Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


43. Dark winds blowing.

Tiara screamed as she ran through the halls:
"Corrupted wind!" Brent shouted as he cut the air. A massive amount of dark green winds flew through the corridors of the school:
"Down!" Tiara shouted and threw herself to the ground. The winds cut the walls of the school. All the glass windows in the doors shattered. Tiara quickly got up and shook off the glass shards from her body. Brent came running. His black wing bashing once. The other fairy wing just stayed still:
"You are like a reaper," Tiara said as she turned around and began to ran again. Brent didn't say anything he just chased her:
"God damn it Brent wait up!" Hayden shouted as he came running behind Brent. Hayden was carrying Miu so she didn't hit the glass shards:
"Brent god damn it!" Hayden shouted but it was too late. Brent had already run around the corner. The winds were blowing furiously. You couldn't hear anything inside the school:
"Reflect!" Tiara shouted and smacked one of the lockers in the hall. The locker was sent flying toward Brent. Brent quickly cuts it in half. He moved his black wing up to protect him from any metal shards from the locker. Tiara quickly ran into a classroom:
"Why did I corner myself." She said as she looked over her shoulder. She could see the dark green winds become more violent outside the door. A good sign that Brent was getting closer. She looked around:
"Damn it. Where can I go?" Tiara asked. Suddenly a scythe blade cut through the wall of the room:
"Hurricane," Brent said as he pulled in his chain. The blade cut the whole wall down and then after that shot a sharp wind forward. Tiara quickly moved a hand up:
"Re-Reflect!" Tiara shouted. The wind was reflected away from her. But her palm still got a cut. The windows inside the classroom broke at the violent wind suddenly entering the room. Brent stood in the hall his red eye glowing powerfully. You could only see the silhouette of Brent and the red-eye. Tiara quickly jumped out the window. She fell down toward the ground:
"I have one shot," Tiara said. The moment she felt her leg touch the ground:
"Reflect!" Tiara shouted and shoot herself toward the roof of the school. Brent jumped out the window and bashed his wings flying up after her:

"Damn it," Hayden said as he just caught up. He ran to the window. His eye widens as the gravity caught him and he was lifted after them:
"Something is wrong," Miu said:
"Yeah. He said it could have a risk. Do you think some of the unholy race got into that mix of magic?" Hayden asked:
"I think so. That isn't Brent anymore. That is a demon." Miu said.

Tiara had walked a few steps forward. Seems like she wasn't fast enough. Her ankle had twisted at the impact. Brent landed on the edge as he looked at Tiara:
"There you are," Brent said. A violent dark green wind came behind him. The whole rooftop got swallowed in it. Tiara's hair was flying everywhere. Hayden landed just behind Brent:
"Brent!" Hayden shouted:
"What?" Brent asked:
"You sapping the power of your fairies. You have to calm down!" Hayden shouted:
"I don't care right now. I want revenge!" Brent shouted:
"If you want revenge...Then you should do it yourself at the cost of yourself. You should not take this out on Mayuri and Tiffle." Hayden said. Brent could hear them suddenly. The screams of Mayuri and Tiffle. Something had prevented him from hearing it but he could hear it loud and clear now:

"Don't listen to him." A smooth girl voice said. Brent's eyes widen as he suddenly found himself in a pitch dark room. He was levitating on the spot. He looked around confused:
"I'm here." A familiar voice said. It was Natacha. She stood there in the dark:
"N-Natacha?" Brent asked confused:
"Yes, it's me. Do you not want to get your revenge." Natacha said holding out her hand:
"I want to! But not at the cost of my fairies." Brent said. Suddenly some of the room lights up to show Mayuri and Tiffle in chains. Hanging there. The chains were draining their magic:
"Just give in my fairy king," Natacha said as she suddenly was in front of Brent:
"You're not Natacha," Brent said:
"So you guessed it. I'm the unholy piece inside of Tiffle. The piece there now is inside of you." Natacha said:
"Taking your form as my girlfriend is a cheap trick..." Brent said annoyed:
"Oh come on Brent. I was just having a bit of fun." Natacha said:
"What is your real name...Who are you?" Brent asked:
"I'm Amaterasu." Natacha body said. The voice changed to a more cunning evil girl voice now:
"Amaterasu...I see." Brent said:
"Now come, Brent. Look at this." Amaterasu said as she suddenly stood behind him. She showed him the same sight he wishes he could forget. The moment Natacha died:
"No!" Brent shouted as he looked away but the image followed his eyes. He couldn't escape it:
"You want revenge. So give in. Let me drain those fairies and then we can kill her." Amaterasu said:
"No!" Brent shouted as he fell to his knees:
"Let the dark winds blow," Amaterasu said:
"Look at all those memories." Amaterasu said as she showed Brent all the memories of him and Natacha together. Brent's eyes began to shiver. His veins began to pump. Amaterasu finished the images with the death of Natacha again and Tiara smiling face:
"Ah!" Brent shouted as both his eyes turned red.

"He once said this to me," Hayden said he walked forward. Brent was about to leap forward but then Hayden's eyes glowed up. Brent was slammed into the ground:
"Fenrir!" Hayden shouted and then he grabbed Brent's shoulder and then hit him:
"Is this really what you want!" Hayden shouted:
"Wha-what?" Brent asked as he got a bit of his sense back:
"You wanted to help Tiffle free the god. You wanted to help Mayuri see her dad. You wanted to help me back on track. So I ask you again Brent. Is this really what you fucking want!" Hayden shouted. Brent breathing became a bit stable:
"If you sap those girls for more magic they die. You saw how Tiara treated her companion. Are you really gonna be like that?!" Hayden shouted.

Brent sat in the dark with the fake Natacha at his side. He could hear Hayden loud and clear. Brent slowly stood up. He walked toward the two fairies in chains:
"Don't do it!" Amaterasu shouted as dark arms grabbed Brent's arms:
"You want power. I can give you power!" Amaterasu shouted:
"There actually came one good thing out of this," Brent said with a grin:
"What?" Amaterasu asked:
"You are now sealed inside me. Not Tiffle. I know I can handle a wannabe demon like you." Brent said grabbing the chain as the dark hands broke holding his arms. He pulled in the chains and broke them apart.

"Thanks," Brent said standing up. He rolled his shoulder and looked at Hayden. His hair was back to brown and his eyes normal too. He turned Tiffle and Mayuri back to humans. The two girls were exhausted. Tiara was sitting on the ground in terror but then she stood up as she saw Brent return to normal:
"Ha! You actually had me fooled there. I knew you could never hold that form forever." Tiara said:
"I could. I just chose not to. You know why?" Brent asked. Tiara looked at him:
"Because these two aren't slaves of servants...They are my friends...my partners. I would never hurt them." Brent said as he turned around. Tiara's eyes widen:
"They can relax now. I think I will do this the old fashion way." Brent said holding up his fists:
"You sure you don't want my help?" Hayden asked:
"My revenge dude," Brent said:
"Sure," Hayden said. The fight was about to continue.

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