Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


66. Last part of the war.

Faust looked at Vanessa with cold dead eyes. Vanessa was still laughing. She spun her spear around once:
"Really brother? You gonna face me? You know you gonna regret it." Vanessa said. Faust didn't say anything. He just looked at her:
"What is this intense air?" Brent asked:
"I never felt anything like it," Tiffle said:
"This is scary," Mayuri said:
"Sister," Faust said suddenly:
"What?" Vanessa asked:
"We have known each other for so many years. I'm tired of this fighting. This is a fight between us not between them." Faust said. Vanessa sighed:
"If you want you so-called fairies back. Then you need to take them back over my dead corpse." Vanessa said:
"I can't get those fairies back. You broke one of my laws. You killed my children." Faust said as he moved the blade up. He took a hold of it with both hands. The metal vines tighten around his hands. A yellow aura moved through the vines. The blade began to glow:
"Your children? You keep calling them that. But what leader can't even win a war?" Vanessa asked:
"I don't want to hurt my children. I don't want to hurt my little sister. But I have been watching for long enough. Now, these brave humans have come here to help me and I still just push them into my war. This is our war sister. Not theirs. So prepare yourself. Your last breath is near." Faust said as he tightened the grip on the hilt of the sword:
"Faust!" Brent shouted. Faust looked at him:
"There is always another way," Brent said. Faust sighed. He nodded once and turned back to Vanessa:
"Fine. Sister. I will give you five minutes. In these fives minutes, you can apologies. If you haven't done that in these five minutes. Then I will fight back." Faust said as he lowered the sword. Vanessa laughed and just launched herself forward. She swung her spear at Faust. Faust moved quickly and dodged quickly. She couldn't land a single stab.
"You always have gone on the passive. But you know I will reach you soon!" Vanessa shouted as she kept her spear thrusting up. Faust didn't say anything he just kept dodging. Vanessa quickly moved a spear forward as Faust dodged but then she quickly moved it forward again. Faust was about to be hit but he grabbed the spear by the hand. Vanessa couldn't move it at all. She pulled and pushed it but the spear didn't move an inch. Faust just held it by the pole:
"3 minutes left sister," Faust said as he tightens his fist around the pole. The pole was crushed by his bare hand. Vanessa jumped back and created a new spear:
"You..." Vanessa said annoyed. She jumped forward and tried to stab him again. Her eyes glowed up. Giant hands of obsidian came up around Faust and all moved toward him quickly:
"Obsidian slam!" She shouted. Faust just looked at them:
"Silver light bullets," Faust said and snapped his finger. Bullets of silver light shot out from his body and broke every single hand under a second. Vanessa was about to attack Faust but then she took a step back. Faust softly brushed some of the dust off his shoulder:
"Let me break it down for you. I have always let you win Vanessa. But I have always been the strongest. But I don't need blood to reach my goals. But I will not go around seeing my people die anymore." Faust said as he walked forward:
"I have been holding back since you are my little sister. I didn't want to hurt you. I still have memories of when we worked on the same side. We were a daughter and son of the former God. But now one of us have fallen and I don't want to see you go through this anymore." Faust said. Vanessa just looked at him. She moved her mouth. But no sound came out:
"You have two minutes to apologize," Faust said pressing his hands together. Light erupted from him. His power was raised by the second:
"God spell. God's judgment." Faust said as light erupted from his body. It became brighter and brighter. Vanessa took a step back as she dropped her spear. 

Brent was watching from afar. He could not believe such power existed. Astraloinus was like an ant to Faust:
"Remember never to piss him off," Brent said:
"Understood." The two fairies said. 

"H-How...how have you been able to hide this power for so long?!" Vanessa shouted:
"The former god taught me a spell that allows me to suppress my power. Because if my power was loose, bad things would happen. So many different worlds would try to connect with ours just to seek out this power source that is me." Faust said as he focused. Vanessa's eyes shivered:
"I have always been the strongest of us. So I give you one more minute. Apologies!" Faust shouted. Vanessa bit her lower lip:
"Fine then," Faust said as he moved his hand forward. He made a gun out of his fingers:
"God spell-" Faust said as a small ball of light came out of his fingertip:
"Godly light!" Faust shouted. He shot the bullet out of his finger and it hit Vanessa. The light vanished for a second before it erupted into a giant explosion of light. The light was so powerful that is created a sun in the Null. Suddenly there was light. It was still Null magic everywhere but now you could see inside The Null. Vanessa was still standing. She wasn't even hurt:
"I can't kill my own little sister. I might be God but I refuse to do this. So Vanessa. I banish you to the Null for two years. I hope, we can become allies in the future. I hope we can be siblings again." Faust said in a cold tone as he turned around. He flew outside the gate and then his voice echoed over Tir Na Nog:
"All Lilins. Flee to The Null!" Faust shouted as he pressed his hands together:
"Silver light cleanse!" Faust shouted as he prepared the powerful god spell. The Lilins scattered and ran into the Null.

"Seems like we lost. Better get back to Nessa." Ricki said and turned around. She walked back to the Null. Soon after that, was all Lilin inside The Null. Faust landed in front of the gate. He looked at the door. Brent had come out with his two fairies. Hayden and Tiara had come to his side:
"He stole my thunder," Brent said with a sigh:
"Yeah. I'm sorry. I just wanted to end this." Faust said with an apologetic smile. The gates stood wide open:
"Now. God power. Sealing gate!" Faust shouted and moved his hands out. The gate slowly closed.

"God power. Sealing gate." You heard a female voice from the inside. Faust looked and saw his sister on the other side sealing the gate from her side too:
"Sister," Faust said with a sad smile:
"Brother," Vanessa said and showed a smile for the first time:
"You need to be a strong leader for me. That is all I wanted." Vanessa said. The two looked at each other as the gates slowly closed. Silence filled the air as Faust looked at the door. He bit his lower lip:
"Godly barrier. Two years." Faust said as the gate was swallowed by a giant barrier.
"So this is the end?" Astralonius asked:
"Yeah. I hope so. The gate will open again in two years time. So I hope that our relationship can grow to the better. Back to siblings" Faust said. Astralonius nodded. Brent sat down he was exhausted:
"Come let us return to Elfthrone," Faust said as he turned around and walked away:
"Come Mayuri. Let us return home." Astralonius said. Mayuri nodded and walked off with him:
"I'm gonna go with my father. I will see you later in the capital." Mayuri said with a smile:
"Sure. Get going." Brent said. Mayuri nodded and walked off:
"I better get Tiara back. She is exhausted." Hayden said. Core and Hayden walked away with Tiara. Miu walked to their side and followed them.

Brent took a second to sit down. He looked at the gate. Tiffle softly sat behind him. She put her back up against his. She looked at the sky. It was clear blue and the sun was shining:
"Is it finally over?" Brent asked:
"I think so," Tiffle said:
"You dream came true," Brent said as he placed a hand on his chest:
"Shall we join the others?" Brent asked:
"No. Let us just sit a bit," Tiffle said closing her eyes. Brent nodded as he leaned his weight on Tiffle too.

"That was interesting. He could break my pact." Amaterasu said as she sat in the white room. She held a small glowing ball in her hands. It was a piece of his soul:
"Time will come when you will need me again Brent...Hehe." Amaterasu laughed as she slowly walked over to the corner of the white room. There was a small dark corner in the room now.

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