Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


31. Fairy king and Astralonius.

"What happened?" Brent asked as he stood at Miu side. They were on the campsite. The whole campsite was destroyed. Hayden and Natacha were lying on the ground broken. Brent looked at them. His eyes ignite and he looked up and saw the sun above him:
"Someone attacked them," Miu said scared:
"Miu do me a favor and take Mayuri back to my home," Brent said:
"What are you gonna do?" Miu asked:
"I'm gonna destroy them," Brent said as the wind began to twist around him:
"Okay. Come Mayuri." Miu said. Mayuri nodded and ran over to the border of the forest. They hit a wall:
"We can't get out," Miu said:
"What?" Brent asked:
"We can't run...Seems like we trapped inside the forest." Mayuri said low. Brent looked around:
"Miu, take care of Hayden and Natacha," Brent said. Miu nodded and ran to Hayden side. He was violently bleeding from his shoulder. Natacha was bleeding a bit from her head:
"Show yourself!" Brent shouted as he grabbed Tiffle's hand. Tiffle began to glow and turn into the kusarigama:
"Fine," Siera said as she walked forward. Her axe glowing powerfully. It was like the sun itself:
"No more...Why can't I have one happy moment." Brent said as he looked at her. Siera ready her axe:
"As long as you are on my hunting grounds you can't escape. It's quite simple. You can't leave this forest without one of us dying." Siera said with a grin. Brent nodded:
"Fairy form!" Brent said as he turned into his fighting form. He spun the scythe around quickly. The blade cutting the ground. Sparks flying. Brent quickly ran forward toward her:
"You really think your scythe can withstand the power of my axe. The pure force of the sun is here!" Siera shouted as she slammed the axe into the ground. The ground shattered and clifts shot up from the ground at Brent:
"I don't care..." Brent said as he spun the scythe around:
"Forest breaker!" Brent shouted and broke the rocks:
"I don't care. Who you are and what you doing. What your goals are. What you want to do. I don't even care how strong your weapon is. I will shatter this power. Because I'm tired. I'm tired that my friends keep getting hurt because of me!" Brent shouted as he moved forward:
"Ready yourself Gemini!" Siera shouted:
"I got this puny creature!" Gemini answered:
"You really think so! Ready Tiffle?!" Brent shouted:
"Ready!" Tiffle shouted. She was angry too. Brent's eyes sparked powerfully:
"Fairy storm!" Brent shouted as his scythe got wrapped in a powerful wind. The scythe hit the axe and the axe was shot out of Siera hand. The scythe also left Brent's hand:
"Organ Typhoon!" Brent shouted as he moved forward and slammed his fist into Siera stomach. She bleeds out her mouth and was sent spinning into a tree. She crashed into the tree. Both of them moved their hands toward their weapon:
"Storm's feather!"
"Dual Rastotin!" Both of them called for their weapons. The weapons came flying into their hands:
"9 pm!" Siera shouted. The axe slowly morphed into the musket with an axe blade again. She began to be blurry and vanished from sight:
"Tactical retread," Siera said as you could hear her run. Brent spun his scythe around:
"Can you feel her?" Brent asked:
"Miu watch out!" Tiffle shouted as she turned human. Miu suddenly had a gun to her head:
"It's the sylph." Gemini smooth voice said:
"I see," Siera said as she looked at Mayuri:
"I would suggest you don't move an inch, sir...Or I might pull the trigger." Gemini said. Brent stood still:
"You know...I would never run away from such a weak pair like you!" Siera shouted with pride. Miu was shaking. Mayuri was scared. She was shaking as she slowly took a step back:
"It's gonna be okay," Brent said calmly. Mayuri looked at him. He was smiling:
"I'm right here Mayuri," Brent said. Mayuri looked down at herself:
"Wrong answer," Siera said as she pulled the trigger. Brent's eyes widen as he saw blood. But it wasn't Miu it was Mayuri. The two had switch place in an instance. Brent could see Miu had a soul connected to her back:
"Mayuri!" Miu shouted. The girl collapsed bleeding from her shoulder. She was a bit taller then Miu so the shot there should have hit her head now hit Mayuri's shoulder. She fell down:
"We hunt her for three hours the other day but suddenly she just steps into our bullet...Kinda annoying." Siera said:
"At least it cut us the chase of keep hunting her," Gemini answered:
"Now let us finish it," Siera said moving her gun into the air:
"12 pm!" Siera shouted as the musket turned into the axe again:
"And I'm gonna make sure she stays dead," Siera said as she swung the axe forward:
"Watch out!" Gemini shouted. Siera looked to the side before she was blasted by a powerful blast of wind:
"What is this energy?!" Siera shouted as she looked at Brent. Brent was standing still but the rocks around him on the floor was slowly levitating up. Brent looked at Siera. His brown eyes shined and slowly turned green. Both of them this time:
"Tiffle," Brent said holding out his hand. Tiffle turned into the scythe:
"Quickly Gemini!" Siera shouted. Gemini turned into his human form. He was now full of strength again and gigantic. He protected Siera with his body:
"Won't work," Brent said taking one step forward. The ground around his foot unleashed powerful winds:
"How did he grow this strong...Somehow his emotions empower his body." Miu said:
"It's...Her," Mayuri said looking at the scythe:
"Oh. I better get you a safe distance." Miu said as her eyes glowed up and the gravity carried Mayuri to safety:
"Fairy-" Brent said as he broke the scythe in two:
"King!" Brent shouted as the scythe metal wrapped around his arms. The hands began to glow green and wind twisted around them. His wings grew larger:
"What is that...How do you power keep growing! You should not grow in power! You only grow by killing!" Siera shouted:
"Fairy kings! Wind!" Brent shouted and hit the air. A massive wind shot forward and hit Gemini. Gemini was shot into Siera and both of them crashed through three trees before hitting the ground:
"I finally understand...She...She is not pure." Mayuri said as she looked at the wind around Brent's arm:
"What do you mean?" Miu asked:
"Tiffle isn't pure fairy blood. She is a hybrid..." Mayuri said sitting up:
"How would you know. Who are you!" Miu shouted:
"I'm Mayuri. Astralonius daughter." Mayuri said:
"The one and only Astralonius?!" Miu shouted:
"Yes. My father is the gatekeeper of the null-door and the next in line to become the god. Astralonius." Mayuri said.

