Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


18. Brent's noon.

"Asshole!" Brent said rubbing his nose:
"You okay?" Natacha asked:
"Yeah. He just hit me quite hard with the crutch." Brent answered:
"As long as you okay," Natacha said. The two of them walked to school. They enter class and time seems to slow the moment they walk into the room:
"Hey there," Damion said with a grin:
"Morning," Brent said with a yawn:
"Ya seem annoyed," Damion said:
"Just tired," Brent said with one more yawn. He was annoyed. It was because of the spin kick he got from the crutch earlier:
"I see. As long as ya okay." Damion said:
"Yeah. I'm fine." Brent said. Classes began and Brent felt more and more bored. He slowly looked out of the window and looked at the school grounds:
"Something is wrong." Brent thought. He just kept his eyes on the outside. The sun was shining but he couldn't get the nerve off something was wrong. He looked up at the sky and saw a white sphere:
"Seems like a full moon tonight." Brent thought as he looked:
"Brent?!" The teacher shouted:
"Oh yeah!?" Brent shouted. The class laughed and Brent got embarrassed:
"Please refrain from looking out the window in my classes and try to focus." The teacher said:
"Yeah. Sorry." Brent said. Brent could see Damion laugh in the corner of his eyes. Classes pasted and Brent found himself in the cafeteria. He was looking for the food when he was approached:
"Hey," Damion said:
"Oh hey," Brent said. Damion's eyes went over Brent again:
"I see," Damion said:
"What?" Brent asked:
"Nothing," Damion said with a smile:
"Stop being weird, dude," Brent said:
"Sorry. Sorry." Damion said:
"Hey, Brent!" Natacha said approaching him.
"Hey," Brent said:
"You still only call each other by name?" Damion asked:
"Yeah?" Brent asked:
"Come on man. Grow a pair and start calling her something cute." Damion said:
"Yeah...Yeah." Brent said. He looked at Natacha only to find her fidgeting on the spot:
"No...Need to rush." She said low. She clearly wanted him to call her something:
"Umm...Let me think about it." Brent said. Natacha nodded. Brent just sat down and began to eat his food:
"So. What is in store for today?" Damion asked:
"Well. Not much. Just need to go home." Brent said:
"How sad. I need to go shop around town." Damion said:
"I think I want to go around town today too. Should we join him?" Natacha asked:
"Yeah," Brent said:
"Nah. I need to go alone. It's something important. But ya two could always walk around together." Damion said:
"Sure," Brent said leaning back:
"Like a date!" Natacha said courageously:
"Yeah...Yeah." Brent said with a sigh:
"You don't want to?" Natacha asked:
"No! It's not that. Just I had this bad feeling all day." Brent said:
"Bad feeling?" Damion asked:
"Yeah. It's started this morning." Brent said:
"What happened?" Damion asked:
"Nothing-" Brent was about to keep talking when:
"Brent was hit by a guy," Natacha said:
"What?!" Damion shouted:
"Damn..." Brent said:
"Brent was hit by a person with a crutch," Natacha said:
"A person...With a crutch..." Damion said low:
"Yeah," Brent said. Damion began laughing:
"Ya so weak ya can't even defend yourself from a handicapped person." Damion broke into laughter. Natacha couldn't help to laugh:
"But looks like it didn't hurt ya too much," Damion said lowering his sunglasses a bit so you could see his amber eyes:
"Yeah. I was lucky." Brent said:
"Yeah," Natacha said:
"I'm actually surprised." A student said there overheard the conversation:
"What?" Brent asked as he turned around:
"Well. I saw it. That guy gave you a giant hit over the nose with the crutch but your nose didn't budge an inch. Only a small amount of blood." The student said:
"Was it that hard?" Damion asked:
"Ye-Yeah," Brent said:
"Ah. but I'm just happy ya didn't get hurt." Damion said. Brent nodded:
"Well. I'm done here. I see you later." Brent said standing up. Damion smiled. Time passed and Brent was in class again. Tiara was looking at him with the usual glare:
"Well. That was close." Brent thought. He remembered Hayden's red eyes:
"He truly is a demon in disguise. That girl too." Brent thought. Miu's innocent smile came to his mind:
"You can really see that fairy pairs are made quite randomly. I never thought such a psycho could be on the god's side and have such an innocent fairy." Brent thought as he looked at the teacher again focusing.

Classes passed and Brent slowly walked down the hall with a trash bag on his back:
"Oh. I need to go out with the trash today." Brent had said to Natacha before leaving class:
"I will just wait out in front," Natacha said for an answer:
"Of course when I have some stuff to do, I have to work for the school," Brent said to himself.

Natacha was waiting at the gate. The schoolyard deserted by now. Natacha was tapping the ground as she stood at the gate:
"Execute. Fenrir!" A voice sounded. Natacha eyes widen as she suddenly couldn't move. She could feel a massive pressure on her. Hayden was walking forward. His eye glowing powerfully. He smiled:
"Let's have some fun shall we?" Hayden asked as he grabbed the small piece of cloth with chloroform on it:
"B-brent..." Natacha said. Hayden placed it over her mouth and nose before she blacked out. Hayden grinned and put the cloth into his bag again. His eyes glowed up as Natacha would begin to levitate:
"Now to the hospital," Hayden said as he turned around. Natacha dropped her bag on the ground and the two walked away.

"Sorry, I'm so late," Brent said as he walked out the school gate only to find her bag on the ground:
"Natacha?" Brent said low as he looked around. Brent's heart skipped a beat at the smell of Chloroform:
"Natacha?!" Brent shouted:
"Oh no!" Brent shouted as he looked around:
"Natacha!!!" Brent shouted. There was no answer. Brent's eyes shivered. A cold sweat spread on his back. He grabbed her bag and began to run:
"Where...Who...What?" Brent said:
"I need to find her!" Brent shouted as he ran.

Someone stood in the shadows and looked at Brent. The figure smiled and turned around. The figure put its two arms behind its neck as it walked. It laughed a bit.

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