Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


68. Happily ever after.......For now.

A few days passed in the realm of Tir Na Nog. 

The three guardians had now found their place in the castle. The three had got their own chambers.

Brent's chamber was larger than his old apartment. There was a living room which had a few tables and a few couches. He had two rooms. One for him and one for Tiffle. Tiffle slept in her own room from now on.

Her room was decorated with a lot of things. Like crystals which generated wind and a table which she had all her clothes on. There was a big fluffy bed.

Brent's room had a table which had a lot of paper on it. He also had a shelf where he could store the books he was reading on. He also had a closet for his clothing. He also had a bed. They, of course, had a toilet and a kitchen which was larger then Brent's old one. 

Hayden's chamber was also larger than his old one. They were set up as the others. He had a living room which had his old drop pole in it. He also had couches. His kitchen had fancy tools in it. He told Faust he liked cooking and Faust gave him a few kitchen tools the other didn't have.

Hayden's room was a bit messy. His bed was never made. he already had black shoe marks on the walls and he had a few trash pieces on the floor.

Miu's room was pink and fluffy. She had a lot of teddy bears and had a closet with cute clothing. She also had a small table she could sit on when she needed to study.

Tiara's chamber was smaller than her old home. She had fancy couches and a few decoration and paintings on the walls. She had a kitchen with a closet. The closet had a section just for tea bags. Tiara enjoyed tea a lot. It also had a section just for coffee beans. Core enjoyed coffee a lot. 

Tiara's room was like that of a princess. She had a queen sized bed and a walk-in closet with clothing. She also had a giant area for make-up. But she also had a small section with an easel. There was a blank painting on it. Tiara enjoyed panting a bit. She wasn't that good at it yet but she tried to get better.

Core's room was a bit smaller than the others. He had a hammock as a bad. He also had his floor changed into fake grass. He had small pots in his room with flowers in it. He also had a mirror on his wall he could look into. He had a small pedestal with a pillow on it he could meditate on. He also had a small waterfall so you could hear the sound of water. He could turn it off.

Every single chamber had a balcony out over the lands of Tir Na Nog.

Mayuri had joined Astralonius back at her home. But the two came to the castle every day. Brent was sitting in the throne room. He was talking with Faust:
"So they will be sealed for two years?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. The god barrier will keep them there for two years." Faust said with a warm smile:
"You seem awfully happy about this," Brent said:
"I'm just happy. Because my sister smiled at me. I haven't seen her smile for the five years." Faust said. Brent smiled:
"Faust!" Astralonius shouted as he entered the room:
"Yes, Astralonius?" Faust asked:
"You have relaxed enough. You have to get back to the paperwork. You can't slack off anymore." Astralonius said:
"Paperwork?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. Faust as a god need to do paperwork too. The fairy has wishes of their own and Faust's job as God is to read those request and accept or deny them." Astralonius said. Brent nodded and looked at where Faust stood. There was no Faust anymore. Only a small piece of paper falling slowly:
"What is this?" Brent asked as he caught it:
"Thanks for the distraction." The paper said. Brent sighed but then shrugged:
"Brent!" Mayuri shouted as she came running. Brent caught her as she hugged him:
"You seem happy," Brent said:
"Well. It's just. I'm so happy to be home again." Mayuri said. Brent smiled.

Hayden was sitting on the balcony in his chamber. He was looking out over the land:
"Hayden! Hayden!" Miu shouted as she came running:
"What!?" Hayden shouted as it sounded like she was in distress. His eyes flicked red:
"Help. I can't do this one." Miu said holding up a paper. It was one of her homework papers. Hayden's eyes relaxed once again:
"My god. You can't do this?" Hayden asked:
"No," Miu said. It was math:
"You can't find help in the books?" Hayden asked as he looked at her:
"No..." Miu said. Hayden sighed but then gave a small smile:
"Then I better come help you," Hayden said as he walked in with Miu. Miu took his hand. She smiled up at him. Hayden looked at her and gave her a small smile. The two sat down in Miu's room. Both at the small table. Hayden had a hard time sitting there. He began helping her with her problems.

