Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


36. Johnny

"What might this be?" An old voice said. He poked the shinning stone in his garden and it turned into Mayuri. Mayuri had changed to her new dress now and her white hair was hanging down her back. In front of her stood an old man. The man had weasel eyes and a soft smile. He got gray hair only covering his sides so you could see his naked top head. He had a brown stripped yellow shirt and blue shorts with sandals. He had a cane in his hand:
"Oh. That is something. I must really go mad now." The old man said and then let out a hazy laugh:
"I'm Mayuri daughter of the Lilin I'm here-" Mayuri said dramatically:
"Oh. Hello, there young girl." The old man said interrupting her:
"Don't interrupt me old fool!" Mayuri shouted and waved a hand forward:
"Yeah. Yeah. Why are you in my garden?" He asked:
"Because I'm here to enslaved you and kill the-" Mayuri shouted but then she was hit by the old man cane:
"Don't you come after me reaper. I'm fine!" The old man said loudly before he turned around and "quickly." walked away using his cane:
"Ow," Mayuri said like a child:
"Oh. Do you wanna come inside and have a cup of lemonade." He asked with a soft smile. Mayuri nodded:
"Yes. Feast me your food servant so I can replenish my health!" Mayuri shouted:
"Stop talking like a madman that my job." The old man said. Mayuri blinked:
"What is your name again?" The old man asked as he opened the door to his trailer:
"Mayuri!" She shouted:
"I'm Johnny. Nice to meetcha. So why are you in my garden?" The old man asked:
"I'm here to enslave!" Mayuri shouted:
"Yeah, you better behave." Johnny said.

The two went inside and johnny poured her a cup of lemonade. The trailer was small. There were a dirty kitchen and a fridge. A couch and a bed in a small side room. There was also a toilet. But there was nothing else. A small tv standing on a small table. The tv had a hard time getting signal:
"So...Why you in my garden?" Johnny asked:
"You already asked that for the third time old man. I'm here to use a human for magical power." Mayuri said:
"Oh. that sounds like that new high tech wookie dookie things the young once use. Can you teach me what it is?" Johnny asked clearly clueless:
"It's not this high tech you talk about. It's magic!" Mayuri shouted:
"Magic? Yeah, I can show you a magic trick." Johnny said as he moved a hand to Mayuri ear. He moved it back and suddenly had a coin in his hand:
"Look there a coin behind ya ear," Johnny said with a hazy laugh:
"Wow!" Mayuri shouted childishly:
"I have been through magic of all sorts but never seen magic there can produce currency!" Mayuri shouted with a smile:
"I didn't even think humans were able to use magic!" Mayuri eyes sparkled:
"Easy...It's just a trick." Johnny said as he smiled:
"A trick. You have to teach me the trick to produce money!" Mayuri shouted:
"No. A magician never reveals his magic tricks." Johnny said with a hazy laugh:
"Come on. I beg ya old man." Mayuri said:
"No...Just drink up your god damn lemonade." Johnny said. Mayuri pouted but did as said:
"So you say you're here to enslave and use magic...So I would guess you aren't human?" Johnny said leaning back:
"That is correct sir. I'm Mayuri of the Lilin's. I'm here to find a human I can bind with so I can use the person's soul and capture the kingdom I come from and help my mother kill the fairies." Mayuri said:
"You sure you want an old soul as mine?" Johnny asked:
"I'm sure! I just need one fast." Mayuri said:
"Fine then," Johnny said holding out his hand. The two bound:
"But...I need to rest now..." Johnny said standing up. He grabbed his back and slowly made it through the trailer to a bed:
"Is something wrong old man?" Mayuri asked:
"Oh. It's nothing. I just had some back problems and some pain in the lung area for quite some time. But I'm gonna be fine." Johnny said as he lied down. There was silence in the trailer. Mayuri looked at him and then bit her lower lip:
"This feeling. This cold feeling. What is that? Is that the feeling of worry?" Mayuri was thinking. She opened the fridge and saw there was stuff in it. She nodded.

