Fairy soul. The god and Lilin

The world is a boring place. It's the same every day. Wake up, go to school, go home and make homework. That is the repeated life of Brent. Nothing special even happens to him. But what he doesn't know is that there a world behind the curtains and soon he will be a part of it when he has an encounter with a fairy.


37. A smile like the sunset.

The days continued softly though. Mayuri took care of Johnny while he was at the hospital and soon they could leave the hospital. They went back to the trailer and Mayuri kept working for Johnny. She made food and even cleaned the trailer. The soon rusty and old kitchen became nice and clean. The trash-filled floor was now clear and the red truck outside was newly painted and cleaned from rust. In all the time they spent together. They had been together for five months:
"Morning Johnny," Mayuri said as she woke up the old man:
"Morning Mayuri. Slept well?" He asked:
"Yeah. Breakfast is ready on the kitchen table. I will begin with cleaning the garden today." Mayuri said as she walked outside. She began to clean the garden:
"I must say, girl. You work hard." Johnny said with a hazy laugh:
"Maybe. But at least I won't be a bother then and you need to relax those old bones!" Mayuri said turning around only to find him helping her:
"What did I just say?!" Mayuri shouted:
"What?" Johnny asked as he acted like he couldn't hear her:
"Don't you dare old man!" Mayuri shouted. He just laughed:
"Kidnapping girls now Johnny?" A man asked. He looked over their fence. It was a young rocker:
"What are you doing here?" Johnny asked:
"I'm here to get the pay you own me." The rocker said as he jumped over the fence and landed on some of Johnny flowers:
"Ay! My flowers." Johnny said:
"You got the money?" The rocker asked:
"I don't have any money. I used it to fix up the place." Johnny said:
"That is sad. You know the deal. You can stay here and we don't trash your place. If you pay every six months." The rocker said stomping another flower:
"Ay! Stop that!" Johnny shouted:
"Then give me your money!" The rocker shouted:
"Hey!" Mayuri shouted as she sat down next to the rocker and began to fix the dirt he ruined:
"What?" The rocker asked:
"Can you move. I can at least fix this I think." Mayuri said calmly:
"Oi! Are you dumb Twat!" The rocker shouted and kicked Mayuri back. Mayuri crashed into the ground. She rolled over the garden floor and lied still:
"Mayuri! Leave the girl alone. You here for me..." Johnny said:
"You right about that." The rocker said:
"But. Then give me the money or I might let my leg slip again." The rocker said moving toward Mayuri. He placed his foot on top of Mayuri head:
"So where the money old man?" The rocker asked:
"You shouldn't mess with us." Mayuri angry voice said. The rocker suddenly began to shake. He began to bleed from his mouth and eyes:
"Soul connection..." Mayuri said as a blue line connected to the rocker was attached to Mayuri hand. The rocker leg moved on its own:
"Good boy," Mayuri said slowly standing up:
"What are you?" The rocker asked:
"Your death!" Mayuri shouted as she rolled her hand into a fist:
"No Mayuri!" Johnny shouted but it was too late. The rocker heart stopped and he fell to the ground dead:
"I protected you Jo-" Mayuri said but she was then hit over her head:
"What did you do? You killed him." Johnny said:
"He was threatening you." Mayuri said:
"Bah! I don't care about my health. You become a killer now." Johnny said:
"Where I'm from this is normal. I come from a war." Mayuri said coldly:
"...!" Johnny gasped for air suddenly and fell to the ground grasping his heart again:
"Johnny! Not again!" Mayuri shouted as she called for an ambulance:
"Sorry. We don't have any right now..." The women on the phone said:
"You don't have one!" Mayuri shouted but she didn't have time to argue. She poked Johnny as his soul came out. She carried him using his soul. She rushed down the mountain toward the town. Toward the hospital. It began to rain but she kept running. She suddenly fell. The soul lost the grab on Johnny. Her eyes widen:
"No!" Mayuri shouted. Her soul began to glow red and she reaches out and grabbed Johnny. She gasped for air and coughed up blood. The soul turned blue again. She began to run again. It took one hour to run to the hospital. She ran inside and looked around. She had stopped her spell and had the old man on the shoulder now so they didn't seem suspicious:
"Someone help. My grandpa is in pain!" Mayuri shouted. The whole hospital was crowded. A nurse quickly came running:
"We sorry but there a massive spread of a sickness right now. We try to get a handle on it. Can you two wait in that room?" The nurse asked:
"Wait. Look at him. His in pain. I demand you help him now!" Mayuri shouted:
"I'm sorry sweety but we just can't do that." The nurse said:
"I demand you help him right n-" Mayuri shouted:
"MAYURI!" Johnny shouted as he softly let go of her head and grasp his heart. He fell down on his knees. He was breathing heavily:
"Thanks for your concern miss...I will wait my turn." Johnny said:
"But Johnny?!" Mayuri shouted:
"And! I'm so sorry for this young lady." Johnny said bowing in front of the nurse. His head hitting the ground:
"It's fine sir..." The nurse said. Mayuri was dumbstruck. 

