Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


15. Hayden's Morning.

"Ahh, this sound!" Hayden shouted. He held both his hands to his head. He could hear screams and voices. He hit his head on his hands trying to get the voices out.


"Shut up!" Hayden said slamming his fist into the wall. He left a mark on the wall. His eyes shivering powerfully as all the bloodshot to his eyes. His veins pumping. he began to breathe heavily as he looked around. The room was so dark. Everything kept being swallowed by the dark. Arms began to stretch out from the dark and try to reach for him. He slowly walked back only to see his legs were gone. He was then surrounded by the dark and then it swallowed him.

"AH!" Hayden shouted as he sat up in his bed. He was in a cold sweat. It was the middle of the night. He stood up and grabbed the crutch. He slowly made his way through the hospital room. He walked out and slowly made it down to the front of the hospital. He just stood there for a bit. He didn't have a shirt on but had pants on. He looked up at the moon. He slowly tightens the grip of the crutch and sighed. The moonlight somehow calmed him. It's the same dream as all the others. The darkness trying to swallow him. He slowly let a hand rest on top of his head. His white hair messy. He closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. He slowly turned around and walked inside again. He walked into the hospital room again and sat down on his bed. He looked around only to see Miu lying on the sofa:
"You shine in the real world. How can you shine in the dark?" Hayden asked as he lied down. He slowly closed his eyes the soothing feeling of sleep grabbing him.

"Morning!" Miu shouted. Hayden opened his eyes. The light hit his face and his brain slowly recognize his surroundings. He slowly sat up and moved some hair away from his eyes:
"Morning," Hayden said. He slowly made his way out to the bathroom. He washed his face. Miu was standing just at the door. Her hairline moving back and forward like a tail on a dog:
"So what are we gonna do today?" She asked:
"I think I wanna go for a walk. Go buy some food and then see if we can find a new target." Hayden said as he looked himself in the eyes using the mirror. His red eyes glowing up. Miu nodded and grabbed a towel handing him it. He slowly dried his face and stood up straight. He slowly walked out of the room and stretched:
"Morning. Hayden." Doctor Volten said:
"Morning. Doctor." Hayden said grabbing his jacket:
"Going somewhere?" Doctor Volten asked:
"Yes. I'm going out today. Me and Miu both." Hayden said taking on his green jacket with fur hood. The two walked out. Hayden humped his way through town. Miu just slowly pulled the drop pole at his side:
"Whats for breakfast?" Miu asked as she walked up to his side:
"Something simple," Hayden said. He slowly walked over to the supermarket and walked around. He walked over to the elevator to get to the second floor. He stood in as the door closed. He slowly sighed and looked at Miu. The girl was tapping her feet on the ground to the music in her head:
"Stop that," Hayden said:
"Okay..." Miu said stopping. Hayden rolled his eyes:
"Fine. Just don't do it too loudly." Hayden said. Miu smiled and began tapping more softly. The two walked around trying to find food:
"Let's go for fast food," Hayden said:
"But I don't wanna have it," Miu said.


"B-but...I don't know what else to get." Hayden said grinding his teeth:
"But...Haayyydeeen. I want something sweeter!" Miu cried. Finally, you could see that Miu was just a child after all:
"Fine...I can get a burger and you can get a ice cream." Hayden said as he walked into the store:
"Yay~" Miu shouted as they walked inside.

"Why do I even care?!"

"Now choose," Hayden said sitting down. The people in the store had their eyes on him. The boy with a dangling right leg and a drop connected to his arm. A crutch. He looked like a victim fleeing from a hospital:
"Anything I can help with?" A clerk asked:
"No...We are fine. I would come ask you if I needed help." Hayden said growly:
"What ice cream is the best?" Miu asked innocently:
"Oh...I don't really know." The clerk said:
"Hayden help me!" Miu shouted:
"How should I know?!" Hayden shouted:
"Just do it!" She shouts. Hayden looked into the freezer. There were a lot of different once:
"Look. That guy is so sweet keeping his sister company?" A lady said:
"Oh, how sweet." Another lady said. Hayden's eyes widen.

"It's not what it looks like!"

"It's not what it looks like!" Hayden shouted as he took a step back. Miu looked sad. Hayden just pointed:
"Take the damn strawberry one," Hayden said. Miu nodded and grabbed one. Hayden sigh as he tightens his fist around the clutch. Miu placed it on the counter. Hayden looked through some finished burgers. He looked at one normal hamburger:
"I think this one looks good," Miu said holding out a burger. It was a special burger with double meat and a lot of salad:
"Why do you think that?" Hayden asked:
"Because the salad is good for you and the meat give protein. Will make you a strong man!" Miu said childishly. Hayden looked at it and sighed before grabbing a cheeseburger and walked to the counter. He paid for it and Miu looked down at her burger and then placed it back. The two walked out. Miu was chewing on the ice cream. Hayden slowly took a bite of the burger. He had a hard time holding it only with one hand:
"Should we sit down?" Miu asked:
"Sure," Hayden said. The two sat down on a bench. He placed his crutch at his side and his bag on the other. He had a bag on his back lately because he can't carry a lot of things with only one hand. He was eating when suddenly a guy came running grabbed the bag and kept running:
"Hey!" Hayden shouted.


"Get back here!" Miu shouted running after the boy. Hayden quickly stood up and began jumping quickly after them. Miu jumped forward and clung to the boy's leg. The boy fell and began to kick Miu trying to get her off his leg:
"Let go kid!" The boy shouted:
"No! It's Hayden bag..!" She shouted in pain as she got kicked again and again. She finally let go and the boy was about to stand up when he was unable to get up because a clutch was holding down the boys hood:
"Excuse me...Seems like you took my bag." Hayden said with a grin. His hair hiding his eyes but his red eyes glowing through the hair:
"Oh...Yeah...Haha." The boy said standing up. He held out the bag:
"Wait! You can't hurt me...You can't even fig-" The boy shouted but then spew out spit as a clutch was forced into his solar plexus. Hayden spun around and slammed the crutch into his cheek:
"Say..." Hayden said walking forward. He slowly grabbed his bag and put it on his back:
"You really messed with the wrong people," Hayden said slamming his crutch into the boy's teeth. The boy stood up and ran away with bleeding mouth. Hayden slowly turned around and looked at Miu:
"You okay?" Hayden asked as he slowly knelt down:
"Yeah," Miu said. Hayden held his hand forward. Miu looked at it to see her ice cream:
"Didn't wanna waste my money," Hayden said. Miu smiled and stood up:
"Thanks," Miu said hugging Hayden's arm and took the ice cream. She looked at it and then held out her ice cream:
"Want to taste?" Miu asked. Hayden looked at her for a few seconds.

"She poisoned it! She wanna paralyze you. Don't do it! Kill her!"

"...One lick!" Hayden said aggressively. Tasting it once before standing up and walking over to the bench. His burger was on the ground:
"Want me to buy a new one?" Miu asked:
"No, it's fine. I don't need more food." Hayden said walking forward. Miu nodded and followed him grabbing the drop. The two walked side by side. The little girl walking slowly so Hayden can follow. The two smiling at each other and then walked out of the supermarket. 

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