Johnny woke up and was met with the smell of food. Mayuri was standing at the stove making some kind of food:
"I can smell food," Johnny said standing up leaning on the cane:
"I just made somet-" Mayuri said:
"Who are you?" Johnny asked interrupting her again:
"I'm Mayuri!" Mayuri shouted:
"I know. I know. You are that Lily thing." Johnny said:
"I'm a Lilin. Li-lin!" she shouted:
"So what are you making." He asked ignoring her statement:
"Just some kind of food. I don't really remember where I learned to cook." Mayuri said. Hazy memories of a man with a warm smile came into her mind. The man had black hair with the upper part of Z in them:
"What wrong girl?" Johnny asked worriedly:
"Just...I feel like I have a bit of amnesia..." Mayuri said:
"Then go sit down. I can take it from here." Johnny said ruffling her hair:
"I will go outside for a bit," Mayuri said going outside the trailer. They were out in nothing. An abandoned trailer park just above the city. You could see the lights of the city from up there:
"Beautiful isn't it?" Johnny asked through the window at her side:
"Is this the reason you live here?" Mayuri asked:
"Yeah...I don't get many visitors so when I saw you in my garden I was quite surprised." Johnny said with a hazy laugh. There was a red truck outside. It was old and a bit rusty with a few boxes on it:
"I see. So you all alone?" Mayuri asked:
"Yes. But look at the bright side. I got you around now." Johnny said with a warm smile. Mayuri looked at him and for the first time cracked a smile:
"I see," Mayuri said.

The two were together for a month. They lived together. Mayuri sleeping on his couch. They sometimes drove down in the red truck to buy things. She got her mind away from  Her duties and was caught up in living with this old crazy man but then one day:
"I forgot all about my job!" Mayuri shouted:
"What job?" Johnny asked:
"I needed to help my mother!" Mayuri shouted:
"Oh...With what. Did you need to buy milk but forgot to go home?" Johnny asked.
"How would I buy milk from your backyard?!" Mayuri shouted.
"Oh, that right...Why were you in my garden again?" He asked:
"Stop joking. This is serious...I must find the fairies and-" Mayuri shouted but then she heard a thump. Johnny was living on the ground:
"Johnny!" Mayuri shouted as she rushed to his side. He was grasping his heart. Mayuri eyes widen. She heard if anything ever happened she could call the ambulance. She also had the address. The ambulance soon arrived and Johnny was taken care of. Mayuri came with him to the hospital. Mayuri sat at his side. He was awake but weak:
"Oh. Mayuri...I'm so sorry. You wanted to do a magic show but I couldn't help ya." Johnny said with a hazy laugh:
"It's not a magic sh-...Nevermind that Johnny. How are you feeling?" She asked:
"I'm fine...I just need to lie down a bit and relax." Johnny said with a grin. His eyes turned serious for the first time since they met:
"I want you to break that bond we have. So you can get going and do you magic stuff." Johnny said seriously:
"No...I don't wanna leave ya like this. I will go Sylph until you are feeling better at least." Mayuri said with a nod:
"You should not wait around for this old bag of bones kid," Johnny said:
"You can't choose where I go," Mayuri said:
"Fine...You younglings and your never-ending wisdom...You know. Back in my, days, we would actually listen to our grandparents." Johnny said:
"Grandparent?" Mayuri asked:
"Yeah. Since you fell down from that Tir Fla Flok dock. Thingy. I have been your guardian. You could call me you grandpa." Johnny said with a hazy laugh:
"A grandpa...Then I won't leave ya! I will make sure you stay safe." Mayuri said:
"Sure..." Johnny said. Mayuri left to get some water and Johnny sighed:
"Amnesia huh..." Johnny thought as he closed his eyes relaxing a bit.

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