Time passed and he finally had a bed he could lie in:
"Mayuri...Come here, child." Johnny said. Mayuri had sat on a couch a few meters away from Johnny:
"Yes?" Mayuri asked as she walked up to him:
"I understand your concern about little old me. But there so many other people here right now." Johnny said:
"I just want to protect you," Mayuri said:
"Child...I think my time had come...I grew to be eighty-nine years old." Johnny said with a cough:
"No!" Mayuri shouted:
"Listen to me!" Johnny shouted. Mayuri went silent:
"I want you to break our bound," Johnny said:
"No!" Mayuri shouted:
"Yes. I remember you said that if your partner dies you die too. Did you not want to go back to that Tir Na Nog place? You can't do that while dead. So, please...Break our bound." Johnny said:
"I can't johnny...I just can't." Mayuri cried:
"Look at me, child," Johnny said. Mayuri looked at him with tearful eyes:
"Break the bond and live..." Johnny said:
"But I will just turn into a stone!" Mayuri shouted:
"Believe in yourself...And trust me." Johnny said with his hazy laugh. Mayuri nodded:
"Oh and one more thing...Smile girl...Kindness is in your heart..." Johnny said. Mayuri eyes widen as all memories began to flow into her. All the memories of her dad:
"You...are right...I'm a fairy..." She said:
"I knew that from the start...I knew someone as kind as you didn't want to conquer kingdoms..." Johnny said with a warm smile:
"...Johnny..." Mayuri said crying:
"Break the bond Mayuri..." Johnny said relaxing:
"Okay bye..." Mayuri said crying. The bond between them broke but it wasn't Mayuri who turned into a stone:
"Stay safe...This is my parting gift...I refused my soul with your power...My little Mayuri." Johnny's voice said in her head. She opened her eyes and was met with a bed. There was a small rock on it. The rock softly turned to dust:
"Johnny..." Mayuri cried sadly. She could feel the soul inside her:
"You planned this from the start didn't you." Mayuri cried out.

"That is how I ended here. I walked from town to town until I felt the presence of the gate to Tir Na Nog. The gate is above this city and we can reach it as soon as we get enough power." Mayuri said:
"I see," Miu said:
"So that is how it all happened," Hayden said:
"No more hesitation...It's time!" Mayuri said. The door at their side opened and Brent came out:
"You are right," Brent said:
"Brent?!" Mayuri shouted.
"I heard everything. I have been awake for quite some time now...Here." Brent said holding out his hand:
"Bound with me. Be my second partner." Brent said:
"It's fine. I allow it." Tiffle said with a wink. Mayuri smiled and took his hand. Her smile glowed up at that moment. For the first time in forever. She smiled like the sunset.

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