Quest For Honey Part Two: We Can't Give Up Now

Winnie the Pooh and Master Goat are trapped in a dungeon and their friends are on the run from the cruel heffalumps and woozels. The evil Jagular has nearly seized all of the remaining land and now all that remains is the One Rocky Mountain.
Will the bad guys stop our heroes from saving the world or will they make more allies? Or even more enemies?


7. In Which Team One's New Allies Make Their Decisions

It had been a week since Pigeon, Piglet and Tigger were discovered by the rouge heffalumps and woozels and taken to their secret hideout. It was inside a massive oak tree. They were scared when they went in at first but they started to relax after they saw how massive and cosy their hideout was. They met the rest of the rouge heffalumps and woozels and they were amazed to see they were just as friendly as the ones that first met them.

            “Make yourselves home, my good new friends,” said Trevor, who was the Rouge Chief.

            “Thanks,” Pigeon, Piglet and Tigger said together.

            When their tour of the hideout began, they were surprised there was plenty of room for a pigeon, a piglet and a tigger as well as twelve heffalumps and eight woozels. They could play table tennis, play indoor football, play pool and the brand new sport of just plain bouncing around, which was Tigger’s suggestion. The heffalumps and woozels got tired easily but they really enjoyed it and they felt like a good workout afterwards.

Pigeon was starting to relax. He had never known how to, as he was brought into the Forest Projection Rangers when he was a squab and started to train everyday of his life since. He was really enjoying playing the games, eating the junk food he had never been allowed on his strict Forest Ranger Protection diet and sleep in as long as he wanted.

On the seventh day, he flew up to get a bit of fresh air. He noticed that Piglet was outside as well and sitting outside the tree looking through a big telescope everywhere. He looked as if he hadn’t relaxed all week like Pigeon or Tigger. If that was the case, Pigeon knew why. “Don’t worry about our friends, Piglet,” he said.

            “I just c-c-can’t h-h-help it,” Piglet said.

            “We have been relaxing, but that’s not the main purpose we are here,” Pigeon said. “I’m trying to get those heffalumps and woozels to help us fight the Jagular before he takes over them as well. I’m only sorry it’s taken us a week to do so.”

            Then a lot of walking could be heard nearby. Pigeon flew to the top of the tree and looked ahead. He was relieved to see it was not the Jagular or soldiers from his army. It was something like a parade but it was too far away for him to make out who was in it. He borrowed the telescope from Piglet and looked closer. He was surprised to see it was the refugees from the One Rocky Mountain with Rabbit, Eeyore, Owl and President Cat among them.

            He was about to tell Piglet and Tigger about their friends and to get ready to rejoin them, but then he reminded himself about them being out of the One Rocky Mountain. That could mean only one thing: that the Jagular and his army of heffalmups and woozels were after them! How close he was to them Pigeon couldn’t see or make out but he had a hunch that they were not too far behind, judging by the feet of the refugees. They still had enough Forest Protection Rangers with them, but it was not enough to fight the Jagular if he arrived to them.

            Pigeon took Piglet back inside the oak tree and addressed Tigger and the rouge heffalumps and woozels who needed a break from today’s bouncing session. “I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that I have found Owl, Eeyore and Rabbit and they are with the refugees.”

            Piglet and Tigger were delighted.

            “The bad news,” Pigeon said, “is that they are outside the One Rocky Mountain and that could only mean the bad guys are coming to get them.”

            That shocked Piglet, Tigger and the rouge heffalumps and woozels.

            “Everyone, please!” Pigeon shouted as loud as he could. They all went silent. “There is some time to help them but we can only do it together.” He turned to Chief Trevor. “Chief, I know you don’t want to get in involved in this war, but we can’t fight the Jagular without your help. I’m sure President Cat will award the very best way he can, but your reward from us will be our admiration. You guys will be role models not only to us but to all of the future generations.”

            “Yeah, you guys will go down in history,” Tigger added.

            That got the rouge heffalumps and woozels thinking. Pigeon, Piglet and Tigger crosses their fingers as they watched their friends discuss the cons and pros of their offer.

            Chief Trevor approached Pigeon and shook his wing. “We will gladly help you. So what is your plan of action?”

            “Well, we need more help than all of us together,” Piegon said.

“Maybe the kangaroos have found some help,” Piglet said.

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