Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


11. Complicated Emotions.

The days continued slowly. Brent was just walking to school. Sometimes hung out with Damion and sometimes with Natacha. He kept getting death stares from Tiara. Courtney still talked to Natacha and tried to keep friendship up with both sides. Brent also trained with Tiffle. Brent had become quite great using Storm's feather. Brent one day walked home from school with Natacha:
"Hey. Can I see your apartment?" Natacha asked:
"Umm...Sure." Brent said and shrugged. Natacha giggled. Brent showed her to the Apartment:
"I'm home!" Brent called out:
"Don't you live alone?" Natacha asked:
"Welcome home!" Tiffle shouted and ran into the hallway only to meet the eyes of Natacha. Tiffle eyes widen intensely:
"Who is that?" Natacha asked:
"This is Tiffle. My-" Brent stopped himself from saying it. He didn't even think about this situation:
"I'm one of Brent family members. I ran away from home and stay here for a while." Tiffle said quickly:
"Really now?" Natacha asked:
"Yes," Tiffle said:
"Why didn't you tell me about her?" Natacha asked Brent:
"Well. I didn't really think about it." Brent answered quickly:
"I see. Well nice to meet you. I'm Natacha, Brent's girlfriend." Natacha said happily:
"Nice meeting you. I'm Tiffle. Brent's Cousin." Tiffle said:
"Well. I will get going then. I will see you tomorrow." Natacha said before leaving:
"That was close," Brent said a few seconds after. Tiffle nodded:
"It's good for you I thought about that lie quickly...But it didn't work." Tiffle said:
"What do you mean?" Brent asked:
"She knows...She is a Lilin." Tiffle said:
"What?!" Brent shouted:
"Natacha has a Lilin fairy," Tiffle said:
"What?!" Brent shouted:
"Don't make me spell it," Tiffle said:
"I don't believe it...Natacha isn't a bad person." Brent said:
"That's not how it works. We just find people to cling to. Did you think the Fairy you saw the other day looked like a nice person?" Tiffle asked. Brent remembered the crutch-wielding figure:
"No...So that means...I have to.-" Brent said low:
"Yeah...Sadly." Tiffle said. Brent nodded and bit his lower lip:
"There no other way?" Brent asked:
"Your choice..." Tiffle said. Brent looked at Tiffle:
"It's...What I have to do. For the sake of god." Brent said. He grabbed his phone and typed:
"Meet me at the park later." Brent typed. A few seconds later he got the answer he feared. The answer he didn't wanna see but knew was real:
"Okay...Brent." Natacha had typed. She usually called him something sweet or put smiley but such a plain answer was not a good sign.

Brent walked up the road with Tiffle at his side. He stood at the right side of the bench and on the left stood Natacha:
"You know why I called you right?" Brent asked:
"One question first...Is this really what you want?" Natacha asked:
"Of course not...But we have our goals...I love you but..." Brent said holding out his hand:
"I call the winds of Tir Na Nog! I call the daughter of the wind. The weapon made of a million breezes. Come forward Storm's feather! Fairy Fusion Tiffle!" Brent shouted. Tiffle changed into the weapon and Brent pointed the scythe forward:
"I see," Natacha said:
"Clonic come forward," Natacha said. A liquid hit the ground and took shape as a being. The being had hair there kept changing color and eyes there kept changing colors. It had a yellow shirt on with blue sleeves. Green pants and red shoes. Those four colors kept changing around at its clothing. The creature skin seemed like it dripped. It seemed almost liquid-like:
"Hey there!" The creature said with both a male and female voice:
"Fairy Fusion. Clonic." Natacha said:
"Fairy fusion. Natacha." Clonic said. It turned into a rainbow liquid and Natacha fell on her knees. She opened her mouth and swallowed the liquid. Her eyes turned pure white and she seemed almost lifeless:
"What the?" Brent asked:
"Execute. Emotions. Happiness and Sadness" Natacha said:
"Executing. Happiness and sadness!" Clonic's voice shouted. Two liquid shot out of Natacha mouth. A yellow one and a blue one. The blue took form as Natacha. It was a blue glowing Natacha which kept crying. The other one took form at a yellow glowing Natacha which beamed with a smile:
"What?" Brent asked. The yellow one moved her hands forward and unleashed powerful rays of light:
"Move!" Tiffle shouted. Brent's eyes widen and he jumped to the side. His foot stomped the ground and went right through it. The ground was turned into a quicksand kind of texture. The blue Natacha was touching the ground and turning it into quick-sand:
"There got ya~ Teehee." The yellow one said and shot a beam:
"Execute fairy wind!" Brent shouted:
"Executing Fairy wind!" Tiffle quickly shouted and a wind shot Brent into the air dodging the ray:
"Get him~ Teehee." The yellow one said:
"Got...it." The blue one said sadly and touched the ground. The ground shot up like a pillar of liquid after Brent. Brent spun around and threw the scythe blade forward:
"Execture rattlesnake!" Brent shouted:
"Executing rattlesnake!" Tiffle shouted. The blade began to make sharp turns in the air and dodge the pillar going for the yellow one:
"Execute. Emotions. Courage and Fear!" Natacha shouted:
"Executing. Courage and fear!" Clonic shouted. Two liquid shot out of Natacha open mouth. An orange and purple one. The purple one took form as Natacha which shivered and had dark lines under her eyes. The orange one took form at Natacha which stood proudly and had a fearless face. The orange one jumped forward and stood in front of the yellow one. It formed its hands as an "x" and a shield appeared in front of it. The scythe hit the shield and bounced off. The purple one jumped back and moved its right hand forward. Purple lines began to move over the ground and then the ground rose. Purple walls slowly surrounding the area. Brent pulled in the chain and landed on the top of a wall:
"She can make clones out of emotions?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. Seems like it." Tiffle said. Brent pulled the scythe blade to him and grabbed it. The four emotions at his feet looking up at him:
"Perfect~ Teehee." The yellow one said:
"Face him with your full might happiness!" The orange one shouted:
"Sure. Execute happy day!" The yellow one said:
"Executing happy day." Clonic voice came from the lifeless body. The yellow one glowed up and moved its hands forward. It unleashed a beam of light. Brent dodged it but the beam followed him:
"No matter how sad you can be. There will always be a happy day. You can't escape the happy day!~ Teehee!" The yellow one shouted. Brent's eyes widen as he got hit and sent flying into the ground:
"Damn!" Brent shouted as he slowly stood up:
"You okay?" Tiffle asked:
"I'm okay." Brent said:
"You're holding back." Tiffle said:
"I just have a hard time hitting her." Brent said as he began to swing the chain around in a ring so the blade became a wheel at his side:
"Execute air cleaver!" Brent shouted:
"Executing air cleaver!" Tiffle shouted. Brent swung his blade in front of him in a big ark. A massive wind shot from the blade and cut down the purple walls:
"Get back!" The orange one shouted:
"I'm gonna die!" The purple one shouted scared. The blue one just started to cry and the yellow one laughed. The orange stomped the ground:
"Execute friendship!" The orange shouted:
"Executing friendship!" Clonic voice said. A giant barrier came from the orange one and cover all the emotions and the lifeless body:
"You will always protect your friends if you value your friendship!" The orange one shouted. Brent's attack just got neglected and broke. The four emotions looked at Brent and Brent looked at them. The moonlight night hitting down on the empty park.

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