Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


16. Brent's morning.

"Ahh," Brent grunted as he slowly opened his eyes. He rubbed his eyes and stood up:
"I'm not sore anymore," Brent said to himself as he jumped a bit on the spot. He looked at his hands. The vision of him with the scythe in his hand flashed in his mind:
"How strange. All those wounds and now they are all gone." Brent said as the visions of all the damage he took the other day happened. The giant explosion that hit him:
"I was scared," Brent said closing his eyes. He sat down on his bed again. He looked at his closet. He opened it and took on his clothing. His room was small. There were a bed and a bedtable with his alarm clock. A window and a closet. He opened the door into the hallway. The hallway was around four meter in length and two in wide. There was a coat stand with Brent's jacket on it. There was also a small slope where he placed his shoes. To the right was a door which was the bathroom. To the left was a door into the living room. He opens the door to the living room. Tiffle was snoring away. The kitchen was of course in the corner. It was small with a stove and a fridge. There used to be a microwave but it was gone now. Just in front of the kitchen was a table and to the side was the sofa Tiffle slept in. In front of the sofa was a sofa table and in front of that was a Tv and a game console connected to it. There also was a small balcony out to the backyard of the apartment building. Brent softly walked over and shook Tiffle. The fairy woke up and rubbed her eyes:
"Morning," Tiffle said:
"Morning," Brent said. Tiffle smiled:
"Slept well?" She asked. Brent nodded and turned on the stove. He sat down and looked at Tiffle:
"Hey, Tiffle," Brent said:
"Yeah?" Tiffle asked:
"How can it be my wounds was healed so quickly?" Brent asked:
"Well. That is also a good thing with the magic combined with the soul. The soul is the essence of you being. The magic superpowered the soul. So both of us get a massive health boost. So every time we take damage we heal faster then a normal human would do. Also, we radiate an aura that repairs all damage we do with magic. It was something the two deities gave us fairies back in the day so we could use humans without building awareness of our existence." Tiffle explained. Brent nodded:
"So if I heal quickly. Why was I sore?" Brent asked:
"That is more of the soul too. As said there good and bad things about the soul. You soul get healing boost but the soul also gets sore when you use magic in massive amounts like the other day. So your body becomes sore." Tiffle said with a grin:
"Okay pause! What is the soul?!" Brent asked:
"It's something only humans can have. It's kinda like a ticket." Tiffle said:
"Ticket?" Brent asked:
"It's the reason you can be on the earth. Be living. We fairies can only transform into our humanoid state when we have a partner. We can't live here on earth without a soul in our body. So we need to use our magic to find a partner that we can bind with. You were mine. After that, we can combine forcefully with the human so we can talk to him or her. Then we beckon the person closer and when they touch us we get the bond and become one! That is why you found me as a rock." Tiffle explained:
"Ah, I see. So your soul is your whole reason you are alive." Brent said:
"We fairy can only live in Tir Na Nog. Since Tir Na Nog has the power of a soul." Tiffle said:
"A power of a soul?" Brent asked:
"Kinda. It's a world soul. God and Goddess created it together and with that power, we are able to obtain a human form in Tir Na Nog." Tiffle said:
"I see. So our world doesn't have a world soul?" Brent asked:
"Nope. Humans have a soul but your planet doesn't." Tiffle explained. Brent nodded a few times:
"That has been enlightening." Brent said turning around. He suddenly heard a knock on the door. Brent walked up to the door and opened it:
"Morning!" Natacha said:
"Morning...peasants," Clonic said tiredly. Clonic was so tired it was like a slime on the ground:
"Morning Natacha. I was about to make breakfast why you here this early?" Brent asked:
"Well. We wanted to say hello and-" Natacha said:
"YOU! You wanted to wake me up one and a half hour before I usually do. To walk me all the way over here!" Clonic shouted:
"I said I'm sorry!" Natacha said:
"Sorry doesn't give me more sleep!" Clonic said slowly turning into its human form again:
"Awh. That is sad. That sad puddle of slime describes you much better. Lilin." Tiffle said:
"Shut up! You arrogant bitch! I will cut your tongue out!" Clonic said walking inside:
"Those two are just getting along huh." Brent said:
"Yeah." Natacha said:
"Come back here!" Clonic shouted racing after Tiffle. Tiffle was laughing spreading her arms out into a T and running. Clonic was running after her. Tiffle locked herself in the bathroom. Clonic growled and turned liquid and went under the door. Tiffle quickly came out with the liquid all over her. The liquid had a small part turned into Clonic's head. The head was biting Tiffle arm. Tiffle spun around and unleashed a wind from her body. The liquid went everywhere. It all came together in the middle of the hall and the turned into Clonic again:
"Well. This is lively. I will start making some food." Brent said moving into the kitchen. Natacha joined him and the two was making food. Tiffle was sitting at the tv playing a video game against Clonic:
"You will not win against me filth!" Tiffle shouted:
"I show you!" Clonic shouted back. The two was moving their hands rapidly around with the joystick in hand. Brent was laughing as he was chopping up some bacon. Natacha was whipping some eggs around in a bowl with some milk. The morning was full of laughter. The four eating together. Brent was smiling all the time he never been this happy in his life. They were packing for school now:
"Seems like. We should soon get going." Brent said:
"Sure." Natacha said:
"You two gonna stay here?" Brent asked:
"Me with it?!" Tiffle shouted:
"Me with her?!" Clonic shouted:
"Yes." Brent said. Clonic sighed:
"Fine, I want a rematch against the peasant." Clonic said:
"I want a rematch against the filth." Tiffle said:
"You can't fight in the apartment." Brent said:
"We don't mean a fight. The video game." Tiffle said:
"Oh...Sure. Just don't destroy anything." Brent said. The two nodded. Brent and Natacha left for school. They walked down the street. They walked past the supermarket. 

On the other side of the street:
"So what now?" Miu asked:
"We going downtown," Hayden said. 

The psycho and the little girl walked past the two lovers that afternoon. That would start a chain reaction there soon would bring forward the destruction of the sky:
"Hey..." Miu said looking over her shoulder. Hayden looked at her:
"Those over there...It's them I told you about." Miu said:
"The two pairs?" Hayden asked as he looked at Brent. Brent felt the presence and looked at Hayden. The two looked at each other. Brent's eyes widen. He recognized the figure from the fight with Xander. The pole. The clutch. The eyes. Hayden's eyes widen as he smiled:
"Wait it's her," Natacha said pointing at Miu:
"Yeah. The little girl there was with the guy next door at the hospital..." Brent said low. Hayden without fear of getting hit crossed the street. He walked up to Brent:
"Nice girlfriend you have there," Hayden said:
"Yeah...Let's go Natacha." Brent said leaving:
"That voice...You the guy at the hospital." Hayden said with a grin:
"Y-Yeah?" Brent said stopping:
"I see. How nice...I wanted to do this for a while." Hayden said spinning the crutch up and hitting Brent. Brent fell back and people started to look:
"Fuck!" Brent shouted holding his hand to the nose there now was bleeding:
"Oh stop whining. Show me the nose." Hayden said. Brent removed his hand and the nose was not bleeding anymore:
"Such small things don't stay long for us fairy pairs. I will see you two later. Come Miu." Hayden said leaving:
"Thanks for your time," Miu said bowing. The two left. Brent slowly stood up:
"If I ever want to come further. I need to win against him. Because I saw his power first hand." Brent thought as he remembered the crater Hayden had made earlier:
"What are you thinking?" Natacha asked:
"Revenge," Brent said before he stood up and walked toward the school.

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