Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


61. Execute the plan!

"Charge!" Astralonius shouted. He ran forward and impaled a Lilin to a tree. He was not using Belle Epine. He was using a normal sword. He spun around and slashed another one. The war was raging and the gate was nearly fully open:
"In five minutes the kids are gonna fly over us. Hopefully, I can draw the attention of them until the kids have gone by." Astraloinus thought as he took a few steps back:
"Astral codex!" He shouted as the book appeared in his hand and levitated around him. He moved his hand forward:
"Milky way!" He shouted as a beam of aurora light erupted from his palm. It covers a lot of the Lilins:
"Got you." He said as he moved forward and continue to fight. The Lilins were cover in the glowing aura. They were moving slower now and swung their blade weaker:
"This should give them the time they need." Astraloinus thought as he moved forward.

"It's time for our departure," Mayuri said:
"Give me a moment," Brent said as he turned to Faust:
"What is it?" Faust asked:
"I don't see this as the right way to solve this," Brent said. Faust looked at him in surprise. There was a moment of silence where the two just looked at each other. The tension grew quickly:
"I don't think the null is that evil," Brent said:
"I see," Faust said:
"Astralonius was right. He avoids talking about it." Brent thought before he cleared his throat:
"Faust...I see a better outcome...Wanna hear me out?" Brent asked. Faust raised an eyebrow and then sighed:
"God needs to hear the prayer of his sons and daughters. Tell me." Faust said as he smiled:
"Doesn't seem like Faust is a mean person. Maybe he's just scared of something." Brent thought and then nodded:
"This is my plan-" Brent said and then explained everything to Faust:

"It won't work..." Faust said with a sigh:
"I will try. If it doesn't work.Then I do your plan." Brent said:
"Do as you wish. I believe in you, Brent." Faust said with a warm smile.

Brent leaped out from the balcony as he flew through the air:
"Do you really think the plan will work?" Hayden asked:
"I hope so," Brent said.

"Can he really succeed," Faust said as he walked over and looked at an item lying on the table in front of him. The item was shinning lightly. He let his finger run over the metal. It was a long and thin object:
"Can he do it?" Faust asked.

"Okay spread out a bit. If we fly in a giant flock we are easier spotted. Stay with you fiary and report at the gate." Brent said as he flew a bit more east with Tiffle and  Mayuri. Hayden flew a bit more west with Miu and Tiara just kept going directly there with Core.

"There they come." Astraloinus thought as he could see Mayuri in the distance. He cut down another Lilin and smiled:
"If all goes as planned. Then we are soon victorious." Astraloinus thought.

"They are on their way here." The Goddess said to someone:
"I know. Shall I take care of them?" A girl's voice answered:
"Let the one named Brent come inside here. The other two shall stay outside. I trust you, Ricki." The Goddess said. 

Brent and the others landed safely in front of the gate:
"Okay. That went Smoothly. Let's get inside and-" Brent said:
"Ladies and Gentlemen! We are here today to see the awesome musician Ricki in action!" A girl's voice shouted. The seven looked around confused:
"Here I come! The girl then shouted:
"There!" Hayden shouted as he moved forward. A pressure shot forward to protect them from a bullet of lightning:
"Lightning?" Brent asked. They directed their attention to the top of the gate door. There stood a girl on the top of the door. She had a violin in her hand.

It was a human girl. She had red hair and a small top hat on. She walked around in what looked like a black vest and white shirt. She had black jeans on and black patent-leather shoes. Looks like refine menswear but it was clearly a girl walking around in it. She had blue eyes with white inside of the blue. The blue was moving around like electricity in her eyes:
"I'm Ricki the violinist. The second in command of the Lilin's army." The girl said as she jumped down and landed in front of them:
"She is stronger then Damion..." Brent thought as he could feel this cunning dark aura erupt from this cheerful girl:
"I'm told the one named Brent with his fairies are allowed to pass. But the two others aren't." Ricki said as she placed her violin against her neck and softly held the bow up to it:
"Just go," Hayden said:
"What?" Brent asked:
"We can take her," Tiara said slamming both her hands together. Brent sighed but then nodded:
"Don't forget your plan!" Hayden shouted. Brent nodded and ran inside.

