Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


59. Blade dancer.

"F-Father..." Mayuri cried happily:
"I'm here...I'm here," Astralonius said.

"They are really happy huh?" Tiffle asked as she stood up against Brent. Tiffle had leaned her head on Brent's shoulder:
"Yeah. I'm happy for her." Brent said:
"Not to ruin the fun guys. But there's more coming." Core said as he pointed to the horizon:
"We can hold them back. We can give them their time." Hayden said as he turned around and saw the unbelievable big crowd:
"That is too many," Tiara said taking a step back:
"It's fine...We can do this later." Astralonius said as he looked up at them. He wiped tears away from his eye and walked up to Brent's side:
"Leave this to me," Astralonius said as he grabbed the sword on his back with his right hand. The sword thorns twisted around him up his arm and around his chest so the metal rose sprouted from his chest:
"You kids stay back. Leave this to me." Astralonius said as he ran forward toward the army:

"Is that-" A Lilin said:
"Astralonius?" Another one confirmed.

"Hello there," Astralonius said as he suddenly was in front of the one saying his name. He spun around and cut him:
"Gang up on him!" The other Lilin shouted. The Lilin charged at him. He spun around and cut one down. He moved his left hand under the right armpit and unleashed a giant shockwave of magic killing more of them:
"I could finish you all with one spell...But I will take my sweet time doing this." Astralonius said as he spun the blade around. The Lilin came from all sides.

"My dad was one of the strongest warriors of Tir Na Nog before he got the astral codex. He might be mighty in magic now but you about to see the other side of my dad. The blade dancer." Mayuri said. The others looked intensely at Astraloinus.

Astralonius took a stance where he had his left free hand on his back and his right hand at his chest with the blade pointing up at the sky moving along with his body. The Lilin came from all sides.

and so it began.

He spun around and cut one to his left down. Before he quickly moved the blade around to thrust it through a Lilin to his right. The blade went through the Lilin's head. He dodged the once in front and behind him by quickly kneeling down. The two Lilins swords collided instead:
"Watch what you doing!" The Lilin in front of him shouted at the other one. Astralonius smiled as he moved one leg back to kick the one behind him backward. He then spun around and slice his blade all the way up through the Lilin's body. The Lilin split in two. The one behind him slowly stood up but it was too late. He got a sword thrust through his forehead.

Astralonius quickly stood up and spun around placing a kick to four Lilin's faces. He then quickly made a backflip and kicked down into one of them, toes first. He quickly got back on his feet and moved forward with elegant speed. He cut one down before he spun around and cut three more down in three rapid slices. He twirled his blade around once to get the blood off before he continues to walk forward. He thrust his blade through one of them. Another one came from behind him:
"I will just borrow this," Astralonius said taking the sword from the Lilin he just killed. He then proceeds to cut the one behind him with it:
"Thanks for the borrow," Astralonius said as he just thrust it through the skull of the one he already killed.

He then pulled his own sword back before backflipping landing on top of one of the Lilins. He just sat on his shoulder while stabbing those around him:
"Get off!" The Lilin shouted:
"As you wish," Astralonius said as he twisted his legs to break the Lilin's neck. He then quickly kicked off him to land on the ground:
"Oh, I count eight." He said as eight approached him. He spun his blade around once and smiled:
"Blade dance technique...Fairy thrust!" Astralonius shouted as he moved his blade back. He then thrust into one direction and seven clones of him came out of his body and stabbed all around him. The eight thrust killed those around him. He then took a few steps back as he saw more come toward him:

"Fine then," Astralonius said as he placed himself in his stance again:
"Blade dance technique...Fairy's glitter!" Astralonius shouted and took one step forward. The Lilins looked confused at him. He softly smiled and lowered his sword:
"Haven't seen it yet?" He asked. They looked down and saw they had holes in their chest and their hearts laid on the ground beneath them. They then fell one by one:
"Oh what a mess." He said as more came running:
"Seems like I'm not done yet." He said as he placed himself in his stance. The sword shined with the moist from the blood.

"His sword dance technique is so fast it can cut enemy before they even realize it," Mayuri explained. The other looked at him in disbelief. 

There was around thirty left charging at him:
"Better do this quickly," Astralonius said as he looked at the thirty:
"Take him!" One of the Lilins shouted. The thirty jumped him at once:
"I will start in...3-" Astralonius said as he spun around:
"2...1...-" He kept counting as they were closing in on him:
"...Now!" He shouted and spun around harder this time. He cut one down then spun around cutting one more. He spun around and then thrust his blade through once skull. He then spun around kicking one back. Then spun around cutting one more down:
"4!" He counted. He jumped up and spun around. His blade cut down three. He twirled around and heel slammed one into the ground so hard he died. He then thrust his blade forward through one Lilin's heart:
10!" he shouted. He threw the body of the one he just killed into another one and then stabbed his blade through both. He kicked one back and spun around before kicking away another Lilin's sword He pulled his blade out of the two dead Lilins. He spun the blade around quickly killing two. He then jumps backward with his blade placed behind him to thrust through one behind him:
"14!" He counted. He stopped himself from going backward and then began to move forward. He begins to spin his blade at his side and then started to swing his sword from left to right in quick repeating motions:
"15...16...17...18...19...20!" He counted as he cut them down. The ten left ran toward him:
"21!" He shouted as he cut one down:
"22!" He shouted as he thrust a blade through one of them:
"23!" He shouted as he kicked one of them so hard his neck broke:
"24...25...!" He shouted as he cut down two with two quick slashes:
"26..27...28...29!" He shouted as he cut one down. Spun around and thrust a blade through another Lilin's skull. Then cut one more by moving the blade side way through the dead one's head and then cut one more down with a quick slash decapitating him:
"And-!" He shouted but then saw the last one was close then he expected. The last Lilin moved the blade forward trying to thrust it through Astralonius skull. He moved his head to the side quickly while moving his blade forward. Both of their blades shot forward and there was silence. 

The Lilin's body dropped and Astralonius smiled:
"30...That was damn...He actually got me." Astralonius said as he had a small cut on his left cheek. He wiped the blood away and turned to look at the friends:
"Let's get back to Elfthrone," Astralonius said. The six stood speechless but Mayuri just nodded and jumped down. In all seventy-four, Lilins died to his hand in under ten minutes:
"Make sure we ask him to train me in blade skills," Brent said. The other five nodded. Astralonius was wiping his blade with a handkerchief:
"You so amazing Father," Mayuri said:
"Thanks. But it isn't something special." He said with a grin:
"Nothing special..." Brent thought as he sighed. The eight of them moved back toward Elfthrone for the next part of the war.

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