Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


17. Hayden's noon

"Bahahahahaha." Hayden was laughing as he walked down the street. Miu was walking at his side:
"So which one was the Lilin?" Hayden asked:
"It's the girl," Miu said. Hayden nodded and got a creepy look on his face:
"Come. I have some arrangement to make." Hayden said. The two walked to the hospital again. They walked inside and looked around:
"There it is," Hayden said looking at the wall. The red colors shining on the wall:
"The fire alarm?" Miu asked:
"That is the first thing we need," Hayden said. Hayden walked up the hospital to the top. He grabbed the door to the roof and it opened. The giant landing pad on the roof gave a good amount of space. Hayden smiled and walked down again:
"Next up is to find out where they go," Hayden said. He walked into the record room. He knocked out the guard to the room and dragged him inside. Hayden looked at recent fills and found the fills on Brent. On it was addressed but also school:
"Lucky," Hayden said with a grin. He walked around with the devil's eyes. Miu was just following along:
"Seems like all we have to now. Is to wait for later." Hayden said sitting down in his room with a grin:
"So what now?" Miu asked:
"I got a plan. The plan lets me both get the Lilin and also fight the fairy." Hayden said:
"That look on your face," Miu said low:
"Yeah. I know. I know its scary. But I just can't help myself from getting a bit excited to have my way with those two. I have such a plan that can't fail. Such a good plan that put me an advantage against them." Hayden said as he sat down:
"Just beware. If it comes to it. Try to resist using a lot of magic." Miu said:
"I will try," Hayden said:
You know your body can't handle the pressure the magic makes, around you." Miu said:
"I know. I know. I'm gonna be safe." Hayden said:
"Promise me!" Miu shouted:
"I promise," Hayden said. His eyes soften and he calmed down. Hayden red eyes seem to turn warm for a minute:
"I will protect you," Hayden said warmly before the eyes turned intense again. Miu smiled:
"I will also protect you," Miu said. Hayden nodded and stood up:
"That coat," Hayden said walking forward. Miu looked at her doctor's coat:
"What is with it?" Miu asked:
"You will keep this until its over," Hayden said taking off her coat and then handing her his jacket. The giant green jacket with fur hood. Miu took it on and let the hood fall down. The hood covers her head easily:
"There. As long as you wear this. You will be protected." Hayden said. Miu grabbed the edge of the hood and pulled it a bit more down so you could only see her smile. Hayden smiled and then looked at his bag again:
"I need to do the next thing alone. You will stay here." Hayden said. Before he turned around Miu latched on to his functioning leg:
"No!" Miu said:
"No what?" Hayden asked:
"We are in this together. I won't leave you." Miu said. Hayden's eyes widen and he smiled:
"Fine," Hayden said. He walked with her down to the tool shop. He bought a long robe and after that moved down to the supermarket to get some cloth and chloroform. Hayden's eyes became cold as he packed his bag:
"So what is your plan?" Miu asked:
"You will find out. But all I can say. It's about to go down." Hayden said. Miu nodded and pulled on the hood:
"I'm ready!" She shouted seriously. Hayden looked up:
"I just need to wait for the right time now." Hayden said:
"Okay." Miu said. The bag was packed and Hayden was sitting in his bed. He was looking out the window. He had called the doctor:
"What is it, Hayden?" The doctor asked as he came inside:
"I just want to thank you for your help." Hayden said:
"Oh, what are you talking about?" The doctor asked:
"I will leave this midnight. Then I'm done here and I won't come back for some time." Hayden said:
"I see." The doctor said. The two looked at each other:
"I will ask...Why?" The doctor asked:
"Because I'm gonna vanish later. I have nothing more to do here and I need something to do. I have a job later I need to take care of and after that. I'm gone." Hayden said calmly:
"I see. Should I ask for more information?" The doctor asked:
"Nope. But you will find out." Hayden said:
"What side of the law is it?" The doctor asked:
"Do you really want to know?" Hayden asked. The doctor sighed and then just smiled:
"Just try not to die. I won't ask at all." The doctor said:
"Thanks, doctor. I have to do this. Not only for me. But for Miu." Hayden said:
"You are working for another person Hayden. Not that psychopathic anymore huh." The doctor said leaving.
"Shut up!" Hayden shouted. The doctor left. Miu giggled:
"Why are you laughing?" Hayden asked:
"It's your eyes," Miu said:
"My eyes?" Hayden asked:
"I remember the first time I saw you. You had this empty dead stare. But I can see emotions in your eyes now." Miu said. She walked forward and looked into Hayden's eyes:
"Well," Hayden said pushing her a bit back:
"Just shut up," Hayden said as he stood up. He walked over to the window to see the small craters below the window:
"How many time have I done it now?" Hayden asked:
"I think. Seven or eight." Miu said:
"I still remember the first time I threw you out the window," Hayden said:
"You so mean!" Miu shouted. Hayden just laughed:
"But there no more time for this," Hayden said taking up his bag and placed it on his back:
"It's time to unleash hell on earth. Time for Ragnarok!" Hayden said as he walked forward. Miu grabbed his drop pole and began to walk at his side. The doctor looked at Hayden from the other side of the hallway as he walked:
"Bye. Hayden." The doctor said:
"Bye doctor...Don't go die of age now." Hayden said:
"Don't you go die yourself now." The doctor said. Hayden's eyes closed he was slowly breathing. The voices started again. The screaming. The Terror. The fear. No more time to look at the light. No more light. No more anger. No more! It's time to act. Hayden's eyes snapped open. The veins in his eyes visible and his eyes shivering crazily:
"Time to let my psycho loose!" Hayden shouted before walking with full power out of the hospital and slowly walked toward the school Brent was in:
"How sad. He came so far. But I guess it wouldn't be the same if he became sane. Hayden is Hayden for a reason." The doctor said to himself:
"You are right." The head nurse said. The doctor went into the office. He sighed and looked down at a note left on his table. The note was written in Hayden's handwriting:
"I know what you are. Let the hospital be empty by midnight." The paper said. The doctor smiled:
"That Hayden really is unique." The doctor said:
"Yeah." The head nurse said. Her eyes changing purple for a few seconds. The doctor nodded:
"We need to make sure the hospital is all clean for midnight." The doctor said:
"Let's do it then." The head nurse said. The doctor turned around and walked out the room.

"With that done. There only one last thing to do before midnight." Hayden said with a crazy grin:
"And that is?" Miu asked:
"Kidnap the girl," Hayden said with a grin:
"Where do bring her?" Miu asked:
"The hospital roof," Hayden said:
"Oh. I see." Miu said. The two walked silently forward. The road seems endless as the hands of time kept moving forward. Moving towards midnight.

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