Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


63. First part of the war.

"Ah!" Tiara screamed and hit the ground hard. She had wounds all over. She slowly stood up and looked at Ricki. Ricki was dancing on the spot and singing as she played her violin:
"I really do love a good tone," Ricki said. She bends her body down so her hair nearly touches the ground and her right leg is pointed at the sky. She spins around softly once while playing then just move back again. It was like she had no spine. She placed the violin bow hardly down on the strings and began to play quickly. The shadowy hands tossed her around like she was a small rock:
"How long!" Tiara shouted as she crashed into a tree. One of her glass hands cracks a bit. The glass turned a bit to dust and flowed down her arm:
"I can't keep up the beautiful reflection any longer," Tiara said as she looked into her arms. There were cracks in her glass arms:
"Core you okay in there?" Tiara asked:
"I'm fine...Just a bit tired." Core voice answered. Tiara sighed and then looked at Hayden:
"How long Hayden?" Tiara asked. There was purple light erupting from the barrier:
"What is that, Hayden?!" Tiara shouted. Hayden didn't even look her way. He was just focusing on the purple sphere between his hands. He inhales and exhales slowly as Miu softly hugged his leg with closed eyes. She was focusing too. Tiara blinked a few times:
"Here it comes. This is my strongest move." Hayden said as the bubble vanished around him and you could see the purple sphere literally pulling stuff closer to it. The rocks around Hayden flew into the dark sphere and the clouds under him moved toward the force:
"This is my new and improved Odyn. This is my strongest ability. All-father!" Hayden shouted as he clapped his hands together so the purple sphere grew small:
"Die!" Hayden shouted and threw the purple sphere forward. Ricki's eyes widen as the sphere expanded massively to the size of a house and began to tear everything into it:
"A black...Hole!" Tiara shouted. She wasn't moving toward the hole. Hayden had her pulled toward him with his gravity. Hayden was leaking blood from his mouth. A massive amount of blood:
"Oh no...No, no, no!" Ricki shouted as she was pulled closer to it. She tried to take a step back but nearly slipped by the sheer force pulling her:
"Since I control gravity then I can make black holes. It just takes some time and focuses to make such a concentrated force of gravity in one point." Hayden said. Tiara nodded:
"...How long is this gonna last!" Ricki shouted as she was pulled closer:
"Until I say stop," Hayden said as he looked at her with his dead serious eyes. Ricki began to play her violin as electric currents shot at the hole. The hole just swallowed it:
"Shit!" Ricki shouted as the force was only getting stronger the more it swallowed. Ricki's eyes widen as she slipped and flew toward it:
"Gotcha," Hayden said. Ricki was about to fly into it but then she smiled:
"Last note," Ricki said as a string of notes flew into the hole and the hole vanished. She slid over the ground toward Hayden and then hit him in the face with a fist. Tiara's eyes widen. She didn't even have time to react:
"As said. Abomination is a massive amount of Lilin magic. It's like an endless sheet of paper with different songs on it. Shadow grasp is one of my powers. Electric current is one too and that one is break. It breaks all kinds of magic. So seems like I just played ya for a fool." Ricki said as she jumped back. Hayden was out cold. He had lost a lot of blood from using the All-father. So he just lied on the ground:
"Shit," Tiara said as she stood up. She held up her hands and clenched her fists. She looked at Ricki who still stood there without a single scratch:
"Don't you get it. You don't stand a chance. Like Faust has Astralonius. Vanessa has me. I'm her right-hand girl." Ricki said with a smooth smile. Tiara took a step back.

Inside the Null.

