Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


25. Because you are insane!

Brent looked at Miu tiny body. She was shaking scared:
"Move Miu," Hayden said:
"I refuse..." Miu said low. Her voice on the verge of sobs:
"Miu!" Hayden shouted:
"Don't Miu me!" Miu shouted and hit him. She hit him right in the face. Hayden had always hit Miu softly and been a bit mean to her. But she has never hit him. Hayden's red eyes widen. He looked at her. She was crying:
"What do you think you doing..." She cried. Brent turned around and sat down up against the neighbor building. He was tired. Tiffle sat down on his lap. Natacha came walking and sat at his side:
"I have a few questions now Tiffle," Brent said:
"And that is?" Tiffle asked:
"What would happen if I kill someone who is on our side...A Fairy killing a Fairy?" Brent asked:
"The same as if you killed a Lilin. Absorb their power and become stronger. It's not the essence of being Lilin or Fairy there makes you stronger. Just if we kill another fairy or Lilin we get their power." Tiffle explained. Brent nodded:
"So...we could get a major power boost by slamming our scythe into him right now?" Brent asked:
"Truly yes," Tiffle answered. Brent just bit his lower lip.

"You...Hit me?" Hayden asked:
"Of course I hit you! You were about to kill yourself..." Miu cried out. Hayden looked at her:
"Just...shut up!" Hayden shouted:
"No. For once, you shut up!" Miu cried. The two stared at each other:
"Why are you so fucking dumb. I told you to stay out of this!" Hayden shouted:
"I don't want to see you kill yourself!" Miu shouted:
"Then break our bond! If you don't like the way I do it. Then leave!" Hayden shouted:
"What!" Miu shouted:
"I don't care anymore...If I can do things my way. Then break our bond! I don't need your power!" Hayden shouted. Miu got more tears in her eyes:
"Is that really what you want..." Miu said. Hayden glared daggers at her.

"Wow, something is wrong," Tiffle said. Brent looked at her:
"What is it?" Brent asked:
"Miu is getting unstable...Her magic is getting more unstable. You can see the bond between them break." Tiffle explained:
"They gonna die?" Brent asked:
"No...If Miu breaks their bond he becomes human again and forgets everything about the fairy world. But only Miu can break their bond...This is bad." Tiffle said:
"Wait...So Miu gonna become a stone and Hayden will forget everything about the magic world?" Brent asked:
"Yes..." Tiffle answered. 

"Fine," Miu said as she placed a hand on her chest:
"Is this really what you want!" Brent shouted. The two looked at Brent:
"Is this really what you want? You heard me!" Brent shouted. Miu looked down at her hand:
"Stay out of this!" Hayden shouted:
"No!" Brent said as he stood up:
"Storm's feather come to me!" Brent shouted. Tiffle became a weapon again and Brent slowly walked over to them:
"If this is what you want. Then you better off dead." Brent said as he was about to swing the scythe. Miu stood up:
"Stay back!" Miu shouted. The whole area suddenly cracked as Miu's eyes glowed up and a massive pressure pushed Brent back:
"Just let him do it, Miu..." Hayden said. Miu turned around:
"Why are you so fixated on dying. On leaving me!" Miu shouted. Brent smiled as he sat down:
"Why did you do that?" Natacha asked.
"To trigger a chain reaction..." Brent said slowly closing his eyes:
"I don't wanna die but I'm tired of all this. I'm so tired of everything. I keep putting you in danger...I couldn't protect you today. So just break our bond already!" Hayden shouted:
"And. It's still you I want to be with!" Miu shouted:
"I don't understand you at all! Why would you stay with me! I'm unstable. I'm evil. I'm the scum of this world and you still try to protect me. Are you a fucking idiot?!" Hayden shouted:
"What are you saying?!" Miu shouted:
"I don't understand how you can like an insane. psychotic man as me!" Hayden shouted:
"I like you because you are insane!" Miu shouted before she fell on her knees:
"...What?" Hayden said calmly:
"...You special Hayden...I want to be with you because you take care of me. You treasure me and don't want any harm to me. But you are insane. You clearly a first-grade psychopath. But I like that side of you. I don't care if you throw me out of the window because your always fun to be around...You like the big brother I never had." Miu said. Hayden's eyes widened:
"There..." Brent said as he looked at them:
"How did you know it was how they felt?" Natacha asked:
"Because. Even when he overloaded his magic. He didn't need to execute commands with Miu. They were still in sync." Brent explained:
"You right," Tiffle said:
"They really care for each other. Miu would protect him until she died and he would protect her until he died. They really do match." Brent said standing up. Brent slowly walked over to Hayden:
"I'm gonna let you live..." Brent said:
"You want a thank you?" Hayden asked. Miu stopped Hayden from talking:
"Thank you. We won't be your enemies, anymore." Miu said:
"Thanks...We will go now." Brent said turning around. Hayden took out his eye lens and broke it in his hand. He slowly stood up:
"We better find somewhere to sleep this evening," Hayden said. Miu nodded and the two walked away. Brent walked over to Natacha and Tiffle:
"They won't hurt us anymore," Brent said
"Nice...Finally, some relax time." Natacha said. Brent nodded and sighed:
"See you later," Brent said. Natacha nodded. They all left the area like nothing happened.

"interesting..." A male voice said as someone stood in the alley a bit away:
"Seems like you found your next target."  A cold girl voice answered. You could see a small figure with fire red hair and a figure with glowing amber eyes:
"I knew something was up. We better take care of him." The male voice said. Yellow lines moved through the alley and the two vanished. The hospital got repaired and everything from that evening was erased. The dark evening turned light and the full moon passed. Another day approached and another foe would soon come after Brent and Tiffle. 

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