Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


52. Dyschronometria

"Oh, how amazing. The last one shows up to the party." Damion said. His voice had changed. It was crazier almost psychotic. 

Brent just looked at Tiara:
"I know what you are thinking...But this is not the time nor the place to talk." Tiara said. Brent slowly stood up. He spun the scythe around:
"Two questions," Brent said:
"Fire," Tiara said:
"One...Where have you been?" Brent asked:
"Summer lodge out of town. I have been training with Core all this time." Tiara said:
"Okay. Two...Why have you come?" Brent asked:
"Two reasons. I want to get to Tir Na Nog...Secondly I don't want that guy to get there." Tiara said pointing at Damion. Damion just smiled and let them speak:
"I see..." Brent said. He looked at her. She looked at him:
"That form. Seems like you mastered the fallen fairy?" Tiara asked:
"It's called the fairy prince and yes. Somewhat. I still have a hard time keeping the dark power in check." Brent said. He then looked around:
"So if you are here. Where is Core?" Brent asked:
"We evolved in power. He now becomes one with me when we fusion. So his here!" She said as she softly hit her chest with a hand. Brent just nodded.

"Times up!" Damion suddenly shouted. The grandfather clock moved its hands around quickly. An aura came from the clock. A yellow aura with roman numbers flying in the air. Brent ready himself:
"Let's go!" Damion shouted as he slammed his fist again the grandfather clock:
"Dyschronometria!" Damion shouted. The grandfather clock rang once more and reality began to tear itself apart. Buildings vanished. Suddenly the floor was the yellow aura and they stood in nothing. Only one thing stood above them. A giant dial of a clock was like a sun in the sky. All around them was black. The floor was yellow gas like aura with roman numbers in it and one big clock dial was in the sky. Damion glowed even more now. Brent slowly lowered his scythe:
"How many things do he still have up his sleeve," Brent said:
"Just watch yourself out there," Hayden said:
"What about me?" Tiara asked:
"I couldn't care less," Hayden said. Miu softly hit Hayden:
"She saved Brent!" Miu shouted:
"Okay...Try at least not to die too quickly out there." Hayden said. Tiara rolled her eyes and moved her hands up:
"This is gonna be hard. There really nothing in here I can reflect." Tiara said:
"Well. Then we better create something you can reflect." Brent said as he stood forward:
"Tiffle!" Brent shouted as he moved the scythe above his head and spun it around:
"On it!" Tiffle shouted:
"Oh, that," Mayuri said:
"Oh, something new? I haven't seen that." Hayden said:
"It's the new and improved-" Mayuri said:
"Tir Na Nog!" Brent shouted. A massive wind erupted from the scythe. A lot of wind erupted in the time lost area:
"You can reflect wind right?" Brent asked:
"Yeah," Tiara said:
"We improved Tir Na Nog. It used to make so Brent could fly but now it creates a zone of massive wind where he can fly in. It not only makes him fly but also boosts all his winds." Mayuri said:
"Impressive," Hayden said as he leaned back:
"Now," Tiara said as she moved a hand forward and placed her other hand up against the back of the stretch hand:
"Reject!" Tiara shouted. Both her hands gave off a pressure and then the wind in front of her shot forward like a bullet:
"Focus..." Tiara said under her breath:
"This won't work," Damion said as he tried to cut the wind in front of him:
"Now!" Tiara shouted as she parted her hands. The winds broke apart and collected behind Damion:
"Accept!" Tiara shouted as she pulled her hands toward herself. The wind hit Damion in the back. It gave a crack from Damion. Damion landed on the ground and stood up:
"Got ya!" Brent shouted as he was in the air:
"Dark winds!" Brent shouted and cut the air. A massive amount of dark green wind came from his scythe. Damion smiled:
"Tick!" Damion shouted as the winds stopped:
"Reality break." Damion then shouted as the winds suddenly were behind Tiara:
"Tock." Damion then said as Tiara was blasted by the winds. Brent spun himself forward as he slammed his scythe into Damion sword. Damion moved his hand forward:
"Sand of time," Damion said as a massive amount of sand shot out of his palm. Brent was blinded:
"Give up," Damion said as he spun around and cut Brent over the waist:
"Heimdall!" Hayden shouted as Brent was pushed away from Damion to a safe distance:
"Thanks," Brent said as he stood up. Blood leaking from his waist:
"Brent...It's hard to keep focus!" Mayuri shouted as she had a hard time keeping his soul in a focus:
"I understand. Just give me a second-" Brent said he turned to Tiara and frowned:
"Can you keep him busy for a moment?" Brent asked:
"Yeah." Tiara said as she ready herself. Brent nodded and walked back:
"Let me in!" Brent shouted. Hayden opened the bubble and Brent jumped in:

"Now it's just me and you." Tiara said. Damion smiled as he moved forward quickly. His blade colliding with her palm:
"Reflect!"  She shouted as the blade shot back:
"I don't know how long I can hold this. Hurry Brent." Tiara thought.

"Okay...Give me a moment," Brent said as he placed his hand on his chest again:
"Okay...Focus." Brent said under his breath as the dark energy in his soul began to go back into the seal again:
"Awh. My times is up it seems." Amaterasu said as she slowly vanished from sight. Brent slowly turned normal again. His hair color brown and the scythe became the blade to the kusarigama again. Mayuri let go of the soul:
"Tiffle. Create a chain too. We gonna give Mayuri a break." Brent said:
"Okay got it...Give me a second!" Tiffle said determined as a chain came out of the scythe blade and wrapped around Brent's arm:
"I'm going out again. Please rest." Brent said as he ruffled Mayuri hair before he jumped out. Mayuri looked worried:
"You look worried," Miu said as she took out a blanket from Hayden bag. She placed it around Mayuri:
"Yeah. Look at Brent. His cut on the back. The front and the waist." Mayuri said:
"He's gonna be fine," Miu said with a smile:
"Yeah. He's come this far. He's not gonna let anything stop him now." Hayden said.

Brent slowly walked forward as he began to spin the blade around quickly:
"I'm back," Brent said as he rolled his shoulder:
"Welcome...I think I held him good enough." Tiara said as she was out of breath. Her hands were shivering. Damion was looking at them:
"Now. I can't use Amaterasu more this fight. So I better find a way to end this quickly." Brent thought as he looked at Damion. Damion was just tapping the ground with his foot to the sound of the grandfather clock. 

Brent and Damion suddenly charged at each other. The battle soon to continue.

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