Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


53. Countdown to the Apocalypse!

The sound was echoing. 

The only sound in this empty space was the sound of the grandfather clock ticking. The sound of footsteps and the sound of metal against metal. 

Brent swung the kusarigama forward. The blade collided with Damion's sword. Damion dodged lower and tried to cut Brent. Brent moved the chain up so the blade hit it. Brent was forced down on the ground holding the blade back:
"I got your back!" Tiara shouted as she ran over and softly pushed Damion:
"Reflect!" Tiara shouted and shot Damion back. Damion landed and slid over the ground:
"Thanks," Brent said standing up. He spun the kusarigama around. He threw it forward like a whip. The chain shot forward with the blade at the end. Damion looked up and smiled. Damion's feet kicked off and he moved his blade up. The blade hit through one of the holes in the chain. Brent's eyes widen:
"Damn," Brent said as he tried to pull in it. Damion kept a hold of it and the kusarigama wouldn't move an inch:
"Tiffle quickly turn human!" Brent shouted. Tiffle turned human and she was between Brent and Damion:
"Got her," Damion said as he moved forward quickly. Brent ran forward too:
"Brent!" Tiffle shouted:
"No!" Brent shouted. Everything turned black:
"I can't...get to her in time." Brent thought:
"Heimdall!" Hayden shouted and pushed Tiffle out the way. Brent's eyes widen:
"Remember you aren't alone anymore," Hayden said. Brent sighed with relief. Tiffle was flailing her arms around as she flew. Brent quickly spun around:
"This is gonna be hard!" Brent shouted. Damion smiled:
"What you gonna do!" Damion shouted as he thrust the sword forward. Brent kicked forward. Brent's foot pushed against the flat side of the blade. Brent made a high kick. Brent's leg was up at a 45-degree angle:
"When did you learn to kick that high!?" Damion shouted surprised:
"Did you really think I used the last three months only on my magic powers. I also trained a bit hand to hand combat!" Brent shouted as he kicked the blade back. He used the momentum to slam the high kick into the ground and circle around to place a kick to Damion's cheek. Damion spun around and landed on the ground. Brent quickly took a few steps back:
"Pew...Now come to me storm's feather." Brent said. Tiffle nodded as she finally had gotten up again. Her body began to glow and she shot to Brent turning into the Kusarigama. Brent spun the blade around as he looked at Damion who slowly stood up:
"I had enough," Damion said as he stood up straight:
"I will end this in fifteen minutes." Damion said as he pointed his hand with the sword up into the air and his arm to the right forming the three 'O clock on a dial. The grandfather clock gave a ring as the yellow floor under them began to fly back into the clock really slowly:
"In fifteen minutes. All matter not related to my time magic will be dissolved and broken down into nothing." Damion said as the grandfather clock gave one more ring:
"Countdown to the Apocalypse!" Damion shouted:
"Fifteen minutes...We need to hurry." Tiara said taking a step back. You could see her feet getting a bit blurry:
"It's already begun...Well then." Brent said as he spun the kusarigama around:
"Let's break that clock," Brent said pointing his blade at the grandfather clock:
"Just you try!" Damion said as he spun the katana around:
"Erase time!" Damion shouted as he cut the air. The reality broke apart as a shockwave. The shockwave swiftly moved toward Brent:
"Got it!" Tiara shouted and moved in front of Brent:
"Neutralize!" Tiara shouted as the power vanished:

"She truly has grown powerful," Miu said:
"Yeah. Not only can she reflect things. She can control them better and now also just straight up make things vanish." Hayden said:
"Well-" Mayuri said sitting up:
"You should stay down...You used up a lot of your magical power." Miu said:
"I know...But I can't just neglect Brent." Mayuri said:
"We have fifteen minutes. Stay here." Hayden said opening the bubble and jumping out.

He walked up to Tiara and Brent's side:
"Finally gonna join the fray?" Brent asked:
"I can't let you have all the fun," Hayden said as he tapped his feet:
"Finally got here. I thought I was gonna do all this alone." Tiara said. Brent tightens the grip on the Kusarigama:
"Fairy form," Brent said as it turned into a scythe. He spun it around in his hand:
"Ymir," Hayden said as both his eyes widen and the giant of pressure came forward:
"Beautiful Reflection," Tiara said as she moved her hands forward. Her arms turned into glass:
"I count twelve minutes," Brent said:
"Wow. You so bad at remembering the time. It's clearly thirteen." Tiara said:
"Both wrong only ten left," Hayden said:
"No matter. Let's not waste more time." Brent said as he looked at his scythe:
"I'm counting on you," Brent said with a smile as he looked at the scythe:
"Right back at ya," Tiffle said:
"Don't get to hurt. We still don't know your limit!" Miu shouted:
"Just be there if we need anything," Hayden said. Miu smiled and nodded:
"Three months of training," Tiara said looking at her arm. Core head could be seen as a reflection in her glass arm:
"You can do this Tiara." Core said as he smiled at her through the reflection. She smiled back.

"You three done being lovey-dovey with your fairy? I'm tired of waiting. I could just wait this out but I rather have some fun." Damion said as he moved his katana forward.

"You clearly not who I thought you were Damion...I have never seen such a sadistic look on your face." Brent said:
"All a facade. I got power now. I'm time itself. The strongest force ever!" Damion shouted. Brent sighed and moved his scythe forward:
"I don't care about time. We will finish this now!" Brent shouted as he ran forward:
"Here is a boost," Hayden said as he blinked:
"Heimdall!" Hayden shouted as Brent was shot forward. His blade hit Damion's. The two engaged in a blade to blade combat:
"We have been friends for so long. How could you!" Brent shouted:
"I don't care. After the first kill. I just found myself enjoying it!" Damion shouted as he tried to sweep Brent's legs. Brent jumped up:
"Fairy wind!" Brent shouted and cut the air. The air shot down as a bullet. Damion cut the air also:
"Erase time!" Damion shouted. The two powers collided and vanished:
"Got you! Tiara shouted and touched Damion shoulder from behind:
"Reflect," Tiara said softly and Damion flew forward and crashed into the ground:
"No matter how strong you are. You can't defeat three opponents at once." Brent said:
"Oh, I can't huh," Damion said as he placed his hand on his chest:
"Accelerate time," Damion said as he suddenly glowed more orange. He moved forward fast. Brent nearly didn't have time to parry. Brent quickly parried all the incoming attacks. Damion had clearly become faster. Brent had a hard time parring:
"I can't get through here," Damion said as he suddenly was gone. He had run to Hayden. Hayden giant had only just moved its hands down to protect Hayden:
"That was close," Hayden said. Damion then moved quickly over the ground again and cut Tiara over the back:
"Tiara!" Brent shouted but then he felt pain. Damion had just cut him over the back again. Hayden's eyes widen as he suddenly felt a pain. Damion had gone above and thrust his sword down through Hayden's shoulder. Damion suddenly stood in the middle of them again:
"Care to say that again Brent? About how I couldn't win against three." Damion said:
"Ready yourself. It's time." Brent said. The other two nodded and prepared themselves. 

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