Quest For Honey Part Two: We Can't Give Up Now

Winnie the Pooh and Master Goat are trapped in a dungeon and their friends are on the run from the cruel heffalumps and woozels. The evil Jagular has nearly seized all of the remaining land and now all that remains is the One Rocky Mountain.
Will the bad guys stop our heroes from saving the world or will they make more allies? Or even more enemies?


4. In Which Team Two Bumps Into Christopher Robin

The kangaroo family was still hopping and the heffalumps’ silver helicopter was still behind them. They had been hopping until nightfall but they couldn’t lose the helicopter, no matter how many ideas and times they’ve tried. They didn’t know how much longer they could keep their speed up. All they knew was that the helicopter kept on getting closer to them and would never leave them alone.

            “How much further now, Mama?” a tired Roo asked.

            “Shush, dear!” Kanga whispered. “We’ll stop when we find somewhere to hide.”

            Then Boomer spotted something. “Let’s hide in there,” he suggested.

            Kanga and Roo saw where he was pointing to. It was a big camp site with green medium-sized tents. They were still unsure because it could a campsite for heffalumps and woozels.

            “It’s not an enemy campsite, I can tell,” Boomer said. “Trust me. If I wanted to hand you guys over to the enemy, why would I be trying to escape from them?” He took Kanga’s hand and they jumped down.

            The kangaroo family hid behind the closest tent to them. They waited to avoid the helicopter’s light, but it didn’t come over them. The noise also started to get less noisy.

Boomer turned around and didn’t see the helicopter. He let out a happy sigh of relief. “I think we lost them,” he said as he turned back to Kanga and Roo.

They were pleased as he was. They started to smile for the first time since they were forced out of the Hundred Acre Wood by the heffalumps and woozels. Then a light was shone above the kangaroo family. They screamed.

“Please don’t hurt us!” Kanga begged.

“You’ll never take us!” Boomer yelled.

“I’m not going to hurt you guys!” said a young male’s voice.

When the light went off, the kangaroos saw that it was a torch that had been shining on them. And they saw that the torch belonged to none other than…

“Christopher Robin!” Kanga and Roo cried together.

And it was. Christopher Robin who was now fourteen years old and wearing a scout uniform. “Kanga! Roo!” He was as delighted to see them as they were to see him. He turned his torch off and knelt to hug them. “I’m so glad to see you! But what are you doing here?” Then he turned to see Boomer. “And who is your friend here?”

“It’s a long story, dear,” Kanga said.

Then they heard a beeping noise. They saw it came from Christopher Robin’s watch. “It’s nine o’clock. That means that my night guard shift has finished. We can go back to my tent and you can tell me about what has been going on lately.”

The kangaroos followed Christopher Robin back to his tent. They stopped when he stopped. They turned around and saw a girl scout. A tall tanned skin girl with long black hair and beautiful brown eyes. She was the same height as Christopher Robin and looked to be the same age. The kangaroos hid behind him.

“How is it looking, Christopher Robin?” the girl asked.

“All is well, Selena,” Christopher Robin replied. “Everyone is having fun, but it’s still quiet. No litter around, no hazards and no one hurt at all.”

Selena smiled. “I knew you were going to be wonderful the day we joined the cub scouts. I always knew I could trust you and you’ve never let me down.”

Christopher Robin smiled back. “Well, I’m lucky to have a great leader to help me.”

Selena gave him a big hug. “Well, see you tomorrow.”

“Who was that, Christopher Robin?” Kanga asked, as she and her family popped around.



Christopher Robin started to explain when he and his kangaroo friends were inside his small tent. “That Selena is the leader of my pack. I’m her second-in-command. We’ve been cubs on the same day we both started and I believe that’s why she trusts me a lot.”

            “Have you two been on a date yet?” Kanga asked.