"And now we are just three," Hayden said as his eyes glowed red:
"I'm Ricki the violinist as said and this is my Lilin named Abomination," Ricki said with a grin:
"Abomination?" Tiara asked:
"It's a mash-up of different Lilins created by my goddess. It's just a big abomination of power." Ricki said pulling the violin bow over the strings. 

It gave a smooth sound and electricity shot out from the scroll on the violin. The violin was of wood and had light blue glowing electric strings. The bow was made of iron and the bow's hair was made of a glowing blue metal. There were Tesla coils on the scroll. Lightning going between them. 

"Let's get to it then!" Ricki said with an evil grin as she began playing on the violin. Hayden and Tiara stood ready.

Brent, Tiffle, and Mayuri had finally gotten into the Null. The Null was dark and cold. They walked on darkness. It was like they walked on thin air. Brent was walking forward carefully as he was scared to suddenly fall.

He looked around. He suddenly found himself in the middle of a forest. The trees were dark gray and the leaves were purple. Suddenly they walked on grass. It was dark green and cold. There were a few boulders made of obsidian laying around:
"So this is the Null...It's more like a creepy haunted house then a dimension huh?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. I get all my memories back now." Mayuri said as she walked:
"I don't like this," Tiffle said a bit scared. The three kept walking and suddenly was on the other side of the forest. In front of them were a field. The field had long grass and the grass was still the darkest of green. It was like the grass had its own life and were trying to latch out after each other. Brent swallowed as he looked at the figure. There stood a single woman on the field. She looked at Brent. The figure had Dark violet long hair set into a ponytail. Her right eye is violet and her left eye is closer to a dark purple. She has small lips and a small nose. She had sharp long ears like her brother. She was smaller then Brent. She had a purple top on without sleeves and fingerless gloves on. She had a spear on her back. She had a purple skirt on with black pants under. She had boots on:
"So you are finally here?" The woman asked. She had a teenage girl's voice. The voice around a fifteen-year-old:
"So this is her?" Brent asked in disbelief:
"Yes. That is the monster who killed so many of us. This is the Lilin." Mayuri said seriously:
"Are you serious! She looks like a fifteen-year-old!" Brent shouted:
"She truly is a demon," Tiffle said:
"Are you serious! This is a total anti-climax. How can I face an opponent like that?!" Brent shouted:
"You should watch your tongue, Brent." The Lilin said as she walked forward:
"I'm Vanessa or better known as The Lilin or the Goddess. Whatever you wanna call me." The Lilin said moving a hand forward:
"Well. I'm actually here to talk." Brent said. Vanessa lowered her hand and looked at him:
"What?" Vanessa asked:
"I want to show you something," Brent said holding his hands forward:
"Come to me Storm's feather!" Brent shouted. Tiffle and Mayuri combine into the Kusarigama again:
"What is this?" Vanessa asked unamused:
"This is a Fairy and Lilin both of them combined. I don't see a reason for this war. I want us to resolve this peacefully. Take those Lilins who follow you Vanessa and stay here in the Null. Make a kingdom so Fairies and Lilins can live with each other. We don't need this war. If you Lilins wants to go to war with the unholy race then do that. I don't want the fairies to be involved. So why not stop this madness now?" Brent asked:
"Is that what you wanted to say?" She asked:
"Yes," Brent said:
"Then lets us get to the fun," Vanessa said moving a hand forward:
"Obsidian dust!" She shouted as dust of obsidian came up from the ground forming a dark hand looking like smoke. Brent sighed and began to spin the kusarigama around:
"Fine. Faust warned me about this." Brent said. 

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