Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


42. Care against pride.

Brent had his scythe in his hand:
"I never really understood you," Brent said as he looked at her:
"Huh?" Tiara let out a confused sound:
"You have always been mean to me. You always wanted to bully me. Stomp me down. But it's not because I'm beneath you. But it's not that. It's because you're the living version of pride. Arrogance and such a bitch. I always felt down by all the words. All the gestures...But right now...I can only feel pity...Or I wish I could...But I can't look at you without being disgusted right now!" Brent shouted. Tiara smiled:
"Oh how funny. The trash thinks it can speak to the crown." Tiara said:
"That right there...That is what I mean...How can you even hate me? I helped you!" Brent shouted:
"No, you didn't. You made my life a living hell. I'm a fallen angle reaching for the heavens again. Now I'm stuck at this school with the demon who pulled me down into the below." Tiara said:
"I didn't do anything. I saved you!" Brent shouted:
"You didn't. I hate you!" Tiara shouted:
"How can you hate me! You should hate those so-called friends of yours. It was them who pushed you out of the school, not I. I only helped you! I only tried to be helpful. You just trying to rub your shitty lifestyle philosophy out on me. Gonna rub the guilt on me because you can't bear to think it was them!" Brent shouted:
"Shut up!" Tiara shouted and rushed forward:
"Tiffle!" Brent shouted:
"On it!" Tiffle shouted. Brent moved his hand forward. A magic circle appeared around his hand:
"The cannon of Tir Na Nog. Fairy dust!" Brent shouted as a massive amount of wind came out of the circle:
"Reflect forward Gatling!" Tiara shouted as she kept swinging her hands in front of her in big arcs sending the water toward Brent. The two ability hit each other and then neutralized each other. Brent went under the dust cloud and tried to hit her. She quickly jumped back:
"Reflect heat!" She said as all the heat in her body shot forward like a fireball. Brent quickly spun around and cut the fireball in half. He ran forward again:
"Tir Na Nog!" Brent shouted and flew into the air quickly:
"No, you will not," Tiara said and swung her arm forward. The water droplets shot up at Brent like a hail of bullets just upwards now:
"You are pride. Pure pride you bitch. I will knock some sense into you!" Brent shouted as he placed his foot on the scythe lower half:
"Wind wheel!" Brent shouted and pushed himself forward he began to spin around and became a wheel of pure wind.  She moved a hand forward with a grin:
"Reflect!" She shouted and Brent was shot into the school wall again. He slowly stood up:
"I was just caring...Nice...How can you hate me? How can you be so fucking evil that you would kill a girl who been with you through thin and thick? She loved me and still kept her mean act up for some time because of you. You ruin everything!" Brent shouted his voice going deeper for a second:
"Brent easy!" Hayden shouted:
"I know," Brent said. You could see he had a hard time keeping his anger in check:
"Because. You are not caring. You just filth!" She shouted:
"Your upbringing is wrong...You are the trash. I won't forgive you but I just hoped for a moment I could speak some sense into you. That you would cry. That you would realize what fucked up a person you are!" Brent shouted. Tiara was taken aback by that:
"I will not let you fight me anymore." Brent said flying into the air:
"Sky cleaner!" Brent shouted and cut the air sending a bullet of wind into the air. It cleared the sky from clouds and the rain slowly stopped:
"There." Brent said and turned around only to see Tiara at his side:

"I'm gonna do something quickly," Mayuri said grabbing Hayden's arm and whispered into his ear:
"I understand," Hayden said with a nod. His eyes focused.

Tiara grabbed Brent by the head:
"When I reflect the ground under me it won't move. I will just get shot into the air. Quite a good way to reach you huh. Time to end this." Tiara said grabbing Brent's head harder:
"Reflect Meteor," Tiara shouted:
"Now!" Hayden shouted. Mayuri nodded and began to glow. Brent was shot into the ground. His face getting crushed by the reflect:
"There. End of the fight." Tiara said landing at his side. She slowly turned around:
"You should not turn your back on the enemy," Brent said and cut her back. The scythe cut her deep into the back. She fell to the ground in pain. She flinched at the pain:
"So you flinch at the pain but not when you kill your best friend...That is just...Evil." Brent said:
"How are you alive. You should be de-" Tiara said but she stopped as she saw Brent's bleeding face:
"Good timing," Brent said:
"No problem. Are you okay?" Mayuri asked. But she asked Hayden. Hayden's face was also bleeding:
"Soul link. Split damage." Mayuri said as Hayden's soul was connected to Brent's tail:
"Go get her," Hayden said. Brent nodded:
"You know. I'm actually happy. There something I wanted to try since I got Mayuri as a partner too. Hope you ready for that." Brent said standing up straight. The blood ran down his chin and over his throat to color his black shirt:
"What are you talking about?" Tiara asked:
"There a thing I wanted to try. This could be powerful and dangerous but I think I wanna risk it on you." Brent said:
"Tiffle, Mayuri come to my side!" Brent shouted. Mayuri and Tiffle ran to his side:
"I hope you allow me to do this," Brent said moving his arm forward. The wind twisted around his hand:
"What happened if I take the fairy magic from Tiffle-" Brent said as Tiffle began to glow green. The green glow got sucked into the wind around Brent's arm. The wind became more green:
"And the Lilin magic from Mayuri," Brent said as Mayuri began to glow purple. The purple glow got sucked into the wind around Brent's arm. The wind began to glow black now:
"Here. I come." Brent said as his right eye turned red and his left eye turned green. Brent's hair turned black and got white spikes. One of his wings turned purely black. Brent's arm moved forward as dark green winds erupted from his hand:
"Fairy form. Fallen Fairy." Brent said. Mayuri and Tiffle took a few steps back:
"And now. Come to me. Storm's feather!" Brent shouted. TIffle turned into the blade of the Kusarigama:
"Me too," Mayuri said. She turned into a chain made of red soul light. It wrapped around the blade and around Brent's arm:
"Corrupted feather!" Brent shouted as his new weapon was a combination of Tiffle and Mayuri:
"What is that!" Tiara shouted. She quickly moved a hand up to ready herself but then she was slammed into the ground. Brent suddenly stood where she was before:
"I feel so more powerful," Brent said:
"You are using two powers at once," Mayuri said:
"Yeah. Mayuri soul magic boosts everything. Speed. Strength. Agility." Tiffle said. Brent smiled and looked up. He saw Tiara slowly stand up:
"You won't land one more hit!" Tiara shouted moving a hand forward:
"Oh. I won't?" Brent asked suddenly behind her. Tiara's eyes widen. Brent moved his hand forward:
"Reflect!" Tiara shouted but nothing happened. Brent had only acted like he was about to hit her:
"Good try!" Brent shouted as he slammed his fist into her backhead. She flew forward and crashed through the school doors. Brent slowly walked forward:
"Ready?" Brent asked:
"Yes!" Mayuri and Tiffle shouted. Brent's wings bashed and he flew in after her:

"He always tries to show up." Hayden said annoyed. Hayden then looked down at Natacha:
"Man...When this is over...He is gonna break..." Hayden said with a sad tone:
"We can be there for him." Miu said:
"Yeah..." Hayden said as he walked in after them. Miu followed right behind him. Core stood outside dumbfounded:
"Someone...Is saving me." Core said with a hint of gratitude in his voice. He then ran in through the back door not to run into Hayden and Miu.

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