Quest For Honey Part Two: We Can't Give Up Now

Winnie the Pooh and Master Goat are trapped in a dungeon and their friends are on the run from the cruel heffalumps and woozels. The evil Jagular has nearly seized all of the remaining land and now all that remains is the One Rocky Mountain.
Will the bad guys stop our heroes from saving the world or will they make more allies? Or even more enemies?


2. In Which Pooh's Friends Split Into Three Groups

Pigeon hadn’t slept for days. Partly because he had been on guard duty for himself and his friends every night since they escaped the Jagular’s Mansion. He was the only one who had to do it because he was the only one trained to do so. He had let each of his friends have a try, but they all had problems. Piglet got too scared, Tigger overdid with his bouncing, Rabbit got overstressed, Kanga and Roo got scared, Eeyore didn’t seem to mind too much about what happened and Owl went on and on talking so much that he couldn’t focus on the job. General Boomer would have been the ideal choice, but he couldn’t focus because he was too worried about Kanga and Roo still not wanting to talk to him. He tried to convince that he was still the same Boomer he was before the heffalumps and woozels caught him and the Jagular made him the leader to his army, but they were still finding it hard to believe.

            So Pigeon had to be on watch since his friends tried and failed, therefore he was very tired. Not to mention that worrying about his master, Master Goat, still trapped in that dreadful mansion with Pooh Bear wasn’t doing him any favors. He had been sleeping for an hour or so every time they stopped for lunch, but he was still not getting the sleep he needed.

They had been wondering through the Seventy-Seven Grasslands since they escaped the Jagular’s mansion on his boats and landed there since. Though neither Pigeon nor his friends had encountered any heffalumps and woozels or any other dangers so far, he was still worried about his leadership skills. He was still an apprentice, not a master.

            “Pigeon, dear,” Kanga said. “Why don’t you rest in my pouch until you get enough sleep?”

            “That’s very kind of you, Kanga,” Pigeon yawned. “But I need to – ”

            “Lack of sleep is never good for you,” Kanga said.

            “Yeah, look at you,” Tigger said. “You make Eeyore look like a clown.”

            “Thanks a lot,” Eeyore said. “That’s really made me feel very funny.”

            “You see?” Tigger said, hugging Eeyore as usual. “This donkey’s got the message.”

            “Okay, Tigger,” you win,” Pigeon yawned. He went into Kanga’s pouch and started to sleep.



Pigeon woke up some time later. He didn’t know how long he was asleep, but he felt much better. He felt fresh as a daisy. He saw he was still in Kanga’s pouch and all of his friends were still with him. No one was missing.

            “Thanks, Kanga,” Pigeon said as he flew out. He looked to see where he was. He saw they were on the outside edge of the Seventy-Seven Grasslands.

            “Good work, guys,” Pigeon said. “After this, we go into the Eighteen Marshlands and then we’re back at the One Rocky Mountain.”

            “Then we go save Pooh and Goat,” Rabbit said.

            “Oh, g-g-good,” Piglet said. “It’d be l-l-lovely to see P-P-P-Pooh again. All the s-s-s-suspense is m-m-making me – ”

            “Quiet, Piglet,” Pigeon whispered.

            “Yes, I suppose it is making me quiet,” Piglet confessed. “As well as – ”

            “No, I need you to be quiet, Piglet,” Pigeon whispered.

            Everyone went silent as they waited for Pigeon to say something. Then he pointed at where he was looking at. They looked behind and gasped as they saw three silver helicopters flying above the grasslands.

            Pigeon looked back at the Marshlands. All he could see was wet mud and small rocks; no trees. He knew there was nowhere to hide.

            “My friends,” Pigeon said. “No matter where we go, there’s nowhere for us to hide from the heffalumps and woozels. So we’ll have to split up into three groups.”

            His friends didn’t want to do it. They didn’t know if they even could.

            “I don’t like this any more than you do,” Pigeon said, “but it might be our only chance for our future. It might be our only way to help Master Goat and Pooh Bear.”

            The mention of Pooh Bear seemed to motivate his friends to do the right thing. Pigeon spilt them into three groups: Team One was Pigeon, Piglet and Tigger, Team Two was Kanga, Roo and Boomer and Team Three was Rabbit, Owl and Eeyore. He gave Teams Two and Three a vial of the honey each.

            “Good luck,” Pigeon said. “Team One, with me!”

            Then they all went their own ways.



“Captain,” a woozel pilot called from one of the helicopters’ cockpit. “They’re splitting into three groups.”

            The woozel captain looked through the cockpit and saw what the pilot meant. He just chuckled smugly. “They think they’ll lose us that easily. Well, we’re going to show them how they can’t lose us.” He ran to the radio unit and pressed the button to speak to the other helicopters. “Attention, all woozel scouts. They are splitting up in three ways, but we will track them down. Remember, the most important things the Jagular wants are the vials. Now, let’s got them all.”

            Then the silver helicopters spilt up.  The middle one took Team One. The left one took Team Two and the right one took Team Three.


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