"B-Brent?" Tiffle asked:
"Oh, there is no Brent anymore," Amaterasu said as she appeared at Brent's side:
"You...You are one of them!" Vanessa shouted:
"Yes truly. Or I was. I'm stuck inside this boy now." Amaterasu said:
"Wait. She can see you?" Mayuri asked:
"Yeah. I'm fused with Brent right now so I'm actually living." Amaterasu said as she began to levitate and flew at Brent's side. She moved her hand forward as strings shot out from her hands and hit Brent's back:
"Now. Let's fusion Brent." Amaterasu said:
"Fusion. Amaterasu." Brent said:
"Fusion. Brent." Amaterasu said. Brent's grew black wings and spun the scythe around:
"How could you!" Mayuri shouted at Amaterasu:
"He offered 5% of his soul for my power. This was to save you. I just had to take advantage of him. I got control now." Amaterasu said with a grin. Brent simply nodded:
"He can't talk right now since he is under my control," Amaterasu said. Vanessa looked with glowing evil eyes at Amaterasu:
"You!" Vanessa shouted as she grabbed her spear. She flew forward quickly and tried to stab Brent. Brent grabbed the spear with his hand. He moved his hand holding the scythe forward. He hit her with the pole of the scythe and she was sent flying. Vanessa slid over the ground. Obsidian arms came up the ground and caught her:
"How annoying. You truly wield the unholy race." Vanessa said with angry burning eyes:
"Of course he does," Amaterasu said with a grin:
"I will not let this past," Vanessa said as she stomped the ground. A new spear came up from the ground:
"You fight a stronger race," Amaterasu said with a grin:
"Shut up!" Vanessa shouted as she launched forward. She spun the spear around. The two blades hit each other and sent a shockwave out through the Null. You could see the world shattered a bit around them:

"What was that?" Astralonius said as he felt the power. He ran toward the door quickly.

"Seems like it has begun," Faust said as he stood on the balcony. He was holding the item in his hand. It was on the table before now he was holding it in his hand. The long thin metal with the thorny hilt. He sighed and stood up on the fence from the balcony.

"Fallen scythe!" Amaterasu shouted as she pulled the puppet strings. The scythe burned with black fire as Brent spun it around mindlessly. He hit the obsidian spear with the scythe. The spear cracked a bit by the force of the scythe:
"Now. Fairy emperor!" Amaterasu shouted. Brent eyes flicked and then shivered before he spun around and roundhouse kicked Vanessa back. He flew forward and then spun around once before just slamming his scythe blade into Vanessa's stomach:
"Damn!" Vanessa shouted as she coughed up purple blood. Brent raised the scythe up and then just kicked her off it. She flew into the ground:
"How did that feel? Fairy goddess...Or should I call you Lilin?" Amaterasu asked.

"This is wrong. I'm scared Tiffle." Mayuri said:
"Me too. That thing. Have full control of Brent." Tiffle said. The two fairies looked at Brent. Brent seal was glowing on his chest. It was glowing black. His skin was a bit grayer right now. It was like a living puppet:
"Brent stop this! This is not what you wanted! Remember what you told Faust!" Tiffle shouted. Brent turned and looked at the two fairies:
"Kill them," Amaterasu said as she moved her fingers. Brent slowly walked toward them:
"B-Brent?" Mayuri said scared:
"Brent. Do you really let such a creature control you!" Tiffle shouted. He slowly walked toward them. He opened his mouth a bit as pure black mist left his mouth:
"Don't turn your back on the enemy!" Vanessa shouted as she impaled Brent chest with the spear:
"That was foolish," Amaterasu said as she moved her fingers. Brent grabbed the spear and pulled it all the way through his chest. A few of his organs landing on the ground. He turned around and looked at Vanessa:
"Dark Emperor. Scythe slash!" Amaterasu shouted. Brent moved his scythe forward and cut Vanessa so she flew back. Brent organs slowly just levitated back into his body and then his skin slowly reassembled around his chest:
"Now back to them," Amaterasu said and moved her fingers. Brent turned around and walked toward Tiffle and Mayuri:
"B-Brent!" Tiffle shouted:
"Kill them. Be a good little puppet." Amaterasu said as she walked at Brent's side. Mayuri slowly walked backward:
"Easy now Brent," Tiffle said taking a step forward. Brent just moved a hand forward and pushed Tiffle back. She flew five meters back and crashed to the ground. Brent didn't stop he just moved after Mayuri who was slowly walking backward:
"Br-Brent please," Mayuri said. She tripped over a rock and fell down. Brent was now right above her. He raised his scythe:
"No!!!" Mayuri screamed as he lowers the scythe quickly. Blood flew into the air. 

"I heard my daughter scream!" Astralonius shouted as he came running. He saw Tiara and Hayden condition. Tiara was lying on the ground beat and Hayden was still out cold:
"I can't let you pass," Ricki said as she was holding Miu by the throat. Miu was choking:
"Oh. So you are the power I have been feeling. Not as powerful as that shockwave but still powerful." Astralonius said as he moved his blade forward:
"Fine," Ricki said throwing Miu to the side. Ricki turned to Astraloinus:
"Let the two right-hand of god battle it out," Ricki said. Astralonius looked at the door:
"Mayuri..." He thought. He prepared himself to finish this quickly.

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