A man was standing in front of a giant gate. He was standing on clouds and around him was countless of Lilin bodies:
"Charge!" A Lilin shouted as he flew into the air and breathed fire at the gate:
"If we keep charging we can break through him and open the gate to our deity." Another Lilin shouted as he breathed ice:
"Countless of years I been standing watch and countless of years I have succeeded. What brings you to think you can win against me?" The man in front of the gate said. The man was clouded in smoke because of the war:
"Astral codex!" The man shouted. A book appeared in between his parted hands. The codex glowed up and purple arms shot out of it. The hands kill the Lilins:
"I Astralonius won't budge until our god is free!" The man in front of the gate shouted his violet eyes glowing powerfully:
"I will get my hands on the Lilin for taking my daughter!" Astralnoius shouted as purple pillars of pure energy shot up from the ground all around him.

"Astralonius is a legend. He was given the astral codex by god and have killed countless Lilins growing to a power to rival the deities them self. We all know the story of the man who lost his daughter. But if you are the lost daughter how is it you not in the care of the Lilin or in prison?" Miu asked:
"The Lilin corrupted me too and sent me down after many years. To grow as strong as my father. But I bounded with Johnny. I was once evil. The pure evil. The opposite of my father. But Johnny saved me from that fate. He was such a caring man he taught me to care for others and one day he made me happy. The corruption broke at that and I remembered everything. How I was forced away from my father. I swore to seek out a gate to Tir Na Nog to find my father. But then Johnny grew ill. So I turned into a Sylph and cared for him until he eventually passed away." Mayuri said. Her tone and demeanor had changed. She talked loud and was serious:
"What is the weak girl act then?" Miu asked:
"It's my true self. But when I saw Brent smile. I knew I couldn't let my fear get me anymore. I will stand tall." Mayuri said:
"I'm Mayuri daughter of Astralonius!" Mayuri shouted proudly:
"I know it's a wrong time to ask. But you have to tell me what happened in the time span you were corrupted." Miu said:
"I will tell you all later. Right now we have a foe." Mayuri said. Brent looked as Siera came out of the broken trees:
"3 Pm. Strongest sun!" Siera shouted. Gemini at her side grew taller and taller and more powerful. She took his arm and he turned into a massive golden axe. 

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