally took the next step. Before they finally showed their love to each other. That was the last loving gesture they had made. The last good memory.


Brent was sitting there crying. The tears were rolling down and he was sobbing softly:
"I'm gonna miss you," Brent said as he bit his lower lip:
"I know it only had been three to four month...but somehow. We grew close so quickly...That it just hurts." Brent said grasping his heart.

Hayden, Miu, Tiffle, and Mayuri stood outside the door. They could hear him cry:
"Should we go in?" Mayuri asked:
"I'm unsure," Hayden said:
"I think he's finally...Letting go." Tiffle said. The others looked at Tiffle. Hayden, Miu, and Mayuri had looked worried but Tiffle was smiling:
"He is finally mourning her," Tiffle said with a soft smile:
"I see," Hayden said as he softly smiled too:
"We all have cried. Even you." Miu said looking at Hayden:
"I didn't cry..." Hayden said:
"Yeah. I heard you in your sleep. Crying." Miu said with a grin:
"Sh-shut up," Hayden said:
"We all have cried. But now he is finally back...and now his heart is finally giving him the moment he needs." Mayuri said. Mayuri placed her hands on her chest and smiled at Tiffle:
"Can you feel it Tiffle?" Mayuri asked:
"Yeah. I can feel his sorrow...I can feel by every sob he is slowly taking one more step. One more step toward the light." Tiffle said:
"Let's go...Let's leave him here for now." Hayden said:
"No. I think I will sit here and wait." Tiffle said sitting just outside the door:
"Me too. We are his partners. We need to be there...So we will wait right here." Mayuri said:
"But-" Miu said:
"No...You two are good partners...Come Miu." Hayden said pushing the girl on her back. The two walked away. Brent kept crying. He was furiously crying. He could feel every tear dropping some of his emotions. He grasped his heart with his only functioning hand as he cried:
"I'm gonna miss you." He said through his teeth. He looked out into the sky. There was a window in the room. A window out to the sky:
"I'm never gonna forget. You aren't gone." Brent said. He pointed his hand forward:
"Everyone might have forgotten you. Your mother...Your father...Your classmates...But I won't forget." Brent said slamming his fist into the mattress under him. He looked out the window the tears still rolling but the sobbing stopped:
"I won't stop...I won't be held back anymore...I will reach Tir Na Nog and I will free the god...I will stop this war...And I won't lose any more of my friends." Brent said as he looked up:
"I finally realized...I have no chance up there if I can't protect anyone down here." Brent said as he looked at the door:
"You two out there listening? We will become stronger!" Brent shouted. Mayuri and Miu walked into the room. Both of them had tears in their eyes:
"Yes!" The two girls shouted:
"I won't stop! Until this is all over!" Brent shouted.

"Interesting...I truly have found me a funny person." Amaterasu said as she sat alone in the white room:
"When the time comes...He will be mine." Amaterasu said. The evening became day and Brent had finally taken one step out of the dark.

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