Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


13. Love.

"Take this!" Anger shouted moving her fist forward. Brent dodged and kicked Anger in the stomach. Brent's eyes became sad as he saw the pain in Anger's eyes. Jealousy smiled:
"You can do it now." Jealousy said. Anger smiled and hit Brent in the chest with a knee. Brent spewed out blood and shot backward. Brent slowly used the scythe to stand up:
"You still hesitate," Tiffle said:
"Sorry won't happen again," Brent said. 
"I think it's time...Just do it already." Jealousy said:
"Sure!" Anger shouted and clapped her hands together:
"Execute. Hatred!" Anger shouted:
"Executing. Hatred." Clonic said. Anger hands began to glow up and became scarlet red:
"This is the fist of hate itself. Hatred burns brighter than the sun." Anger said as she moved the hand forward and pressed it against a lamppost. The metal melted. Brent looked at it as his eyes widened:
"Execute. Long fingers." Jealousy said moving her hand forward:
"Executing. Long fingers." Clonic said. Tir Na Nog suddenly stopped and Brent fell to the ground:
"I want that ability so badly. I get so jealous just to watch it. So I might snatch it. Since Jealousy has long fingers." Jealousy said. Anger suddenly flew in the air:
"I see. I can't control Tir Na Nog anymore." Tiffle said:
"I see," Brent said as he stood up:
"Take this!" Anger shouted as she shot into the ground. Brent jumped back. The area she punched turned into burning liquid. Brent quickly spun his scythe around:
"And this." Anger shouted punching the air. A ball of fire erupted from her hand. Brent cut the fire in half and used his wings to stop him from falling backward by flapping them once. Brent ran quickly forward and spun his scythe around. The blade cutting against the ground creating sparks. Anger ran forward:
"I know what to do," Brent said as his eyes widen as he jumped to the side. He swung the scythe forward. The scythe collides with the molten fist. Sparks erupted from the attacks. Brent's scythe was cover with a layer of wind:
"Execute. Rattlesnake!" Brent shouted:
"Hah. You can't. Your chain is gone!" Anger shouted:
"No, it's right here," Brent said. The chain Tattoo on his chest began to glow and the metal chain appeared from his chest like it was a part of him and shot through Anger neck. Anger eyes widen as she opened her mouth. Blood leaking from it:
"D-Damn...I didn't expect that." Anger said. Anger lowered her hands. Brent quickly moved forward and cut the air:
"Execute. Forest breaker!" Brent shouted:
"Executing. Forest breaker!" Tiffle shouted. The giant blade of air cut Jealousy in half. The chain cut Anger head off and then went into his chest again. The two emotions turned to liquid again and jumped into Natacha again. Natacha eyes suddenly got color again and she stood up. Brent looked at her. Tir Na nog erupted again and Brent was able to fly again. He slowly walked forward. Natacha looked at him. There were tears in her eyes:
"Look at you..." Natacha said sadly. Brent was burned. Bleeding and bruised. His body was screaming for him to rest or stop but he kept going on:
"It's your doing," Brent said holding up the scythe. He smiled at her:
"Your just awesome. I really do love you." Brent said with a warm smile:
"There one last ace up my sleeve," Natacha said opening her mouth:
"Execute. Strongest emotion," Natacha said:
"Executing. Strongest emotion...Good luck out there." Clonic said. All the colors came out of her mouth. Red, green, purple, blue, yellow and orange. The colors all combined and then layer around Natacha. All the colors became one and then all turned to the same one color. Pink:
"Execute. Love." Natacha said:
"Executing. Love." Clonic said. Brent looked at her:
"Seems like this is my strongest emotions lately. My power determined about how I feel. That is why sadness liquid powers were so powerful today and happiness beams were weaker." Natacha said as she looked at her pink self:
"I see." Brent said spinning the scythe around. Natacha ran forward and started hand to hand combat. Brent dodged:
"His left!" Natacha shouted and moved to hit his side. Brent was about to dodge when the ground under him turned to liquid:
"What?" Brent said low. Natacha hit his side and he flew back:
"This form let me use all my powers." Natacha said. She pointed forward and a wall rose from behind Brent and he crashed into it. Natacha ran forward:
"Sunny day." Natacha said her hand summoned the sun:
"Hatred." She said after her other hand turned red:
"Execute. Hate sun!" Natacha shouted.
"Executing. Hate sun!" Clonic shouted. Brent got hit by both of them and shot through the wall. Natacha pointed forward again and kept making walls so Brent kept crashing into them. Brent stopped himself by flying forward and swung his scythe as a giant air blade shot forward. Natacha held up her hand and made a bigger shield then courage before. The shield held back the blade of air. Brent removed the blood from his mouth and looked at Natacha:
"What is it? Come on!" Natacha shouted. There was a hint of fear in her voice. Brent held on to the scythe pole and looked at her. Natacha ran forward ready for one more hit. Brent just flew up into the air trying to catch his breath again:
"Face me!" Natacha shouted:
"Tir Na Nog fading," Tiffle said. The winds stopped and Brent fell to the ground. He landed on his feet:
"Fairy Form fading," Tiffle said after. Brent Tattoos vanished and the scythe became his kusarigama again. He slowly held up the blade:
"Damn...I just can't do it." Brent said:
"Wh-what..." She said low:
"Look at you," Brent said. She looked down herself. She was in a cold sweat. She was shivering. She was scared:
"You don't have the guts to kill me," Brent said. Natacha eyes widen:
"Of course I have!" Natacha shouted. You could clearly hear her voice crack:
"Then do it. I'm beaten. I can't muster anymore." Brent said. Natacha in anger ran forward:
"Execute. Lovestruck!" Natacha shouted:
"Executing. Lovestruck!" Clonic shouted. Natacha ran forward. All the liquid from before. All the colored liquids appeared around her and then surrounded her fist. Now only her fist glowing pink. She swung her fist and Brent just closed his eyes. He felt a powerful wind hit him but nothing more. He opened his eyes to see her fist just a millimeter away from him. She didn't stop but tried to push her hand forward. She couldn't move her hand an inch:
"You told me yourself. Your powers come from emotions...Maybe love is your strongest emotions but you can't just use love to hurt someone you care about." Brent said low. She looked at him:
"I knew the same would happen to me," Brent said low:
"Wh-What?" Natacha said sadly:
"I knew this would end like this. No matter who fought. I could never land a finishing blow to you." Brent said low. Natacha eyes began to water:
"All your emotions came in the right order. Happiness and Sadness. You were happy to see me and sad that you knew what was coming." Brent said looking up at her:
"Courage and fear. You needed the courage to face me like this but you feared what was gonna happen." Brent explained with a smile. His eyes getting heavier:

"Anger and Jealousy. You became angry when you saw how strong I and Tiffle bond was but also jealous of it." Brent explained:
"Then you got, love the moment I said you were awesome and I loved you. You emotions came on queue to what you felt. I knew what you were feeling through it all and to see that only made me hesitate more and more." Brent said low. He stumbled a bit, his legs getting weaker. Natacha eyes leaked now. Tears rolling down:
"I'm sorry..." She said low:
"I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry." She kept repeating it. Brent looked up:
"It's o...ka...y." Brent said before collapsing forward. Tiffle became human at Brent side:
"Brent! Brent!!!" Tiffle shouted. Natacha fell to her knees:
"I'm sorry!" She shouted. Brent was passed out. The fight finally coming to an end. Brent finally understood everything on this moonlight night and the park was repaired by the magic of deities themselves. Leaving no trace of the battle behind.

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