Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


27. Mayuri

"You wanted to speak with us doc?" Hayden asked. It had been a week since the battle and Brent had finally gotten better. The three pairs were called to the hospital by the doctor and all of them was there in the doctor office. The doctor wasn't alone. He was with the head nurse:
"Hello, kids. Come in." The doctor said:
"So what do you want...Fairy?" Hayden asked with a grin:
"Wait, what?!" Brent shouted:
"This doctor is an old fairy pair with the head nurse..." Hayden said:
"Really?" Natacha asked:
"He is correct...But I'm what you call a Sylph...We are fairies or Lilins who neglected the war to use our power to help normal society." The doctor explained:
"Oh, yeah I have heard about you," Clonic said:
"There are not that many Sylph but I could never hurt anyone." The doctor said:
"I see...So why did you call us?" Brent asked:
"I wanted to tell you about something. I like your kids and want to warn you. But have anyone of you heard about the lightning striker?" The doctor asked. All the kids looked clueless:
"Well. I guess so. He is a Lilin pair out there who is one of the strongest. I think I treated so many of those he injured. It seems like he has killed ten fairy pair already." The doctor said:
"And what does that have to do with us?" Hayden asked:
"I heard rumors about he got sights on a new target. The wind fairy." The doctor said:
"Wind fairy?" All six cried out. The others looked at Brent:
"Yes. I think he got his eyes on you, Brent." The doctor said:
"I see," Brent said with a sigh:
"I thought we finally could get a break," Natacha said:
"There no breaks in war girl," Hayden said:
"That is right...Sadly." The doctor said:
"Anything else doc?" Hayden asked:
"I also wanted to offer my service to you. If anyone of you needs to be patched up. Then come here. Me and my fairy got healing powers so we always ready to heal you." The doctor said. The six nodded:
"That is all...Good luck out there." The doctor said. Brent nodded. They left the hospital:
"Well...Should we get going?" Brent asked:
"I still don't understand why we doing this..." Hayden said with a sigh: The six had packed lunch for a picnic in the forest:
"Because It's fun!" Miu said and hit Hayden softly.
"Yeah...Yeah." Hayden said. The six went into the forest:
"It's kinda hard to have this here," Miu said pulling on the drop:
"It's uneven ground," Hayden said:
"I'm actually curious. What are your weapons called?" Brent asked:
"What?" Natacha and Hayden said as they looked confused:
"Well, my kusarigama is called Storm's feather. What about your weapons?" Brent asked:
"Mine is Odin's eyepatch," Hayden said:
"Mine is complicated emotions," Natacha said. Brent nodded. The three continued:
"Why did you ask?" Hayden asked:
"Just some minor curiosity," Brent said with a smile. The six arrived at the campsite and began to prepare for their food:
"I will go see if I can find some dry leafs for the fire," Brent said:
"Should we come?" Miu asked:
"No. I'm fine. You can find some small sticks." Brent said. Miu nodded and ran into the forest:
"Don't run so fast. You might trip!" Hayden shouted:
"I didn't know you had such a caring side," Tiffle said with a grin:
"Oh shut up," Hayden said averting his eyes. Brent walked around the forest and picked up a few bundles of leafs putting them in his bucket. He walked over to the hill. The first image there pop into his mind was the silhouette of Hayden there killed Xander:
"Well...I can't really blame him." Brent said. He looked down:
"What is that?" Brent asked as he saw something white between the leafs. He pushed them to the side revealing a girls face:
"What the!" Brent shouted as he saw blood:
"...Don't..." The girl said low. Brent quickly cleared the leafs:
"Hello! Guys come here!" Brent shouted:
"Don't....let...them...kill...me." The girl said. Brent looked at her in shock.


"I'm happy you brought her here when you did...She was fighting her last battle." The doctor said. Brent was sitting outside the door to the room with Tiffle at his side. Natacha was getting drinks and Hayden was looking around the forest side for any clues:

"Why did I get the forest job!" Hayden shouted annoyed as he nearly fell because of the uneven ground:

"So you know what she is?" The doctor asked:
"Of course I know. She is a Lilin." Brent said. He walked into the room to look at the girl. The girl had blond hair and red eyes. Her hair was so long it went all the way down to the back of her knees. There was a light blue glow coming from her hair. She had a white hairband over her hair. She had a black dress on with white outline at the bottom and white line around her neck. Its sleeves go just to above her elbows and the skirt goes just above the knees. She had black stockings on and white step shoes. She had a long necklace on with red gems in it leading down to a bigger light blue gem. The light blue gem glows with a hazy cold light blue aura. When Brent had found her she had her hair wrapped around her like a coat which you could only see her face. The coat had dog ears for some reason. She slowly opened her eyes:
"Oh. You awake." Brent said. The girl looked around and sat up on the bed. The wound from earlier all gone now:
"Hello...Who are you?" Brent asked:
"Ma...Mayuri." The girl said:
"So your name is Mayuri...How are you feeling?" Brent asked. Mayuri looked at him for a few seconds. She then averted her eyes scared and her hair suddenly spun around her to make a white coat with dog ears. You could only see her face in it:
"...I'm...Fine...Who are you?" Mayuri asked.
"I'm Brent. I'm a host for a fairy." Brent said. Mayuri suddenly jumped up and tried to look for an exit:
"No more...Leave me alone!" Mayuri cried out:
"Easy now! I don't want to hurt you!" Brent shouted. Mayuri stopped:
"I see she is awake." The doctor said:
"Hello there. I'm Doctor Volten. Can you tell me where you partner is..." The doctor said:
"...Dead." Mayuri said. The room turned silent. All looked at her:
"No no no. No jokes here. Where is your partner?" The doctor asked:
"Dead...Johnny died..." Mayuri said sadly.

"I don't understand," Brent said as he stood outside with Tiffle. The doctor had Mayuri into an examination:
"I thought you said that a fairy couldn't live here without a soul and if her partner is dead how can she be here?" Brent asked:
"I think she might lie...To hide her partner...There is no way that a Lilin or fairy could be here without a partner." Tiffle said:
"We just have to wait and see," Brent said:
"Where are Natacha and Clonic?" Tiffle asked:
"They are out. It seems Hayden was stuck in a mud puddle after falling in and texted us for help." Brent said.

"I hate them," Hayden said as he was stuck in a large puddle of mud. Miu was laughing her ass off as they waited for Natacha and Clonic to come. 

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