Quest For Honey Part Two: We Can't Give Up Now

Winnie the Pooh and Master Goat are trapped in a dungeon and their friends are on the run from the cruel heffalumps and woozels. The evil Jagular has nearly seized all of the remaining land and now all that remains is the One Rocky Mountain.
Will the bad guys stop our heroes from saving the world or will they make more allies? Or even more enemies?


5. In Which Team Three Finally Reaches The One Rocky Mountain

“Can you see anything, Owl?” Rabbit called.

            “Shh.” Owl was flying just below the trees’ tallest branches because he didn’t want the silver helicopter behind him and his friends to spot them. It had been following them for days and they dared not sleep in case the helicopter could capture them when they were not looking. They did manage to rest, but neither of them dared to have forty winks because they were so tired that they could fall asleep for so long. They would rest when they would get to the One Rocky Mountain.

            “I can’t see any helicopter,” Owl reported.

            “And can you see the One Rocky Mountain?” Rabbit asked.

            “Well, I can see a mountain but I don’t know if it’s the one we’re trying to get to,” Owl said.

            “That’s good enough,” Rabbit said. “Come on, Eeyore. Let’s go.”
            “What else have we been up to?” Eeyore muttered as he followed his friends.

They were in an open field. Owl warned them to keep their eyes peeled not just for helicopters but for anything unusual as anything could come for them. Then he could hear some whirring. He looked behind to see if the noise was coming behind and he was disappointed when he saw how right he was. The silver helicopter was behind them and was landing.

            “Run faster!” Owl ordered. “They’re here and they’re landing.”

            “Landing?” Rabbit was confused. “Why would they land? They haven’t caught up to us.”

            Owl looked behind. “Yet. There’s a powerful military tank charging towards us.”

            Rabbit and Eeyore looked behind to see that Owl was right again. A military tank vehicle full of mean looking heffalumps was gaining on them. Rabbit and Eeyore ran and Owl flew as fast as they could, but the heffalump tank still caught up to them.

            Then some mud was fallen onto the tank’s windscreen. It steered away from Team Three and crashed into the nearest river.

            Team Three looked up and were amazed to see a bird squad of the Forest Protection Rangers above them. They were holding sticks with dripping mud.

            The leader, a brown eagle, flew down and approached them. “Well, come on, we’re only an hour away from the One Rocky Mountain.”

            Team Three were delighted to hear that and they followed the bird squad to the mountain as quickly as they could.



When they finally reached the One Rocky Mountain, they started to feel the most relaxed than they ever had since they left it. When they were offered the food and water they were given, despite its disgusting look and tasteless tastes, they were very grateful for having something to eat and drink.

            Then President Cat entered their room. “Welcome back,” he greeted them friendly. “I’m glad you made it in one piece.”

            “Not all of us,” Rabbit sighed. “We’ve been separated from the rest of our friends, including Master Goat and his apprentice Pigeon.” He went on to explain that Master Goat and Pooh were trapped in the enemy’s home and their rest of the friends were split into three teams when enemy helicopters caught them. They had no word from the other teams since.

            “Why were they chasing you?” Cat asked.

            “This.” Owl produced the vial of the Honey they had taken from the Jagular’s Mansion. He went on to explain what it could do and why the Jagular was after it because they could use it against him, but the cat was just looking at the vial and wasn’t listening to it.

            “I’ve made my mind up,” Cat said. Then he turned to his rangers. “Tell everyone to pack their things and gather at the entrance. I will explain later.”

            As he and his rangers walked out of the room, Rabbit, Owl and Eeyore tried to wonder why the president wanted everyone to pack up. Then they did after the Forest Protection Rangers nagged them to pick up speed.



They were all just as confused as everyone at the entrance. Then President Cat arrived and addressed them all.

            “Thank you all for coming,” he said. “Thanks to Rabbit, Owl and Eeyore and their friends who are sadly still lost somewhere but hopefully we will find them, we now know more about what the Jagular’s plans are.” He revealed the Honey vial.

            Everyone was not impressed with what they saw.

            “The Jagular wants this honey?” asked a horse.

            “There’s not enough,” complained a fox.

            “What’s so special about this?” asked a newt.

            Then everyone thought they saw a glow. They looked back down to see the Honey sample. They saw another glow. They were amazed.

            “This is not honey that is made by bees or manuka,” President Cat said. “This is magic and the Jagular wants to use this to rule over us. But we’re not going to let them.”

            “Really?” Owl asked. “How?”

            “We’re going to hide this Honey sample and leave this mountain,” President Cat said.

            Everyone was more shocked to hear that and became more worried.

            “Oh, don’t worry,” Cat said. “The next place will be better than this gloomy old mountain and it will be better hidden. We must go now.”

            Everyone was worried as they left, but since neither of them could think of anything better or change the president’s mind, they just followed him.

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