            “No,” Christopher Robin said. “And a chance would be a fine thing. But anyway we both have enough on own individual plates. Now, what about you three? What are you doing here? And where is everyone else?”
            Kanga explained that the Hundred Acre Wood had been taken over by the Jagular and his armies of Heffalumps and Woozels. She, Roo and her friends had to leave their homes and flee to the One Rocky Mountain where other refugees were barely surviving. Then they met two Forest Protection Rangers and they decided to find the magical source that will stop him.

            “What’s this magical source?” Christopher Robin asked.

            “It’s called the Honey,” Roo explained. “And we’re trying to get it to the One Rocky Mountain before the Jagular can unleash it to do damage to the rest of the world.”
            “The Honey?” Christopher Robin pondered. “I’ll bet Pooh would love that magic. Hey, where is he?”

            Kanga sadly continued to say that they managed to find some of the Honey, but they got spotted by the enemy. They escaped, but at the cost of Pooh and Master Goat surrendering.

            Christopher Robin was shocked to hear that part. “So Pooh and Master Goat are trapped in the enemy’s home?”

            “And that’s not the only bad news,” Roo said. “We were on our way back to the One Rocky Mountain to give this Honey when three heffalump and woozel helicopters came behind us and caused us to split up into three people. We just lost a helicopter before we came into your camp. We don’t know if they’ll be back and we have no idea what has happened to the rest of our friends.”
            “Well, if you stay with me in this camp,” Christopher Robin said, “you’ll be safe. I’m helping some scout cubs go on a nature walk. If you hide in my rucksack, we could look for our friends while we’re in the forest.”

            The kangaroos thought that was a very good idea. Then Christopher Robin yawned. “I don’t know about you, but I need some sleep. I have to get up early too.” He got inside his sleeping bag.

            The kangaroos once again agreed with him and got into their sleeping bags as well.



The next day, after a tasty breakfast of fried eggs, baked beans, mushrooms and buttered toast, the kangaroos hid in Christopher Robin’s rucksack as he joined his friends, Selena and Howard who was another scout leader and one of Christopher Robin’s best friends, helping the scout cubs on their nature trek. The bag was slightly opened so the kangaroos could keep their eyes peeled to look for their friends through the woods. They couldn’t find anything, not even a paw print. They were beginning to wonder if they would ever see them again.

            “Mama, Papa, I think I see Tigger,” Roo cried, trying to climb out.

            “Roo, dear, wait,” Kanga said. “Be careful.”
            But it was too late. Little Roo fell out of the rucksack. He decided to hop towards the tree he thought Tigger was behind.

            “No, Roo, come back,” Boomer cried.

            “Come back, dear,” Kanga cried.

            But Roo was too far away to hear a single word from his parents. He hopped and hopped until he approached the tree. He called for Tigger but no tigger showed up.

            Then he was picked up. He saw it was an orange heffalump. He tried to hop away, but he got picked up.

            “Oh, save your energy,” the heffalump said, as Roo was trying to escape him. “You can’t escape. Now, tell me where the Honey is!”

            “I got it right here!” cried a voice.

            The heffalump turned to see Christopher Robin throwing a bunch of leaves of him.

            “Let him go!” Christopher Robin roared.

            The heffalump fearfully dropped Roo and started to run away.

            “And don’t ever come back!” Then Christopher Robin turned to pick up Roo. “You okay, Roo?”

            “Yeah, I’m good,” Roo said. “Thanks, Christopher Robin.”

            “Hey, Chris, man, you okay?”

            Christopher Robin quickly put Roo back in his rucksack and turned to face his friends. “I’m good. I saw a beaver cutting down a tree that protects a lot of endangered wildlife. I threw leaves at it to scare it away and yelled at it never to come back again.” He had been thinking of a conniving story for his friends while he was saving Roo from the heffalump.

            His friends believed his story and they all congratulated him on how he did his bit to help the wildlife. They boasted about it to the scout cubs as they continued their trek.

            Christopher Robin never doubted the story of his kangaroo friends, but now that he had helped Roo against an evil heffalump, he didn’t know what he could do to help them. He would do anything in his power to do so, but he couldn’t come up with any ideas.

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