Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


41. I will break that Lollipop.

Brent swung his scythe powerfully forward. The scythe was about to his Tiara:
"Reflect," Tiara said. The scythe was shot back and landed on the ground. Brent quickly jumped back:
"Do you know how to get through?" Brent asked:
"No idea. The fight with Natacha was over before I knew it." Hayden said:
"I see..." Brent said. He was breathing heavily. You could feel the fire behind his exhales. His eyes shivering in pure anger. He tried to calm himself. He could feel the fragment from before trying to get free:
"Breath Brent...If you lose control I won't forgive you." Hayden said as he stomped the ground hard:
"I know. I can. Feel it." Brent said as he blinked:
"Me too," Tiffle said as she turned into a human. You could see the green glow from Tiffle stomach:
"It's trying to break free. Let me see if I can suppress it." Mayuri said clapping her hands together:
"Support. Soul control!" Mayuri said her soul connected with Tiffle. The energy inside her body began to glow more and then the chain broke:
"Damn. I can't control it. It's too violent." Mayuri said. Brent grinded his teeth. His anger was coming to him. Tiara was smiling:
"Well then," Tiara said:
"Fine. If you aren't gonna attack. Then I will lead it!" Tiara shouted and moved forward:
"Don't let me down, minion!" Tiara shouted:
"As you wish mis-mistress." The fairy at her side said. His name was Core. Brent looked at her but it was too late:
"Reflect slap!" Tiara shouted and slapped Brent. Brent's eyes widen as an unknown powerful force shot him into the ground. Brent had never been hit by such an unnatural force:
"I got you!" Hayden said as his eye glowed up. Brent stopped and was placed on his feet:
"Thanks. Be my safety net." Brent said. Hayden nodded. Tiara smiled and rolled the lollipop in her mouth from right to left:
"You...Seem so annoyed." Tiara said:
"You killed my girlfriend!" Brent shouted:
"And?" Tiara asked:
"No...not only my girlfriend. But one of your best friends!" Brent shouted:
"She wasn't my friend. No one is high enough to be at my side. Not even my slave." Tiara said pointing at Core:
"Wait...How do you treat your fairy?" Brent asked:
"I treat him like the dirt he is. He is only a power source. He isn't even fine enough to be a friend. But he has his uses like leg chair!" Tiara shouted. Brent's eyes ignited:
"I will break that lollipop in your mouth with my own fist!" Brent shouted:
"Tiffle, wait here," Brent said with a hard to suppress voice. Tiffle looked at him worried. Brent's eyes were furious. His breathing was visible but how his body shrank after every exhale. Tiara smiled:
"Are you gonna attack me on your own?" Tiara asked with a laugh:
"Yes...I don't want to put my fairy partner in danger. So I will take this on myself." Brent said. He rolled up his sleeves on the brown jacket and cracked his fingers:

"Don't go break every finger now." Hayden said. He slowly sat down:
"Mayuri come here." Hayden said. Mayuri came running:
"Can you fix her in any way?" Hayden asked. Natacha lifeless broken body was on the ground:
"No...I don't think I can save her...Sad to say. She is dead." Mayuri said:
"Clonic is even gone. Its powers have vanished." Miu said:
"Damn it..." Hayden said slamming his fist into the ground.

Brent brown hair moved in the wind. The spikes in it moved a bit:
"You really gonna try?" Tiara asked:
"I won't try no...I will do it. I will break that lollipop and hit you!" Brent shouted. He ran forward:
"The imbecile will keep being imbecile I guess," Tiara said as she moved a hand forward:
"Reflect bullet!" Tiara shouted as one of the raindrops flew forward after it hit her hand. Brent's eyes widen as he quickly tried to move to the right but the water drop was to fast and cut through his shoulder. Brent kept running forward. His eyes locked on her face:
"The way you look at me. Oh. Are you falling for me? How shameful. You just lost your girlfriend!" She shouted and shot one more water drop at Brent. Brent quickly dodged and now was just in front of her. He swung his hand forward. She smiled:
"Reflect." She said. Everything turned black. Hayden's eyes widen as he saw Brent smile:
"What?" Hayden asked. Brent smiled as he only moved a finger forward. The finger had poked Tiara and now had broken:
"I would guess you power have a time gap and that is why you rely on your enemy using full force. You provoke them to anger so they won't have the time gap after you hit them with that reflect. But I became curious when I saw you only shot one droplet at me at a time. Like you only had power enough for one. This was a flaw." Brent said. Tiara's eyes widened:
"Now!" Brent shouted as he moved his whole hand forward and slammed it into her cheek. Tiara's eyes widen as she was hit and she fell on the ground. The lollipop stick flew out of her mouth and the candy had broken into pieces and flew out of her mouth as she was hit:

