Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


24. Magic overload.

Hayden looked at Brent:
"How can you still stand? How can you still fight me with your body under such conditions?" Hayden asked:
"Didn't I tell ya? You can break every bone in my body but I still come back." Brent said as he grabbed Tiffle arm:
"Fairy fusion," Brent said turning Tiffle into the kusarigama:
"I can't hold my fairy form anymore...I have to finish this fast." Brent thought as he bit his own tongue to focus. His vision was still a bit blurry and he could feel the weight of his body on his own legs:
"Pft." Hayden made an annoyed sound and thereafter send a bullet of spit toward the ground. The two got eye contact:
"Fine...Then I better just try again." Hayden said pointing his hand at the sky:
"Mjolnir!" Hayden shouted but nothing happened:
"What?" Hayden asked. Brent smiled:
"This is our chance! Fairy wind!" Brent shouted. A wind came from behind Hayden and pushed him toward Brent. Brent ran forward. Hayden tried to stop himself from falling:
"Freya!" Hayden shouted but he didn't use the ability. Brent ran forward:
"Air cleaver!" Brent shouted and cut Hayden over the chest. Hayden fell to the ground and slide over it a bit leaving a small line of blood behind him. Brent spun the scythe blade around:
"Giving up?" Brent asked:
"I refuse!" Hayden shouted as he stood up:
"I don't care if it will hurt me. I don't wanna lose!" Hayden shouted pointing his hand into the air:
"Magic overload!" Hayden shouted. Miu's eyes widen:
"Don't!" Miu shouted but it was too late. Hayden began to glow powerfully:
"He's so reckless!" Tiffle shouted as Brent was pushed back by the force around Hayden:
"What is that?" Brent asked:
"A magic overload is when you force more magical power into your body at the cost of your health...It's quite dangerous. Every fairy pair can use it and only the host human take damage." Tiffle explained. Hayden's mouth opened as he tongue began to hang. A blue light left his mouth like a pillar of light. His eyes twisted around his head and he laughed manically:
"Mjolnir!" Hayden shouted and pulled his arm down quickly. A smaller meteor shot down toward Brent:
"Dodge!" Tiffle shouted. Brent nodded:
"Wind glider!" Brent shouted and unleashed a burst of air out of his foot dodging the ball of fire. Hayden laughed more and just moved his arm a bit. The meteor changed direction and chased Brent:
"Chasing Mjolnir!" Hayden shouted. Brent kept dodging as the meteor chased him:
"Damn. This is going nowhere." Brent said as he spun the scythe around:
"Air cleaver!" Brent shouted and cut the meteor. The meteor got cut in half:
"Dumbass," Hayden said as his eye struggle a bit. The eye had a hard time moving. It fell down like it was dead and just looked at Brent. Hayden rolled his fingers together into a fist. The two parts of the meteor clapped together and hit Brent. They exploded and Brent was sent flying back. He threw the chain forward and wrapped it around a lamppost. He then stopped his fall by pulling in the chain and pulling down the lamppost. Hayden was twitching in agony:
"Hayden stop!" Miu shouted as she jumped down. Her eyes sparked powerfully and she flew through the air controlling the gravity around her. She landed at Hayden side:
"Hayden stop yourself!" Miu shouted:
"Move MIU!" Hayden shouted and Miu was sent flying into the air and on to the roof again. Miu stood there dumbfounded. She didn't know what to do. Hayden then bends forward and unleashed a powerful vomit of blood:
"Damn..." Hayden said as he then looked up:
"Take every inch of health! I refuse to lose to this boy!" Hayden shouted. He glowed up even more now. The ground under him cracked as a lot of stones came into the air and shot at Brent. Brent spun the scythe around in front of him like a shield and then quickly cut the ground in front of him:
"Wind wall!" Brent shouted. The stones broke under the pressure of the wind:
"Just give up!" Hayden shouted:
"Fenrir!" Hayden shouted as Brent was slammed into the ground:
"Freya!" Hayden shouted as Brent was shot into the air:
"Fenrir!" Hayden then shouted and slammed Brent into the ground again. Brent quickly jumped back as Hayden shouted:
"Freya!" Hayden shouted. Brent dodged the lift from the gravity and slid over the ground:
"Hayden!" Miu shouted. Hayden grasped his chest as he unleashed one more vomit of blood and fell to his knees in pain:
"Stop it!" Miu shouted. Her scream echoed over it:
"Shut up Miu. This doesn't involve you!" Hayden shouted as the ground shattered. The pressure moved over the ground. Brent quickly moved back as he looked confused:
"I don't know what to do. He literally is a time bomb right." Brent said:
"I know. This is horrible." Tiffle said. Brent let go of his weapon and Tiffle turned humanoid. Hayden didn't even go after them anymore. He was just aimlessly shooting pressure everywhere else then Brent's direction. Brent slowly walked toward Hayden:
"Hayden!" Miu shouted:
"You starting to annoy me." Brent said low:
"Hayden, please! You gonna kill yourself!" Miu shouted:
"Hayden..." Brent said low:
"Hayden. STOP!" Miu cried:
"You seriously can't hear her?" Brent asked. He was walking through the pressure. His body getting beaten by the pressure:
"Hayden...Don't die!" Miu shouted. Tiffle just looked at Brent:
"Listen to her..." Brent said:
"Hayden...You promised me you didn't use my magic that much!" Miu shouted:
"Listen to her." Brent said as he walked nearly up to Hayden:
"You promised me you come back alive!" Miu shouted:
"LISTEN TO HER!" Brent shouted as he slammed his fist into Hayden's cheek. Hayden stopped channeling the spell and fell to the ground with a crash. He coughed blood:
"I'm tired of you." Brent said with anger:
"Admit you fucking defeat and get on with your life!" Brent shouted:
"Just kill me!" Hayden shouted. Miu levitates down and stood at a distance. Natacha was still there too. She was dumbstruck by all the events. Hayden was looking up at Brent:
"What did you say?" Brent asked:
"I said kill me! I'm tired of this shit! Just end me already you sympathetic fuck!" Hayden shouted. Brent's eyes widen as he moved his hand toward Tiffle:
"Come to me Storm's feather!" Brent shouted. Tiffle turned into the Kusarigama. He moved the blade forward:
"Fine..." Brent said. Hayden and Brent looked at each other intensely:
"No!" Miu shouted and threw herself down on Hayden. She protected him using her small body. Brent's eyes widen as he lowered the weapon. Tiffle turned human again. The two was unable to do anything at this firey crater.

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