Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


57. Elfthrone and Faust.

Two guards stood at the gate to Elfthrone. There was a magical circle around the city which allowed only authorized people to fly inside the city. The guards looked up and saw the seven dots:
"Is that Lilins?" The guard asked:
"I can feel one Lilin energy between them but three of them is fairies and three of them are unknown." The other guard said as he put up a spyglass to his eye. He saw the seven flying through the air:
"Is that?-" The guard asked as he looked through the spyglass:
"What is it?" The other guard asked:
"It's...Humans..." The guard said. The other guard lower his weapon and looked at the dots.

"We are soon there. We have to land outside the city. We can't fly in the city zone since we not authorized." Mayuri said as she flew at a lower altitude. The six followed her:
"Come. Let's land!" Tiffle said as she began to dive. The six other followed.  

The seven landed a few meters away from the gate and the guards looked at them:
"Is that-?" The guard said:
"Miss Mayuri?" The other one asked:
"Yes. It's me. I arrived with three brave humans who partner with these three brave saplings. We come to end this war." Mayuri said. She sounded polite and refind:
"I see...Do you think they can remove the obsidian prison?" The guard asked:
"Yeah. If all three work together they can do everything." Mayuri said:
"I see. Escort them to the throne room!" The guard shouted. The other one nodded and followed them through the streets. 

people stared at them as they walked:
"This is really weird," Tiffle said:
"Amazing." Core said:
"So this is our home?" Miu asked as she walked.

They began to hear whispers:
"What are humans doing here?"
"Why are there fairy with them?"
"Is that a Lilin. Why is the Lilin there?"
"Is that some of the saplings from earth?"

"We really become the talk of the town," Brent said:
"This is amazing," Hayden said as he looked at one of the fairies. They took a step back scared:
"I feel like a superstar," Tiara said twirling around once and winking to one of the fairies. The fairy just blinked confused and then kept walking:
"Why didn't he react at all..." Tiara said sadly as Core was patting her back. 

The city was beautiful. The city was of marble and some of the building was levitating in the air on clouds. There were marble stairs up to those building. The street was cover in clouds and they were as white as they come. There was lamppost with diamonds as light bulbs. The light was blue. There were standing all kind of fairy around them. The shop was open and people were looking at them from inside the shops and in the distance was the castle. On top of the rock above the city. The rock had clouds under it holding it up. The castle was not that big now they were closer but it had a balcony that could look out over the city:
"The castle used to be bigger but our god right now, broke it down to help with the repairs of the city." The guard said as they stood in front of the rock:
"Okay? So how do we get up there?" Brent asked:
"We fly of course." The guard said as he flew into the air:
"But we can't fly in here," Mayuri said:
"True. I will get people to carry you then." The guard said.

That took a bit longer but all of them was not in front of the gate to the castle. Hayden swallowed as he looked at it:
"Are you really getting cold feet now?" Brent asked:
"It isn't that. We gonna save the god now. But we are literally gonna meet god." Hayden said:
"Now when you say it. That scares me a bit too." Tiara said:
"Don't worry," Mayuri said. The gates opened and they walked into the throne room. It had a long blue carpet in the middle. There were pillars on both side and bookshelves going along the walls all the way around. In the middle was a throne pointing out toward the balcony in the back. In the middle stood a statue. It was the obsidian statue of Faust. His coat was hanging on the throne. The coat he had thrown off before he sealed the Lilin:
"So that is him?" Brent asked. There was a spear through him. 
"Yes. That is god Faust. The second god in the fairy history." The guard said:
"So what do you want me to do?" Brent asked:
"We want you to take the spear and pull it out...All of you. This might cost a massive amount of energy. So I think all three of you have a bigger chance." The guard said. The three humans nodded and stood forward. The three grabbed it and began to pull in it:
"Begin to channel your energy into it," Tiffle said. Hayden's hand began to glow black. Brent's began to glow green and Tiara's hand began to glow white. The three began to roar as they pulled in it. The spear slowly got pulled out:
"Pour every inch of energy into that spear!" Brent shouted:
"On it!" The two shouted. Their whole body began to glow fully. The spear slowly came out and then was removed. The three fell backward and looked at the obsidian statue. The spear slowly evaporated.

One crack.

"Did it work?" Brent asked

Two cracks.

"I think it's cracking," Tiffle said

Five cracks.

"Wow!" Hayden shouted.

The skin cracked all over and lights erupted from the cracks. 

"Here he comes!" Miu shouted.

The statue broke and the light shined through the throne room:
"Wow!" The seven shouted as they nearly were blasted back by the sheer force of his magical energy. The energy erupted like a sun:
"That energy," Brent said. He couldn't even find words to describe the power erupting from this man. The light vanished and in the room stood Faust. He took a second to inhale the air. Then bend over and began to cough up blood violently. His eyes shivered and his body gave out cracks as he moved:
"My......Body!" Faust shouted. He then vomits blood again. He then took a second to inhale and then puked more blood out. He then took a few seconds to inhale and exhale.:
"My God." The guard said and kneeled before Faust:
"Stand up," Faust said as he blinked a few times and stood up:
"I will thank you three. You three truly are allies of the Fairies." Faust said with a warm smile, blood still leaking from his mouth:
"Don't worry...Umm...Mister God?" Hayden said unsure:
"Call me Faust," Faust said. He walked over and took on his coat:
"I'm Brent. This is Hayden and Tiara." Brent said:
"Nice meeting you...And you four are-" Faust said but stopped. He looked at Mayuri:
"Mayuri," Faust said as he knelt down and looked at her:
"Faust..." Mayuri said tears welled up in her eyes:
"I just want to say I'm truly sorry for-" Mayuri said but Faust stopped her:
"Don't child. It wasn't you." Faust said as he hugged her. Mayuri began to sob softly:
"You three are saplings. Sorry for everything. But I'm glad you survived." Faust said:
"It's fine," Tiffle said. Core and Miu smiled and Tiffle gave a warm smile:
"Time is of the essence," Faust said standing up:
"Wait, god...I have two questions." Brent said. The others looked at him confused:
"Yes?" Faust asked:
"One...Can you revive the dead?" Brent asked. All the other than realize what he wanted:
"I can't bring back what's already lost Brent," Faust said:
"I see... the Second question. Can you erase any details about me and my friends on earth? We want to stay here." Brent asked. Faust looked at all them. The six other nodded in agreement:
"Fine," Faust said as he held his hand forward. Light erupted in the room:
"There. All traces are now gone." Faust said. Brent nodded. Faust then turned around:
"Come with me," Faust said as he walked toward the balcony. War was on its way.

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