Core was sitting in his room. He was meditating on the pillow. He didn't have his red jacket on. He sat in his black t-shirt. He sat in the full lotus position and had his glass hands pressed together fist on fist. His breathing was slow. The sound of the waterfall filled him with tranquility:
"Core!!" Tiara shouted as she burst open the door. Core's eyes snapped open:
"Yes?" Core asked as he jumped down:
"Have you seen my shoes?" Tiara asked. Core forehead wrinkles:
"Co-Core?" Tiara asked:
"Did you really interrupt my mediation because of shoes!" Core shouted as he moved his hand up. A soft blow shot Tiara out the room. Core sat down on the fake grass and sighed. He sat there for a bit. Then he heard a soft knock on the door:
"Yes?" Core asked. Tiara poked her head inside:
"You...You want a cup of coffee?" Tiara asked as she held a cup of coffee and a cup of tea in her hand. Core looked at her and then sighed. His sigh turned into a smile:
"Come sit. We can drink it and then look for your shoes." Core said. Tiara smiled as she walked inside.

Brent sat in the library. He was reading a few books:
"Hey, nerd," Tiffle said jumping on to Brent's back:
"Hey, stump," Brent said:
"I'm not that small anymore!" Tiffle shouted. Brent just smiled:
"No no...So what are you doing here?" Brent asked:
"Well. Hayden and Miu are working on homework. Core and Tiara are searching for Tiara's shoes. Mayuri is with her father. So I felt a bit left out. So I came to see what my partner was doing." Tiffle said lying on the table:
"Oh, is that so?" Brent asked:
"So what are you reading?" Tiara asked:
"I was about to start on a new book," Brent said grabbing the next book in line:
"Realms..." Brent read the title. He looked at it confused:
"What is realms?" Tiffle asked. Suddenly a head poked out of one of the bookshelves:
"It's other worlds," Faust said as he was hiding in the bookshelf:
"Faust!" Brent shouted:
"Shhh! Don't shout. I think Astralonius is looking for me...I will tell ya what realms is if you keep quiet." Faust said:
"Fine. What is it?" Brent asked:
"Realms are other worlds. Earth is in a realm of its own. Tir Na Nog is a realm of its own. The Null is a realm of its own." Faust said as he tried to climb out of the bookshelf. He fell face first on the ground:
"Can you travel between them?" Brent asked:
"Of course. You have done that yourself. You have traveled between Earth and Tir Na Nog." Faust said as she rubbed his nose:
"So there an infinite amount of worlds out there?" Brent asked:
"I wouldn't say infinite but there is a lot. There also a few ways to travel between them. There is what you would call teleport. That is how you usually get between them. You use magic to teleport you from one to another. But you have to know the name of the realm and where it is. Then there are gates. Natural ways for worlds to be connected. Like the gate between Tir Na Nog and Earth. Then there what you would call an invasion. That is when you rip apart the world's walls and force the two worlds to be one for a few hours. That is also hard to pull off. The last one is what you would call a temp gate. That is a gate only existing until the one who created it hasn't any magic left." Faust said. Brent nodded:
"Interesting. I will surely read more about it." Brent said:
"It sounds kinda cool. You can tell me what you read about." Tiffle said as she hugged Brent's back. Brent just smiled at her. She smiled back. 

The day was coming to an end. The warm hit the castle and the friends could finally relax.

Time passed. Months passed and suddenly on the outskirts of Tir Na Nog. A yellow light erupted and suddenly a figure stood on the clouds. The figure had a cloak on. The cloak flew in the wind. The figure softly lower the hood so you could see his white hair and sharp ears. He softly smiled so you could see the fangs in his mouth:
"Tir Na Nog...Finally." The figure said with a smooth English accent. The figure smiled smoothly.


The End of Volume 1

The god and the Lilin.

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