"I don't understand. She can shot more than one. She used that Gatling gun ability earlier." Hayden said:
"I think I understand that. Her ability is not to shot one object at once. But she can only reflect things from her body which is inside a zone around her body. She can't really direct the attack. She can only force it a straight line away from her body from where they came from. So when she uses Gatling she just shoots all the droplets to all sides but when she needs to use it as bullet she has to be sure she can redirect it to shot forward. Like if you hit a ball with your fist. It goes straight away from your hand. She hit a water drop and it becomes a bullet. So her ability is reflecting straight lines. So when Brent touched her with a finger it was only his finger that got reflect back into his finger again. That leaves a time gap for Brent to hit her." Mayuri said:
"Not truly correct." Core said. The other looked at the fairy:
"Her ability is reflect, correct but she can only reflect things in a small zone around her body. The zone is five centimeters around her. But she has a limit. It can actually hurt her to reflect too many things at once." Core said:
"But I didn't understand why Brent let himself get hurt," Miu said:
"Because she has a time gap. She can only use the ability every two seconds. So Brent let a small bit of him take the hit and then use the time gap to hit her." Hayden said. Tiara slowly stood up as she looked at him:
"No...How dare you!" Tiara shouted but then she saw a rock come at her. She quickly blinked as the rock shot away from her. Brent quickly dodges the rock and then hit her with one more fist. She flew down and crashed against the water ground:
"Her ability is so confusing," Miu said:
"The one who created that ability must have been dumb," Mayuri said:
"What?" Hayden asked:
"Nothing," Mayuri said as she looked at the reader. Tiara lifts herself from the ground. She was soaked from landing in the water puddle:
"Storm's feather come to me!" Brent shouted. Tiffle turned into the Kusarigama and wrapped around her his arm:
"No matter. You found a way to hit me. That doesn't mean you have won." Tiara said as she cracked her hand.
"I will show you what happened when you hit the one above you dog!" Tiara shouted:
"Core. I want more power!" Tiara shouted:
"Like a spoiled brat," Hayden said annoyed:
"As you wish..." Core said scared:
"Heavenly mirror!" Tiara shouted as her arms began to vibrate quickly:
"I keep reflecting the air around my arm every two seconds. To create powerful gloves of pure reflection." Tiara said:
"I don't care," Brent said as his wings grew out of his back:
"Fairy form," Brent said:
"You really gonna try fight pure wind?!" Tiara shouted:
"No...You just too stupid." Brent said holding up his hand.
"Cyclone!" Brent shouted and clenched his fist. The wind around Tiara's arm began to become sharp. Tiara screamed as her ability stopped. She was bleeding from her arms:
"I'm the wind," Brent said:
"Enough. Core I want more power!" Tiara shouted. Core eyes shivered:
"You can't." Core said:
"I want more power," Tiara shouted and kicked Core. Core fell on the ground but then just agreed:
"I will use it then." Core said as he removed the chains from his arm to show that the upper arm was made of glass from his elbow and up:
"Beautiful reflection!" Tiara shouted:
"What is that?" Brent asked. Tiara quickly ran forward and moved her hand forward. Brent threw another rock at her but she reflected it back:
"Now!" Brent shouted and swung his scythe but then he was hit in his chest:
"Reflect!" Tiara shouted and Brent was shot into the school wall:
"Beautiful reflection. Remove the time gap but cause her damage for every reflect she uses." Core said. Brent looked at her in pain:
"Come now. Fight me!" Tiara shouted. Brent slowly stood up and sighed. The fight was about to continue.

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