Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


23. Mjolnir!

"Tyr!" Hayden shouted:
"Forest breaker!" Brent shouted. The two powers hit each other. Brent's wind broke the ground behind Hayden. Hayden pressure broke the ground behind Brent. The two smiled at each other before they tried one more time. The two kept shooting powers at each other with full force. Brent body was weakening quickly of exhaustion but somehow he could still keep up with Hayden. Hayden stomped the ground:
"Freya!" Hayden shouted as he was sent into the air. he landed on the roof at Miu side:
"Give me one," Hayden said. Miu looked worried but grabbed a syringe from her bag. She shot it into Hayden's arm. His eyes shivered as all his veins started to pump faster. You could see a small amount of foam from his mouth. Brent quickly ran forward:
"Tir Na Nog!" Brent shouted and flew into the air:
"Let's do this!" Tiffle shouted:
"Yes!" Brent shouted:
"stay safe!" Miu shouted:
"You know I will," Hayden said as he jumped down toward Brent. Hayden did a flip and moved his leg out. He smashed his foot into Brent's shoulder:
"Fenrir and Tyr!" Hayden shouted. Brent felt a massive pressure and was sent into the burning building again. Brent quickly spun around on the ground as he looked at Hayden. Hayden was flying. You could see black wings on his back. Like the pressure itself made wings on him:
"Let me show you a bad time," Hayden said holding up his hand:
"Odin!" Hayden shouted as pressure compressed around his fist. Brent ready himself:
"Typhoon," Brent said as he compressed the wind in his hand:
"Take this!" The both of them shouted and threw their power forward. The two compressed powers hit each other and broke each other. Hayden bit his lower lip annoyed and landed at Miu side:
"You need to get out of here," Hayden said:
"You not gonna do that?!" Miu shouted:
"Of course I am...I want to finish this before I can't feel my body anymore." Hayden said. Miu looked really worried:
"Just get down," Hayden said levitating her to the roof of the building next to it:
"Hayden, don't do it!" Miu shouted:
"I'm sorry Miu," Hayden said. Brent looked confused:
"What is going on. Is he making his fairy flee?" Brent asked:
"I doubt it. His an artifact fairy user. Miu doesn't transform like me. She creates an object which the human of the pair use. But she still needs to be in radius for it to work." Tiffle explained:
"We gonna take that information later. I don't really have time for a fairy lecture right now." Brent said:
"Okay," Tiffle answered. Hayden looked down at Brent:
"First we gonna make sure he doesn't flee," Hayden said jumping into the air. His pressure wings kept him above the hospital:
"Valhalla!" Hayden shouted. The whole hospital was surrounded by a bubble of pressure:
"You can't escape now," Hayden said calmly. Brent looked around:
"We trapped. Is he gonna let us burn to death again?" Brent asked:
"No...I have a bad feeling about this." Tiffle said. Hayden looked up into the clear night sky. The full moon's light hit his face:
"Let's do this," Hayden said reaching his hand into the sky:
"I call you from the stars." Hayden said and grabbed the air with his fist. He slowly pulled with his hand. It was hard. He was really struggling to pull. Brent looked confused:
"Here is our chance!" Tiffle shouted:
"Forest breaker!" Brent shouted as he snapped out of his daze. A powerful wind his the bubble but it just broke apart the bubble staying:
"Keep going!" Tiffle shouted:
"Yes!" Brent shouted and continue to swing his scythe at the bubble. It didn't budge. Brent kept going but suddenly got hit by a light:
"The sun?" Brent asked as he looked up. It wasn't the sun. Brent's eyes widen and Tiffle turned human. The two looked at the source of the light:
"You are done, Brent. I will destroy you with the mighty hammer. I will destroy you with my most powerful power." Hayden said as he kept pulling in the air. He was clearly struggling to pull on this massive object. Brent lowered his guard at the sight of a meteor directed toward him. Hayden had redirected a flaming meteor toward Brent using the gravity:
"Brent...What are we gonna do?" Tiffle asked:
"There nothing we can do." Brent said:
"We are trapped in the building and that thing will hit us." Tiffle said falling to her knees in disbelief:
"I never knew he had such powers." Brent said. He looked at Hayden who was slowly swinging his arm from behind his back to his front. Trying to point his hand at Brent. Brent looked at his hands:
"I'm...Gonna die?" Brent asked. Tiffle slowly began to cry:
"All I wanted was to protect my god." Tiffle said sobbing. Brent looked at her:
"I just wanted to protect him..." Tiffle cried out. Brent looked at the meteor and then bit his lower lip:
"Fine..." Brent said as he softly sat down and hugged Tiffle:
"We can't give up...Focus all wind power to make a shield around us." Brent said low. Tiffle nodded:
"Execute. Eye of the storm." Brent said:
"Executing. Eye of the storm." Tiffle sobbed out. A massive amount of wind spun around them as a shield:
"It's not enough." Brent thought as he saw the flames through the winds:
"Tiffle...Please curl yourself together." Brent said. Tiffle did as he said. Brent softly lied down and hugged her protecting her with his body too:
"Here it comes..." Hayden said pushing his hand forward:
"Mjolnir!!!" Hayden shouted as the meteor crashed into the hospital and broke the whole building apart. Natacha eyes widen as she saw the flames erupt from the crash site:
"Brent!!!!" Natacha shouted. 

"So cold...Why is so cold?" Brent thought:
"I was hit by a meteor of fire and still feel so cold." Brent thought. He was drifting in the dark:
"Brent!" He heard a voice call out:
"Who is there. Is it time for me to pass on?" Brent asked:
"Brent!" The voice called again:
"Did I safe Tiffle?" Brent opened his eyes only to see the dark. Light flashed in his eyes as he saw the real world for a second before going back to the dark:
"Is this...The afterlife?" Brent asked:
"Brent!" The voice called out again. Brent suddenly saw the green mist at his side. It took form as a humanoid. It was sitting at his side. It's green arms made of gas grasping at him to no avail. He slowly just closed his eyes:
"I can't feel anything." Brent thought:
"Brent please!" Someone called out:
"I know. I'm not dead yet. I just...Can't move." Brent thought as he slowly opened his eyes to see the fires around him and Tiffle face just above him. She was crying. She was screaming. He couldn't hear her words but he still knew what she was saying:
"Brent..." Brent thought as he looked at the way her lips moved and she shook his body with her tiny arms. She looked at him. She was crying:
"It's...Okay." Brent thought:
"Say those words." He thought. He was trying to talk. Trying to move his lips but it was futile. He couldn't do it. All he could do was breath:
"Brent!" Tiffle cried out. He could hear her now. The ringing and the dark was gone. He could feel his body was sore but he wasn't dead:
"You protected me from the meteor...I can't do anything to heal..." Tiffle was talking but suddenly stopped as she looked at Brent:
"I'm sorry Natacha," Tiffle said as she quickly moved forward:
"Fairies kiss," Tiffle said as she kissed Brent. Brent's eyes widen as he felt pure magical energy pour into his body and heal his wounds a bit. Tiffle smiled and looked a bit weaker now:
"I took two years of my life to heal you enough...Can you talk?" Tiffle asked:
"Y-Yeah," Brent said as he suddenly could move. He slowly stood up and was met with a crater. He could see Hayden in the air:
"How much...Do I have to do...Until you stay down." Hayden asked as he was bleeding from his mouth:
"Hayden catch!" Miu shouted and threw him one more syringe. He stabbed himself as his veins pumped and more foam left his mouth:
"That was the last one...You better be done or you will die!" Miu shouted:
"I know," Hayden shouted. The two got eye contact again. The end of the battle coming closer by the minute. 

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