Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


4. Hayden and Miu.

"How long has it been? One week...two?" 
"I think its two. Then I need to plus four more weeks on and then we get the time."
"The time I spent with this kid." 

"Can we buy some candy on our way home?" A small girl voice asked:
"Just do it already." A male voice answered

"These wheels. I need to give them a bit of oil." 
"My blood is boiling and I have a hard time breathing." 

"You want something too?" A small girl voice cried out:
"Just give me something." The male answered annoyed. 
"Sure thingy!" The girl shouted.

"Her voice annoys me. I just want to crack her skull with my crutch. I want to beat her until she cries...But I can't. It's not because she is my partner. But more because I just can't. Something stops me." 

"Here you go!" She said with a giggle and held out a small bag of candy:
"Pff." The male just lets out a sound and grabbed the bag before he kept walking:
"Hey wait up Hayden!" She shouted:
"Then you better walk faster. Miu." The male answered.

The two of them arrived in a hospital room. The male slowly walked forward and sat down on the hospital bed. He took out the needle from his arm and stuck something else into his arm. The monitor began beeping violently. His heart was beating twice as fast as a normal person:
"Still the same as ever," Miu said as she crawled on top of the bed and sat down. She opened her bag of candy and began shoveling the sweets into her mouth:
"Eat slower and stop chewing that loud!" Hayden shouted. Hayden places his crutch at the side of the bed and slowly lied down. Hayden had white hair there was red lines in it. It was messy and shoulder length in the back with eye long in the front and ear length in the sides. He got a short sleeved hoodie on and black pants with boots. He got a crutch at his side he usually walked using his right arm. He was nineteen years old. He also had a pole at the side of the crutch. A pole with a drop bag in it. Enough painkiller for 24 hours:
"I will change the painkiller bag," Miu shouted. It was a small girl with sandstone brown hair. It only goes to her neck in the back and to the top of her head in the front and to her chin on the sides with one long hair going from the middle of her hair to her side just hanging at the side of her arm. She had amber eyes. She had an orange shirt on and a white lab coat she stole from a doctor. She had light blue shorts on and flip-flops. She was nine years old. Miu changed the painkiller bag.

"My breathing is going crazy again." 

Hayden's eyes began to shiver as you could see the red veins in his eyes. He looked at Miu for a second. His breathing became unstable:
"Catch!" Miu shouted as she tossed him a pillow. The pillow hit him in his face and he slowly calmed down. He took the pillow and looked at it:
"What?" Hayden asked:
"It's a new pillow. You complained about the one you had. It was what did you say 'to fucking hard to lie on.' Something with you wanted to use a rock instead." Miu explained with a grin. Hayden sighed:
"Where did you get this anyway?" Hayden asked:
"I bought it of course." She said with a smile:
"Ah." Hayden let out a growl and sat down again looking at the pillow. His leg was dangling from his bed. His right leg:
"It's sad huh," Miu said leaping forward and latching herself on to Hayden back:
"it's what happened. I'm still alive after all." He said as he gave her a quick soft jab to the forehead so she fell off his back:
"There someone here!" Miu said. Hayden slowly removed the needle from his arm before smiling:
"Fairy fusion." Hayden quickly said:
"Fairy fusion." She said nearly a split second after he finished. She began to glow and then a drop of tear came from her eye. The tear took form as a small eye lens. Hayden caught it and put it into his eye. Miu was still there:
"Stay back." He said as he closed the eye with the lens in it:
"Please just watch out," Miu said scared. A man kicked open the door and began to unload a magazine of bullets. The room got cloudy by smoke:
"I think we got him." The man said:
"We clearly did!" Another male voice said:
"Tch..." Someone spit on the ground. The cloud suddenly shot out the room. The cloud of smoke clouded the hall and the two men looked inside. All the bullets were levitating in the air. They were surrounded by a white aura:
"You should never have challenged me," Hayden said standing up. He pressed his right leg into the ground. The leg holding him up:
"But how?" The man with the gun asked:
"How what? How can you stand when you in the hospital. When all the nerves in your leg are damage. How can you oh mighty Hayden do this?!" He shouted crazy:
"One word my friend. Gravity!" Hayden said as his right leg had a white aura:
"But how!?!" The man shouted:
"Let me tell you a funny story. My right leg was hit by a sickness-" He begins explaining as he walks forward:
"All my nerves are dead. No pain. No feeling. Not even moving-" Hayden said as he blinked. The man in the doorway suddenly was pushed inside by an unknown force:
"That means my right leg is my most powerful weapon. Because no matter how much gravity I put on the leg.I can't feel a thing!" He shouted as he moved his right leg up and was about to swing it:
"The girl!" The gun shouted. The man pointed the gun at Miu:
"No!" Miu shouted. He shot the bullet. The bullet traveled forward. Miu's eyes shivered as the bullet stop right in front of her eyes. Hayden suddenly was at her side holding his hand forward. The bullet was still trying to move forward but was pressed against Hayden's hand. The bullet spinning but not moving an inch further. There was a small hole in the floor where Hayden was before. Hayden wrapped his finger around the bullet:
"You know what pisses me off?!" Hayden shouted as he slowly stood up:
"What...How did he?" The man with the gun shouted:
"When you fuck faces mess with my partner. She is mine!" Hayden shouted as he moved the bullet forward:
"Execute Ragnarok!" Hayden shouted:
"executing...Ragnarok." She said sadly. Hayden flipped his finger at the bullet and the bullet cut through the gun breaking it. You could hear the scream of the fairy inside the gun as he died:
"Come here!" Hayden shouted moving forward quickly. Hayden spun around quickly and then placed a kick on the man chest. The man was shot through the hospital wall and out of the building before dying of losing his fairy:
"Or I will crack all your bones one by one BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!" Hayden began to laugh maniacally before he stopped. He then vomits out blood:
"Damn!" Hayden said as he fell down on his ass:
"You okay!" She shouted as she quickly came running with the painkiller. He got stabbed by the needle and then slowly just calmed down:
"Not only your leg hurt. You organs won't work too much either." Miu said:
"I know already stump." He said before standing up and sitting down in the hospital bed:
"I'm alive and fresh as ever." He said lying dowin in the bed. He breathed slowly.

"I want to kill her. I want to see her cry...but more than that. I don't want to see anyone harm her little head. That girl is mine to protect." 

He slowly reached out and place his hand on her head before smiling:
"You are mine to protect." He said. She gave a smile and nod.

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