Arranged Marriage

An arranged marriage, will Clementine be able to love someone with such a terrible past?


1. New chapter

The pin Clem had just put in her hair had a firefly on it: it was colourful with turquoise diamonds scattered across its wings. It was a beautiful.

Her delicate fingers painted with scarlet nail polish caressed the outline of her lips with light pink to enhance her naturally pink lips.

"Clem?" Jamie had called.

Her blue eyes suddenly grew bigger as she shut her jewelry box and stood up on her bare feet.

She brushed her chestnut brown hair behind her left ear and opened her spruce door carefully.

"Y...yeah?" she said shyly, cracking the door open just enough for her perfectly shaped head to poke through.

Jamie wasn't exactly delightful to be around, but since her mother had forced her to move in with him (her half brother), she had no choice against her mothers' decision.

This statement was made by Susie, her mother, 5 years ago.

Since she was now 18, she was due to be married. However to her horror, it would have to be an arranged marriage to a man she has never met before. A man that could be worst than her father...

She went downstairs to face Jamie and see what he wanted, but she already knew what their following conversation was going to be about, or rather who about. Clem had heard Jamie talk about him. She had heard that he was visiting for the first time. She learnt that he was a businessman, and that he wanted a wife to share his business with.

This made Clem very nervous, you could tell that by hearing the uneven rythm to her heartbeat.

Clementine took a deep breath before entering the front room where her brother was to be stood. Just by the fact that he was standing she could just tell this was about the marriage.

"Clementine, sit down." he had said with a softer tone to his usually harsh voice, unusual for him.

She took a seat opposite him, while he stood standing.

"What is it James." she said, pretending she wasn't aware.

"A man that is intrested in you will be coming in one hour. I suggest you go upstairs and not make him regret his decision of choosing you." he said, his harsh voice coming back.

"Oh, please don't hand me over, I'm not ready yet!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms up in protest. She knew she had already gone too far.

"Clem! If you'd know how much he is willing to pay for you, you wouldn't even care if he was a rapist." Jamie raised his tone, making his starement clear.

Clem's eyes filled, however didn't let on a sight of sadness. She had always felt concealing and bottling emotions was the best way anyone would take her seriously: She had sensed the tears so she quickly got up and ran to her room, bare footed and in her dressing gown.

Tears were now leaking, taking over her rosy cheeks.

She quickly wiped them with a hankie and sat down in front of her mirror, dabbing at her face with tissue like a lunatic.

One hour. One hour to look her best. She would have to fit the 3 hours it usually took her to get ready into a record breaking 1 hour. Impossible!

Her trembling hands put on a casual dress, along with a blue ribbon tied at my waist with a delicate bow at the back (the blue ribbon matched the blue fliwers on my dress).

The dress did show a little bit of cleavage but it wasn't anything too extreme. The dress went up to my knees, maybe just a little over but yet again, not anything too extreme.

-Clementine POV-

I platted my hair in two plats from the sides and then joined them at the back, making myself look a little bit neater.

I put some white flats on, which also matched my dress and a matching set of jewelry around my neck and my ears. White fireflies.

It was then i heard the doorbell ring and I gasped. I can't do this. I won't do this. I sat on my bed with my head in my arms. My whole body had become numb to the thought that I was about to meet the person who I would be spending the rest of my life with. The person that had to pay for me so he could marry me. I can't let my family down even though they never supported me, fake it until you make it right?

I heard the stranger's voice in the hallway downstairs, greeting Jamie, probably with a handshake and then I heard my name.

Oh god my name. Jamie had called me, however I couldn't find the right strength in me to get up and face him.

"Sorry about this, she's still a little shaken up on the whole situation." said a faint voice from downstairs.

That little actor. I knew Jamie hated me really. He was always envious of my school results, and he still is. Sweetness is part of his act, weather he's around mother or anyone else.

"Clementine!" this time his voice sounded more stern and almost like a warning.

I knew I was pushing it, so i quickly opened the door with my still shaky hands and started my journey down the stairs.

My mind went to places it shouldn't have with every step that I took: Is he good looking? Would he want to have children?

I immediately shook those thoughts from my head, thinking it was wrong to judge someone by the cover.

I was now in the empty hallway he must have come through, I could tell this by the strong colgne smell still lingering in the air.

It was like someone put the scent of power, strength and dare I say sexy in a perfume bottle. This smell was like a trigger, sending shivers down my spine, instantly making me more curious about this man that was going to be my husband.

My hand clasped the doorknob and twisted it, to find Jamie and my future husband, opposite each outher in the two only seats it the front room...

A/N: There is going to be a part 2 if you want to find out what her husband is going to be like as well as a full series. Please take the time to comment if you want a part 2.

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