Diary of a Tyranid Player

I used to have a story I'd constantly update however I kinda stopped using the site and updating it. That was a year ago and now I'm gonna try and start again in a brand new diary with a change - I still play Tau in Warhammer 40k, but I also play a different race, Tyranids, so this is a new Diary for a new race and a new year - Enjoy guys


1. 05/01/2018 - The Date Part 1

I wanted this entry to be an entry of firsts so this is an entry about my first proper date and my first time meeting up with my girlfriend. She lives down south, 200 miles away so it was pretty great just knowing we were gonna be meeting up. We started planning the trip before we were even dating. It was first planned as a friend trip as she was still with her last boyfriend at the time. A day later she was single and then just one day later she was mine. It was two months waiting but finally, last weekend, we met, and honestly I can't believe it's been more than two months since me and her started talking, started dating. I can't believe a whole week has passed since she visited.

She came up on the Friday, the 29th, exactly two months since we started talking. Her train was due in at 4pm but unfortunately it was delayed by 20 minutes. This was not great when I'd got to the station an hour early and it was freezing so I was sat there for almost 90 mins in the station waiting for her. All the cold and discomfort went away when I saw her though, walking down those steps to me. We hugged and I'll never forget that moment, the words she said, how she said them. "I can't believe you're actually real" as we hugged tight in the station. Then it was just fairly customary, walking to the hotel and checking in. We dropped off our bags and then went out to grab snacks and she even treated me to some Warhammer models! After we'd been shopping we just cuddled and kissed in the hotel room till I had to go home because my mum wouldn't let me stay the night. It was so so good.

 Just thinking back on this now I can't help smile and cry because of happy it made me. Because of how good it was. Because of how much I miss her already after only a week of that all happening. Because  it feels heart breaking that I don't see her for another four months. And honestly I can't wait 

- Matthew 

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