Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


7. Natacha.

"Wake up!" Brent said kicking Tiffle out of the sofa:
"Ah!" Tiffle shouted and fell on the ground:
"What are you doing!" She shouted:
"Breakfast ready!" Brent said:
"Really!" Tiffle said happily. She sat down at the table and waited. Brent came with a portion of egg and bacon. Tiffle dug into the plate of food the moment it got placed in front of her. Brent slowly sat down at her side and looked at her:
"You don't need anything." She said with her mouth full:
"No...And stop talking with your mouth full. I already ate. So just get it over with already." Brent said:
"Sure...So what are you gonna do today?" Tiffle asked:
"I'm gonna go to school. You gonna be a good fairy and stay here." Brent said talking down to the fairy:
"Hey. I'm not a kid you know!" Tiffle shouted:
"Oh really. You eat like one. Sit still!" Brent shouted and began to rub her cheek with a tissue. The eggs hanging on her cheek got wiped off:
"Shut...Up." She said embarrassed. The two parted ways and Brent went to school. He was walking and looked around. More and more student appeared around him as he walked:
"Hey there!" Someone shouted and wrapped an arm around Brent's neck. It was Damion:
"Morning," Brent said. Damion looked at Brent for a few seconds:
"What is it?" Brent asked:
"You look tired? Ya okay?" Damion asked:
"Yeah. Just couldn't sleep." Brent said:
"Well, that doesn't sound like ya. But if you say ya okay." Damion said:
"What is that 'ya' thing you're doing?" Brent asked:
"It's my new thing. Ya don't like it?" Damion asked:
"Up to you dude," Brent said. The two walked into the class. Brent sat down in his seat and looked around:
"Oh my god you didn't!" A voice cried out:
"Oh no..." Brent said low. Two girls walked into the class with a girl in the middle. The girl to the left was Courtney and the girl to the right was Natacha. The girl in the middle was Tiara. Tiara was what you would call a "mega bitch." She was a snob from a rich family and always teased and annoyed Brent:
"Oh look girls. Its the trash." Tiara said:
"Always a pleasure...Tiara." Brent answered. Tiara was a slim girl with daffodil blond hair. She had crystal blue eyes and her hair was long enough to reach her tailbone. She had a white crop top on and a black leather jacket with blue jeans and white heels. She had red lipstick on and a pink butterfly hair clip in her hair. She had a white handbag. She had a few gold rings on her fingers and also a lollipop in her mouth. Brent just sighed and looked at her:
"So what are the freak show doing today?" Tiara asked:
"Just lying here," Brent said:
"I never understood you, Damion. How can you be with this freak?" Tiara asked:
"Just go, Tiara. I don't feel like listening to that today." Brent said as he leaned back. Damion grinned:
"Yeah seems like you're not welcome here. So better just walk away." Damion said:
"Pff." Tiara let out a sound and just walked away. The two girls followed her. Brent just sighed and slammed his head into the desk:
"Don't mind her." Damion said:
"Well. I don't really mind her. But she just...Such a bitch." Brent said. Damion laughed. Brent phone suddenly vibrated. He took it up and looked at it:
"Meet me on the roof after school." The message said:
"What is that?" Damion asked:
"Nothing..." Brent said closing the phone. The day passed and Brent walked up to the roof. On the roof stood a girl. The girl had blond hair into a ponytail. She had a white jacket on with a yellow shirt going to just above her belly button. She had black jeans on and black shoes. She had metal clip in her hair and light blue eyes. She had a pink armband on and a black skirt around the jeans:
"Hey there..." The girl said:
"Natacha?" Brent asked. This was Natacha. Brent classmate and a girl sometimes talk to. Also one of Tiara crew:
"H-Hey..." She said:
"So what did you want?" Brent asked. Natacha blinked a few times:
"Um...Yeah...I just wanted...To ask you know...If you...Umm." Natacha was studdering clearly nervous:
"What is it?" Brent asked:
"I wanted to ask if ya wanted to!-" She shouted with courage:
"Will student Brent come to the gate...Repeat student Brent come to the gate." The speakers said:
"Sorry. I got to run. It sounds urgent." Brent said running off:
"Damn...It." Natacha said:
"Oh!" Brent stopped up:
"Meet me at the park around seven 'O clock. We can talk there." Brent said. Natacha nodded. Brent ran to the gate and was met with the worst thing ever:
"Let go of me!" Tiffle shouted as two guards was holding her:
"Brent!" Tiffle said relieved. Brent walked forward and hit Tiffle on top of the head:
"Are you deaf! I told you to stay home!" Brent shouted:
"But..." Tiffle said sadly:
"So you know this girl Brent?" The guard asked:
"Sadly." Brent said. The guard let go of her and the small girl ran forward and looked at Brent:
"I'm sorry. But I got bored and I felt an ominous aura." Tiffle said with a grin:
"An ominous aura?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. Like a powerful energy. So I came running fast." Tiffle said:
"Well...As long as it that. I can forgive ya." Brent said:
"Okay!" Tiffle said:
"Let's go home." Brent said. Brent walked a bit forward then said:
"I'm gonna make you dinner and then leave for an hour. I have someone to meet later." Brent said with a shrug:
"Oh. What now?" Tiffle asked:
"A girl. She wanted to talk to me but suddenly a midget with fairy wings interrupted us." Brent said. Tiffle pouted. The hours went by and Brent left for the meeting with Natacha. Natacha stood at the park. She was looking at Brent as he came walking:
"Hey again." Brent said waving his hand lazily:
"H-hey." Natacha said low. The two of them sat down on a bench. The two sat in silence for a moment:
"So you wanted something?" Brent asked as he looked at her. She was fidgeting on the spot and were clearly becoming redder in the cheeks by the minute:
"You okay?" Brent asked confused:
"Y-Ye-Yeah. I'm fine." She said her voice cracking. Brent laughed:
"You have some dirt on me or are you just scared of something. I don't seem that intimidating do I?" Brent asked. She quickly shook her hands:
"N-no!" Natacha said:
"So...I was a bit hesitant to come. I know we can talk but you always walk with Tiara. Seems like you in a split life. Between being a nice person to me and follow her command." Brent said:
"Tiara isn't that bad. I don't know what she got against you. But you aren't a mean person." Natacha said:
"Is that why you brought me here. To clear the air between us?" Brent asked:
"Not really." Natacha said low as she then took a big breath:
"I wanted to ask...If you wanted to like...Hang out one day?" Natacha asked. Brent looked at her for a second. She was flustered and fidgeting. He blinked a few times and waited to answer to make sure she wasn't joking:
"Um. Is it that weird to ask me? You don't have to be that scared." Brent said:
"Well. Tiara and Courtney always bully you and sometimes I have to act mean to keep my friends. So you might carry a grudge against me." Natacha asked:
"Nah. If I let the girl bother me it will just end in more bad things happening. So I try to not let it bother me. But sure we can hang one day. Where do you wanna hang?" Brent asked:
"I thought about something casual...A movie...A walk...The arcade..." She began to list things:
"The arcade sounds fun." Brent said:
"Well...It...It's a date." Natacha said. Brent smiled. The two exchange number and went their own ways for the evening.

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