Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


26. A team.

"Ahhhh!" Brent shouted as he woke up. His body was sorer than ever. He made it home yesterday. His wounds were somewhat healed but he couldn't really move anything without a lingering soreness coming from one of his body parts. He sat up in his bed and looked around. He softly stood up and walked over to the window. He looked out it only to see the sun in the sky and the city in full commotion once again. People walking. Cars driving:
"It's so weird. I know how it functions but to see people walk around like that. Unknowing of what happened yesterday. That is just weird." Brent said:
"You must just get used to it," Tiffle said in Brent doorway. Brent turned around and sat up the window:
"Oh hey," Brent said with a smile. The two looked at each other for a second:
"I must say. I'm happy that you are merciful and a nice person. But if we don't soon get to the killing then we won't grow stronger at all." Tiffle said. Brent nodded:
"I know. I know. I just couldn't kill him or her. Even after all he did." Brent said slamming his fist into the wall in frustration:
"I'm sorry," Brent said low:
"Why are you sorry?" Tiffle asked surprised:
"We could have been a lot stronger if I didn't show so much mercy," Brent said:
"Don't say that! I need you to be a good person. I didn't want to partner up with someone like Hayden. I don't like merciless killing." Tiffle said as she jumped up and bonked Brent on the head:
"Yeah...Sorry." Brent said:
"Why are you now sorry!" Tiffle shouted.
"Maybe I should stop saying sorry," Brent said. Tiffle nodded with a grin. The two smiled as they moved into the living room:
"I'm so happy its weekend today...I'm destroyed," Brent said throwing himself down on the couch. Tiffle laughed and sat at his side:
"It feels like my bones crumble by any low moment," Brent said:
"Too many details!" Tiffle shouted and slammed a fist into Brent's chest:
"Ah!" Brent coughed and was about to sit up when all power drained from him and he fell back on his back:
"Seriously. I have a hard time moving." Brent said. Tiffle giggled:
"Should I make food today?" Tiffle asked:
"The question is not if you should or not. It's more that if you can or not." Brent Said with a smirk:
"Okay! I blew up one microwave and now I'm stamped as a bad cook?" Tiffle said:
"Yes," Brent said with a grin. Tiffle hit him with a fury of fists:
"Oh...By the way...I wanted to say sorry." Tiffle said:
"For what?" Brent asked:
"I kissed you..." Tiffle said:
"Oh...That...Its fine you did it to pour magic into me." Brent said with a smile. Tiffle nodded:
"Knock knock. We coming in!" Natacha said as she walked inside:
"Oh hey!" Brent shouted. Natacha and Clonic came walking inside:
"Thanks for helping us out yesterday. It was quite scary." Natacha said:
"You didn't seem that scared," Tiffle said:
"Well. Somehow I knew Brent would save me..." Natacha said with a blush:
"Oh yeah...How did it feel to be saved by a mighty being as me!" Tiffle said:
"Can it peasant!" Clonic shouted:
"you are in my debt filth...Now kneel down and kiss my feet." Tiffle said:
"I would rather eat you cooking then kiss your feet," Clonic said with a smirk:
"My cooking ain't that bad!" Tiffle shouted:
"How do you know about Tiffle cooking?" Brent asked:
"She tried to make me a sandwich while we were playing yesterday...It ended in tragedy." Clonic said as it shivered in fear:
"It wasn't that bad!" Tiffle said on the verge of tears. The three others laughed:
"But yeah...Thank you." Clonic said averting its eyes. Tiffle smiled. The four of them sat and talked:
"By the way. Can you make some food...I don't seem to have the power to stand up." Brent said as he lied on the couch:
"Sure!" Natacha said as he walked to the kitchen:
"Knock knock!" A familiar voice sounded. Brent's eyes widen as he looked up at the entrance. Miu was standing there with Hayden at her side. Miu had her lab coat on again and Hayden was wearing his jacket:
"Hayden!" Brent shouted:
"Just lie down, wind boy...I'm not here to do anything dumb," Hayden said averting his eyes:
"Why are you here?" Tiffle asked as she slowly reached for Brent's hand:
"We are here to give you an offer!" Miu said:
"Offer?" Brent asked:
"Can we sit down?" Miu asked. Brent gave it a moment before nodding slowly. The three pair sat down at Brent table:
"So. We really want to say sorry but also thank you. Sorry about all the kidnap thingy dingy. But we also want to thank you since you spared out life." Miu said:
"Yeah...Whatever." Hayden said:
"Listen...I didn't do it because of you." Brent said pointing his hand at Hayden:
"I did it because of her." Brent said pointing at Miu:
"I know...You don't have to spell it for me." Hayden said. The two glared at each other:
"So that is all?" Natacha asked:
"No...We want to team up!" Miu shouted:
"Team up?" Clonic asked:
"Yeah...The more the better. We need all the strength we can get!" Miu shouted:
"You two already work together so one more might not be a problem?" Hayden asked:
"Well...We have quite a weird alliance already. One of us is Lilin the other is a Fairy. So we don't really fight for the same cause." Clonic explained:
"Why do you fight together then?" Miu asked:
"Because those two are together as lovers." Tiffle said pointing at Brent and Natacha:
"I see. We already knew that." Hayden said:
"I hate you and everything you stand for. But I can see your power being useful." Brent said:
"So we are a team?" Hayden asked:
"Yes...For now." Brent said:
"Good...What about we make it official with some food. Can I take your kitchen?" Hayden asked:
"Can you cook?" Miu asked confused:
"Before I got my sickness I was actually studying to become a cook. I like making food but my sickness made it a bit hard." Hayden said pointing at his leg:
"Sure...I help ya!" Miu shouted. The six of them ate together to officialize the new team they had made.


"After her!" A man's voice shouted:
"I'm on it!" A woman's voice shouted. The woman pointed a long thin pole forward and took aim after a girl running away from the chaser. The girl running away looked behind her:
"Someone help!" The girl shouted:
"Where is her host?" The man asked:
"I don't know but I got her right where I want her!" The woman said. The pole unleashed a purple beam and hit the fleeing girl. The girl got hit and fell down into the under forest:
"Damn she fell. It would be stupid to jump down there. Your powers soon let up. We should let her go for now." The man said:
"Fine." The woman said. The girl who had fallen down slowly crawled over the ground:
"Johnny..." The girl cried out low before blacking out. The girl's white hair wrapped around herself to hide her from everything around her. Light blue glowing tears leaving the girl's cheeks.

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