Arranged Marriage

An arranged marriage, will Clementine be able to love someone with such a terrible past?


2. New chapter


His emerald green eyes were oulined perfectly by his long dark eyelashes. When he turned his head towards me, I saw something in his eyes change. Something dark, something I didn't want to know about or rathwr something he was hiding.

Hell he is charming, face as perfect as a god, but I'm not going to jump to conclusions too fast.

"Hello Clementine." he gave me a warm smile, studying everything and anything about me.

Did I mention his strong smell? Because it's defenitely taking over my own flowery smell I tried so hard to master earlier.

Even his voice sounded husky and mysterious. God I wish I hated him, I wish he will hate me and give me right back to my home.

I realised I was staring, and that i didn't greet him yet when Jamie coughed and threw me a glare, waking me up.

"Uh... H..hi nice to meet you..." I said shakily, realising that I don't know his name.

I'm still stood up, so he stands up to and delicately grabs my hand with his and kisses its back.

I must be staring with my mouth slightly open like a weirdo.

"Nicholas Lougette, Nick to you." His kiss lasted a few moments more than I was comfortable with, especially with Jamie's constant glare.

"Oh, you can call me Clem." I burst out, faster than I'd thought.

Then to my horror, Jamie stood up and headed for the door.

"I'd better leave you two alone, I'll be in the kitchen." he says while he clises the door not letting me protest.

The room suddenly became more tense, making me shudder.

"Hey, I know it's hard but I assure you I'm going to treat you like you should be treated." He says with a soft voice, putting his hands in his suit trouser pockets.

I nod and he comes a little bit closer.

"Come on, loosen up: I don't bite..." he comes a little closer.

"Please just... don't." I quickly take a step back, lettong him know where his limits are.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. You're just so..." he motioned to me.

He thinks he can charm me just because of his good looks and terribly sexy voice. He's wrong.

"Sure, I think I'm finished talking." I say, taking up the courage to pit my hand on the doorknob and open the door.

"Well, I'm not." In one swift motion, he leans past me and shuts the door.

"Please, sit." he says motioning to the seat Jamie had been sitting in.

I do as he says and put my hands in my lap, looking at the floor. He sits down too, making himself comfortable by swinging a leg over his other and leaning back.

"I'm going to ask you some questions, you have to answer them. It's simple. The contract allows me to do so." he says in a bored voice.

His change of attitude scares me a little bit...

I guess a few questions won't exactly hurt... right?

"What chores can you do?"

I hesitate, I can do everything but I can't imagine someone as rich as him wouldn't have a maid or something.

"I can do anything." I say seriously, if he can change his mood then i can too.

"Are you a virgin?" He said, staring me down.

"That question is extremely inapropp-" I start.

"I asked you a question Clementine." His eyebrows start narrowing and his tone sharpens.

"Yes, I'm a virgin." I say annoyed. Who does he think he is? Asking me that sort of question!

"Good. We're going to be taking care of that." he said, one corner of his full lips twist in a wicked smile.

"I'm sorry, I can't do this." I suddenly stand up and run for the door, however it seems like I didn't stamd up fast enough.

"Not so fast." he says while he grabs both of my hands and pushes me against the door as he pushes my arms up above my head.

I try to escape from him, but he was way too strong so I just gave in and looked to the floor.

"Look at me Clementine." He swapped his hand position as only one hand holding me still, and with the other he lifted my chin up.

I had no choice but to look at him, damn those beautiful green eyes.

"I am NOT going to hurt you." he said, furrowing his thick brows. He was so close I could feel his warm breath on my face, he was at least a head taller than me.

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