Quest For Honey Part Two: We Can't Give Up Now

Winnie the Pooh and Master Goat are trapped in a dungeon and their friends are on the run from the cruel heffalumps and woozels. The evil Jagular has nearly seized all of the remaining land and now all that remains is the One Rocky Mountain.
Will the bad guys stop our heroes from saving the world or will they make more allies? Or even more enemies?


3. In Which Team One Makes New Allies

Pigeon flew above and ahead of Piglet and Tigger. He tried to see if there was a tree or a boulder for them to hide to lose the silver helicopter behind them. Sadly, all he could see was soft mud and few small stepping stones.

            Piglet was on Tigger’s back. That made it easier for both of them to jump on the stepping stones. As great of a bouncer as he was, he was not fast enough to dodge the approaching helicopter.

            Pigeon knew he had to help them, but he didn’t know what to use. Then he noticed a stick halfway stuck in the mud. It gave him an idea. He didn’t have time to think whether it would work or not so he just flew down and freed it from the mud with all of his strength. He saw it still had some dripping mud on it which was what he wanted.

            “Help, Pigeon!” Tigger cried. “They’ve nearly got us!”

            Pigeon turned to see the helicopter had caught up to Tigger and Piglet. The side door opened and he saw some heffalumps holding fishing nets for them. Pigeon flew to the heffalumps and flew the dripping mud at them. Their faces were covered by mud that they had to drop their nets and wipe the mud off their faces. As they couldn’t see anything, they couldn’t see Pigeon shutting the side door. Then he flew to the helicopter’s windscreen and threw the remaining mud on the stick onto it.



“I can’t see anything!” cried the heffalump pilot. “It’s too muddy!”

            “Use the wipers to wipe the mud off the windscreen, you moron!” the heffalump captain said.

            The pilot tried to activate the wipers but he couldn’t work out which button was which. He turned the radio on and off, he called the Jagular by accident and he even accidentally ordered a takeaway pizza.

            An engineer pressed the button to activate the wipers and soon the windscreen was cleaned up. They saw that they were very close to the marshlands.

            “Pull up!” the heffalump captain yelled.

            The pilot immediately pulled the helicopter up. They were soon above the marshes again.

            “Now, let’s get back to tracking those scapegoats down,” the captain said.

            Everyone looked down and was confused.

            “We can’t find any goats down below,” the pilot said. “And there wasn’t any before those rebels spilt up.”
            The captain growled angrily. “Just find those rebels before they get away!”

            “Yes, sir,” the pilot said nervously.

            Then the rest of the crew went back to work.



The helicopter swooped around the marshlands, but it couldn’t find anyone. So it moved on, passing a massive boulder. From behind the boulder came a pigeon, a piglet and a tigger. They all exhaled a sigh of relief.

            “Well, I’m glad that’s over,” Piglet said.

            “And look.” Pigeon pointed to the edge of a new forest. “Just beyond that forest is the One Rocky Mountain. Come on.”

            He flew on ahead, followed by Tigger with Piglet on his back bouncing on the last few stepping stones.

            When they reached the forest, they went behind a big tree to rest quickly.

            Tigger was panting very heavily. “Boy, I don’t think I ever bounced ever like that in my life. I think I’ve done a bouncing marathon.”

            “If you did a real bouncing marathon, Tigger,” Piglet said, “which charity would you bounce for?”
            “Why, the Tigger Society.”

            “Is that a charity that you’re the founder and the chairman of?” Pigeon asked.

            “Oh, you’re one smart bird, Pigeon,” Tigger said.

            “Hey, a penny for your charity.”

            “Why, thank you.” Tigger saw the penny he took… from a heffalump. He gasped. “Pigeon!”

            Pigeon saw the heffalump. Piglet saw it too and went behind Pigeon as the bird charged for the big heffalump. Then he saw two big heffalumps. Then three. Then four woozels. Then he noticed that these heffalumps and woozels were not wearing the uniform of the Jagular’s army. They were wearing ripped and shredded clothes.

            “Guys, I know you are the rouge heffalumps and woozels,” the brave bird said. “I know you don’t want to serve the Jagular and neither do I or my friends. If we join forces, we will be able to stop him once and for all.”

            Tigger and Piglet shuddered when Pigeon held his wing out and the rouge heffalumps and woozels just stood there. They were nervous that they could make more enemies instead of allies. Then the Chief, a heffalump wearing a grey cloak and a crown made out of branches with green leaves, approached Pigeon and shook his wing.

            “Let’s take you back to our secret headquarters,” the Rouge Chief said. He and his followers led Pigeon, Piglet and Tigger the way.

            “Well, at least we made more allies,” Tigger said.

            Pigeon and Piglet agreed, though they were cautious in case they were walking into a trap.

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