Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


45. Amaterasu.

"It didn't go as planned. When we finally got down there it was too late. Natacha's body had already vanished. Every trace of her was gone from the earth. Brent had visited Natacha's family only to find out they didn't know about any Natacha and they had no child. Her room had been wiped. Her registration in school was gone. She wasn't even a person anymore." Hayden thought. 

It had been one month after the fight with Tiara. Brent was sitting on his couch. His eyes were blank. Tiffle was sitting at the game console and Mayuri was making some food:
"Brent..." Tiffle said as she paused the game. Brent didn't answer:
"You wanna play the game with me. It's more fun to play with someone." Tiffle said but Brent didn't answer:
"It's hard to see him in this state," Mayuri said:
"Yeah. No kidding. He hasn't said anything for a week now. The slow realization really caught up with him now." Tiffle said. The door suddenly opened:
"Hey. We are here." Hayden said as he sat down in a chair and looked at Brent:
"Still nothing?" Hayden asked:
"Not a word. He has been gone for a week now. Just sat there. The only food he gets is when we are asleep. He goes up and makes something easy before just eating half of it and then sit down again. He doesn't sleep and he doesn't speak." Mayuri explained:
"And we have given up making him train or fight. He doesn't budge and doesn't answer. His literally a corpse." Tiffle said.

"All of this happened after Brent went to Natacha's home to speak with her mother and father." Hayden thought.

"Hello anybody home?" Brent asked as he knocked on the door. He had Tiffle and Mayuri with him:
"Oh hello?" Natacha's mom opened the door:
"Hey. I just wanted to ask if I can see Natacha's room?" Brent asked:
"Who is Natacha...I don't even know you, young man." Natacha's mom said:
"W-What?" Brent asked:
"Who is this Natacha you speak off?" Natacha's mom asked:
"It's your daugther.," Brent said:
"I never had a daughter." Natacha mom said. She then closed the door.

"Brent then just went home and sat down on his couch. He then just became like this. He just sits there. Looking at the ground. His body is here but his mind is elsewhere." Hayden thought.

"I think the best thing we can do is take him to Volten," Hayden said:
"Yeah let's do that," Tiffle said. The friends carried Brent all the way to the hospital. He was put into a bed and analyzed.

"I have some good news and some bad news," Volten said:
"Okay," Tiffle said:
"Good news is that we found Brent," Volten said:
"Yes!" Mayuri shouted happily:
"Bad news is. We can't reach him:" Volten then said quickly to dampen then mood:
"Where is he, doc?" Hayden asked:
"He is hiding inside the seal," Volten said:
"Seal?" Mayuri asked:
"Yes. Since I have the power to analyze any magical power inside or outside someone I determined that the seal once placed on Tiffle with the power of the unholy race has been transferred to Brent under the fight with Tiara. It seems Brent have entered the seal and is inside there with the unholy being. I don't know why but it seems he won't come out. I tried to call him but I can't reach him." The head nurse said:
"I see," Mayuri said worriedly. They all looked at Brent. He was lying there his eyes open but his mind elsewhere.

"How are you?" Amaterasu asked. They were in the darkroom and Brent was just sitting on the floor:
"Why do you care?" Brent asked:
"Oh. It's just rare for someone to willingly come into my seal. I thought you would resist me but you walked in here on your own." Amaterasu said. She still had the form as Natacha:
"I'm here to just sit here for a bit. Will you change your form already? It's annoying to look at you like that...It kinda hurts." Brent said:
"Why should I care. We feed of bad emotions. So this is perfect for me." Amaterasu said:
"Well. I can't really stop you so whatever." Brent said:
"It's kinda sad to see you like this," Amaterasu said:
"What do you mean?" Brent asked:
"You did that grand speech about not wanting to hurt your fairies but now you just closed yourself inside here. They're out there calling for you but you just sit here. Seems like I'm not the worst being in here." Amaterasu said:
"Just shut up...I know that already." Brent said as he hugged his legs:
"Fine. I will grant your wish." Amaterasu said. She began to glow and then change form. She became smaller. The size of Tiffle. She had black hair and purple eyes. Black markings around her eyes going over her face. She had fangs. Small fangs from her mouth. She had a purple shirt on with a black skirt and no shoes on. She also had two black feather wings. She licked her lips and looked at Brent:
"Behold the creature known as Amaterasu!" Amaterasu shouted. Brent gave one clap and then sighed:
"Come on. At least be surprised." Amaterasu said:
"Sorry I just can't," Brent said lying down on the floor:
"You are being selfish," Amaterasu said landing on the ground:
"If you don't want your body then I will gladly take control," Amaterasu said holding a hand forward. The shadowy arms came from everywhere:
"Stop!" Brent shouted. His voice rung out and broke apart the arms. Brent stood up and looked at her:
"There one thing I won't let happen and that is you taking control of me," Brent said stomping the ground. The light erupted in the room. The room turned white and Amaterasu took a few steps back:
"That was the last thing I promised her...That I wouldn't lose control anymore...And I broke that promise the moment the dark winds started blowing." Brent said as he shot his arm out to the right. It hit an invisible wall:
"So listen to me. Amaterasu...I won't let you take control ever again." Brent said. Amaterasu smiled:
"Oh really?" Amaterasu asked:
"Yeah," Brent said. The two looked at each other:
"I will take you up on that challenge," Amaterasu said with a grin:
"I actually came in here to tell you that...But I also want to ask...Do you believe I can do it?" Brent asked:
"Do what?" Amaterasu asked unamused:
"Save the god...Can I be a good partner to those two?" Brent asked:
"You know you asking an enemy?" Amaterasu asked:
"I know...That is the reason why. I know you will tell me the truth. Because you have no relation to me." Brent said:
"Ha...Good thinking kid." Amaterasu said walking forward:
"It annoys me. But I think you can do it." Amaterasu said:
"That is all I had to know." Brent said:
"Oh and one more thing." Amaterasu said:
"What?" Brent asked:
"One day. I will conquer your body and you and I will be one. I could not have had a better person I wanted to corrupt. You are a fascinating creature...Brent." Amaterasu said. Brent nodded. He closed his eyes and softly left the seal again.

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