Quest For Honey Part Two: We Can't Give Up Now

Winnie the Pooh and Master Goat are trapped in a dungeon and their friends are on the run from the cruel heffalumps and woozels. The evil Jagular has nearly seized all of the remaining land and now all that remains is the One Rocky Mountain.
Will the bad guys stop our heroes from saving the world or will they make more allies? Or even more enemies?


8. In Which Teams One and Two Reunite

The kangaroos were hiding behind the bushes as they kept their eyes out for more heffalumps and woozels. Christopher Robin had to leave them as he was on a wooden pier doing lifeguard duty with Howard and Selena. They were all ready to dive in if they had to. Christopher Robin was wearing blue swim shorts, Howard was wearing purple swim sorts and Selena was wearing a strapless white bikini.

            They were sitting on wooden chairs as they watched the young scouts having a fun swim in the warm lake. Some were playing with blow-up balls, some were swimming on pool noodles, some were snorkelling and some were just relaxing in blow-up water tubes. Christopher Robin was keeping his eyes on snorkelling the most because he was the best at saving people from drowning.

            No heffalumps or woozels could be spotted for ages so Kanga took a deep breath and approached her husband. “Dear, why don’t you take a rest?” she suggested.

            Boomer’s eyes widened. That was the first time Kanga has spoken warmly to him since she met him. “Are you sure, darling?”

            “Well, it’s been three hours since the last heffalump attack,” Kanga said. “And we’re all tired. So why don’t we just rest?” She turned to their son. “Roo, come here and rest, dear.”

            “Okay, Mama.” Roo hopped to his parents and they all started to relax. They didn’t fall asleep or say anything, but they were actually feeling good about being a reconnected family after so many years. A mutual feeling they hadn’t had in many years.

            Then there was a rustle coming from the closest bush. They got back up and saw a head pop out of it.

            “Tigger!” Roo cried.

            Two more heads appeared.

            “Piglet!” Kanga cried.

            “Pigeon!” Boomer cried.

            They all bounced out of the bush and happily hugged each other. Then the kangaroos looked ahead to more heads popping out of the bush. There were eleven heffalumps heads and nine woozel heads.

            “Guys, look out!” Boomer ran to fight them, but Pigeon got in his way. “What are you doing, Pigeon?”

            “Introducing you to our new allies,” Pigeon said.

            Boomer was taken aback. “‘Allies’, you said?”

            “Correct,” Pigeon said. Then he, Piglet and Tigger explained about how they ran into the Rouge Heffalumps and Woozels and how they said they would do anything to stop the evil Jagular and his empire from spreading evil all over the world.

            “Have you seen the rest of our friends?” Roo asked.

            “We still haven’t seen or heard anything from Goat or Pooh Bear,” Pigeon said sadly. “We have found Rabbit, Eeyore and Owl.”
            The kangaroos cheered delightfully.

            “They made it back to the One Rocky Mountain, but now they had left with President Cat and the other refugees.”

            “That can only mean one thing,” Kanga said.

            “That they are getting their fresh air exercises?” Tigger said.

            “Yes, dear. That and the heffalumps and woozels are catching up to them.”

            “Well, it’s good that you guys have made more allies,” Boomer said. “Well done, Pigeon, Piglet and Tigger.”

            Then they heard a big splash.

            “I think Christopher Robin is in trouble,” Roo said.

            “Christopher Robin is here?” Piglet asked.

            Boomer nodded. “Let’s go and help him.”

            They ran to the edge as quickly as they could. They were confused as they couldn’t see Christopher Robin or his friends or anyone in the water. They were wondering if something had happened to them. Then they saw some bubbles. They backed away in fear until they saw Christopher Robin’s head popped up to the surface. He was wearing a diver’s snorkel mask.

            “Hi, guys,” he said, taking his mask off. “Fancy taking a dip? That’s what my friends and I are doing. Now that the young scouts have left and gone back to their own camp, it’s our – ” Then he gasped when he saw the rouge heffalumps and woozels next to their friends. “What are those heffalumps and woozels doing behind you?”

            “They’re our allies, Christopher Robin,” Kanga said.

            Then his friends came up to the surface and took their diving masks off.

            “Hey, what’s up, Chris?” Howard asked.

            “We’ve only been in here for ten minutes,” Selena said. “You’re not bored already, are you?”

            Christopher Robin introduced his scout friends to his old toy friends. When they got out, they shook hands with them and started to dry themselves with towels. Kanga told them the whole story of Piglet, Tigger and Pigeon finding the rouge heffalmups and woozels and their purpose to stop the Jagular.

            “Boy, that Jagular just grills me!” Howard snapped. “I agree he must be stopped before he rules the world.”

            “But how?” Christopher Robin asked. “That’s the question.”

            “I have some ideas,” Selena said. “Come on, let’s get our stuff and I’ll explain my ideas as we go to help those poor refugees against the bad guys.”

            Everyone was confused, but Christopher Robin and Howard trusted Selena and there was no time to waste so they decided to do what she instructed. And if Christopher Robin trusted her, then his old toys could trust her. 

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