Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


2. First fairy fusion and Unknown killer.

"Damn...Damn...Damn!" Brent thought as he ran down the hill. Bullets of water chasing just behind him:
"Wake up Fairy!" Brent shouted but Tiffle was still asleep in his arms:
"Stop running away!" Xander shouted as he jumped up into a tree and took aim with the gun:
"Execute water missile!" Xander shouted:
"executing water missile!" Olivia shouted. The gun glowed up and unleashed a bullet of water. Brent quickly moved behind a tree to dodge the bullet:
"Damn," Brent said as he took a few seconds to get his breath:
"W-what?" Tiffle said as she slowly opened her eyes:
"Morning sunshine. We are getting hunted!" Brent shouted letting go of the fairy. The fairy dropped to the ground.
"Hey! Don't just throw me." She said:
"I don't care right now. I need weapons now!" Brent shouted:
"Fine. I have to explain a fairy fusion." Tiffle said:
"I know what is it," Brent said holding out his hand:
"Execute Fairy fusion! Tiffle!" Brent shouted:
"Executing Fairy fusion! Brent!" She shouted back and grabbed his hand. She began to glow and slowly turn into a weapon. She turned into a feather with a string:
"A feather...and string," Brent said low:
"Seriously you still don't believe I'm a fairy!" She shouted:
"No of course not!" Brent shouted:
"As long as you don't trust me. I can't turn into anything strong!" She shouted:
"Shut up!" Brent shouted:
"Excuse me! Can we get some attention!" Xander said as he looked at them. He shot the gun and water shot forward from the gun impaling Brent's arm:
"Fuck!" Brent shouted as he fell. Tiffle turned into her human form again:
"What is wrong with you!" She shouted:
"Can you give me a moment. I'm in pain." Brent said holding his arm:
"Oh yeah sorry," Tiffle said politely as she sat down. Xander just looked at them confused:
"This is seriously killing all the fun," Xander said:
"Just a moment," Brent said holding up his arm:
"But-" Xander said.
"He said a moment. Have some manners!" Tiffle shouted. Xander blinked a few times unable to handle the situation:
"Wait! Don't you go tell me to give you a moment! We are in battle!" Tiffle shouted and slammed her fist into Brent's stomach. Brent spews out a cough and then looked at her:
"Do you have any sense of pity. I didn't only save you. I took a bullet through my shoulder!" Brent shouted:
"I'm a bit unsure of what to do," Xander said:
"Me too. I don't even think we have to kill them. I think they already doing a great job on their own." Olivia said before she turned into a human again:
"I have pity. Just not for a lazy person as you. You don't even trust me. How should we be able to fight if you don't trust me!" Tiffle shouted:
"I don't know. Can't I just leave you here and you can use your magic?" Brent asked:
"You wanna leave me now!" Tiffle shouted:
"Oh. I really want to leave ya." Brent said:
"You idiot!" She shouted and tried to hit Brent. Brent rolled to the side:
"Okay enough! Come, fight me small fry!" Brent shouted:
"Take this!" Tiffle shouted as she jumped forward. She was about to hit Brent. Brent just slammed his fist down into her head and she fell face first down into the ground. She slowly wrapped her arms around her head:
"Ow...Ow...Ow..." Tiffle said crying a bit:
"Why do you have to be so mean?" She asked looking up:
"You asked for it!" Brent shouted. Xander and Olivia stood at their side unable to understand the situation:
"Excuse me..." Xander said:
"Shut up!" The two shouted and then went back to argue:
"I say we just kill them," Olivia said:
"That might be easier," Xander said holding out his hand:
"Fine I'm just gonna leave then," Brent said standing up and walking away. Tiffle chased him:
"Hey wait!" Xander shouted:
"And they are gone," Olivia said. The sound of wheels on the ground suddenly rattle through the air. Not the kind of wheels on a car but more wheels on a chair. The creaking not oiled wheely sound as the wheel was dragged over the stone ground:
"Oh, how unexpected. It's you two." A voice said:
"That voice!" Xander said turning around.

Suddenly you could hear the scream of Xander but Brent was to busy running away from the chasing Tiffle:
"What was that!" Brent shouted as he stopped up. Tiffle ran into his back:
"Was that not the voice of the man before?" Tiffle asked.

"No! Stay away!" You could hear Xander shout:
"Oh come on!? Don't go screaming!" The voice said:
"Execute water bullet!" Xander shouted:
"Executing-" Olivia said:
"To slow!!!" You could hear the voice scream crazily. You could hear the sound of a cane hitting the ground and then ground shatter:
"No!" Xander shouted.

"Down!" Tiffle shouted as she pushed Brent. The two feel to the ground. Just above them flew something. It hit the hillside:
"What was that!" Brent shouted as he looked up. It was Xander dead body. A crazy laugh echoed over the forest:
"How lovely! BAHAHAHAHA! Did you hear his bones crack! So lovely!" The voice said. Brent kept down low and hidden as he looked up on the hill. There was a man standing on top of it. You could only see a red eye:
"Miu. My painkillers." The voice said:
"Sure thing!" A girl's voice shouted. A small figure came running and stabbed a drop needle into the figure arm. The figure turned around and walked away. The girl pulling the pole with the drop at his side. The wheels on the pole clearly sounding:
"What...The hell." Brent said low as he looked at Xander body. Xander slowly began to glow and then slowly vanished:
"What happened?" Brent asked:
"Xander lost his fairy. That means he lost his life. All there cared for him will forget him. Only those who still have a Fairy can remember the dead." Tiffle said:
"I see," Brent said sitting on the ground:
"What was that?" Brent asked:
"I would guess another Fairy pair and guess a strong one at that. Let's go look." Tiffle said. Brent nodded. They climbed the hill and saw a crater with a diameter of 20 meters and some of the trees around it had broke in the middle and got shred:
"What a power," Brent said:
"Yeah," Tiffle said:
"Okay...You told me I'm a part of this now?" Brent asked:
"Yup. Sadly you are." Tiffle said:
"Fine. Come with me. Then explain to me what all this is." Brent said. Tiffle nodded.

"Did you have to go all out?" A girl's voice asked:
"Yeah...The scum got blood on my shoe." The creepy voice said:
"I know. I will clean it later for ya." The girl's voice said:
"Thanks, Miu." The creepy voice said. The sound of a cane hitting the ground echoed and the sound of the wheels against the stone path was loud. The man walked with a crutch around his right arm and had a drop connected to his left arm. The drop kept painkiller in him:
"Wanna go back to the hospital?" The boy asked:
"Yep. You're making food tonight." The little girl answered. The boy stomped the ground shattering it:
"Okay...I will...I will." The girl said. The two just kept walking not looking back. 

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