Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


32. Fairy kings wrath!

"Go get him, Brent!" Miu shouted. Brent ignored Miu and slowly walked forward:
"Do you really think an axe can hurt a king?" Brent asked as he stomped the ground. The ground shattered by the wind:
"What did you mean before? You said Tiffle wasn't pure?" Miu asked:
"Oh...She has a blood from another race. It isn't human or fairy but Tiffle has another blood inside her which let her power grow by emotions. This trait is passed on to Brent and I can see Brent have one pure emotion right now." Mayuri explained:
"Anger." Miu continued:
"Come Gemini!" Siera shouted as she launched forward with the golden axe:
"Answer my call Storm's feather!" Brent shouted. The wind spun around his fist faster now. He slammed his fist into the axe. Massive shockwaves shot violent around them:
"How can you even withstand the pure power of the golden axe of Rastotin!" Siera shouted:
"Because I'm the king of fairies," Brent said. His voice was cold:
"What is with that?" Miu asked:
"Seems like the power has taken over. Brent got so angry the other side of Tiffle took control of him. There no fairy pair there. There a human possessed by an unknown being!" Mayuri shouted:
"Wait...King of fairies. You don't think he might refer to-" Miu said:
"Don't say their name. We aren't allowed to even udder that word." Mayuri answered:
"Now fall back, worthless human!" Brent shouted as he moved his hand forward and shot Siera back:
"I don't understand this...Why didn't that power trigger when Brent fought me and Hayden?" Miu asked:
"Because of the blood..." Hayden said as he had his eyes open:
"Hayden?!" Miu cried out and looked at him:
"I'm already healing...Seems like I ignore pain for a long enough time for my wounds to heal. Now we just need to find out how to stop that." Hayden said sitting up and pointing at Brent:
"What did you mean with blood?" Mayuri asked:
"First Natacha is bleeding from her head. I was bleeding from my shoulder and it all triggered the moment he saw Mayuri get shot." Hayden said as he slowly stood up. Miu handed him his crutch:
"You can't tell me what that being taken over Brent is?" Natacha asked as she sat up. Her mouth opened and she puked out the rainbow liquid. The liquid took form as Clonic:
"Not even Lilins can udder that word...There a curse on us. If we say this word...We will die." Clonic said:
"It was the creatures who descended upon our people and gave us magic...Then enslaved us for many years until our deities stood up for us and broke us free from those unholy creatures." Miu said:
"Happy to see you up," Hayden said:
"Thanks...It was a close one but Clonic kept my blood from going overboard by pressing itself on my wound." Natacha said. The two of them looked now at Brent:
"Come back now," Brent said pointing his hand at himself. A powerful wind pushed Siera toward him:
"midnight!" Siera shouted as the golden axe turned into a long thin and dark musket. She vanished from sight:
"Ha. What are you gonna do now? I'm invisible." Siera voice came all around them:
"Fairy kings. Cleaver!" Brent shouted and moved his hand forward. A sharp wing cut all around him and shot away from him like an explosion:
"Down!" Hayden shouted as all fell down. The wind cut most of the trees around them and hit Siera. She was cut over her back. She fell to the ground:
"Stand." Brent said as the wind forced Siera on her feet again. Brent was suddenly in front of her:
"Fairy kings typhoon." Brent said low. He slammed his fist into her face. The wind shot away from his arm. She was sent flying into a tree. She cracked the tree:
"D-Damn." Siera said under her breath:
"You're still breathing?" Brent asked as she suddenly was in front of her:
"Time to finish this." Brent said as he forced her up the next tree. He grabbed her arms slammed them into the tree. Her arms and feet now stuck in the trunk of the tree. Siera kept pulling herself from the tree trying to get free. Brent turned around and looked at his friends:
"Humans." Brent said coldly:
"I don't know why but I don't seem to have a massive disgust at your presence. So I will grant you the show of power. Don't interfere." Brent said as he cut the ground with a finger. A massive wall of wind separated Brent and his friends:
"He's gonna kill her." Hayden said:
"The moment he does it there no going back...His a killer." Clonic said. Brent slowly collected his hands. A massive amount of wind surrounded them. He slowly parted them from each other as a green pure ball of magic levitated between his hands:
"Help me Gemini!" Siera shouted. The long thin Gemini appeared:
"I will not let you hurt lady Siera!" Gemini shouted as he used himself as a shield:
"Be my guest fairy. You will not stand after this." Brent said as he slowly let his hand move around the ball. The ball began to spin around faster and faster:
"Fairy kings!-" Brent shouted as he grabbed the ball suddenly and tossed it forward:
"Wrath!!" Brent shouted as a massive pure beam of green light erupted from his hand. The beam shot through the forest  regrowing the nature as it moves forward:
"The purest form of wind magic. The mother of wind magic. Nature magic." Miu said. The beam hit Siera and Gemini. The two screamed as the light hit them. The light suddenly all collected together over the two and then exploded into a giant wind and bubble of green light. There was a beautiful ring of flowers around the tree now and two corpses with flowers growing out of them. Siera's eyes were lifeless and Gemini was lying face down:
"Weaklings." Brent said as he turned around and looked at his friends:
"I will go filth...Don't follow me." Brent said:
"Don't you dare!" Natacha shouted and latch on to his back. Brent's eyes widen. His arm moved quickly and he was about to hit Natacha when it stopped. Brent's green eyes began to slowly dim down. His left eye turned brown before he just blacked out. A massive amount of wind shot out of his back followed by a beam of light. Tiffle came out of the light and landed at Brent's side:
"Nice job girl." Hayden said. Hayden softly hit Brent with his crutch:
"Dumbass." Hayden said mad:
"I understand your anger. But now is not the time for this." Mayuri said her voice clear and serious:
"What happened to the stump by the way?" Hayden asked as he looked at Mayuri:
"I'm no stump. We will get this man to Volten and then I will explain everything." Mayuri said:
"What happened to her?" Clonic asked surprised:
"She is Mayuri daughter of Astralonius." Miu said:
"That Astralonius?!" Clonic shouted. That was the last they said before the forest was restored and the fight was over so many questions unanswered and so many questions kept popping up.

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