Quest For Honey Part Two: We Can't Give Up Now

Winnie the Pooh and Master Goat are trapped in a dungeon and their friends are on the run from the cruel heffalumps and woozels. The evil Jagular has nearly seized all of the remaining land and now all that remains is the One Rocky Mountain.
Will the bad guys stop our heroes from saving the world or will they make more allies? Or even more enemies?


6. In Which Pooh Is Sentenced To Fight

The more the days went on, the more anxious Pooh got. Every day he ate less and drank less. He was feeling this way because he still hadn’t heard anything about his friends since they escaped the Jagular’s Manison. He never felt so much anxiety ever in his life.

            “Pooh, you have got to calm down,” Goat said. “Getting stressed about this isn’t going to help anything at all. You’re just making yourself ill and that won’t do your friends any favours at all. Come and sit back down.”

            Pooh sighed and sat back down near Goat.

            “I just feel like I could do so much more to help them than just stay here, Goat,” Pooh said.

            “So do I, Pooh,” Goat said. “I suppose all we can do is practise serenity.”

            “Sir Ren A Tea?” Pooh said. “Is he a famous knight? Where can we find him?”

            Goat chuckled. “No, Pooh. Serenity is a way to feel calm. It helps you think about what you can’t do in a situation, but also what you can do in it and the wisdom to know the difference between.”

            “Between what?” Pooh asked.

            “As an example, we can’t get out of this cage,” Goat said, “and we can’t physically help our friends, but we can hope for the best and hope that they get the vials of the Honey back to President Cat. That’s an example of serenity.”

            For the first time, Pooh started to feel more relaxed. He still didn’t fully understand about this serenity thing, but it was enough to make him feel better. He even started to smile for the first time in weeks. For a while, he pictured in his mind his friends succeeding in their mission and then coming to rescue him and Goat from the cage, then back at home in the Hundred Acre Wood which a load of honey from the bees was waiting for him. He thought if he practised this serenity more often, he would feel better more often.

            “Don’t get the wrong idea,” Goat added. “Serenity doesn’t solve the problems; it just makes you feel good and motivated to continue when times get really tough.”

            Then their relaxing times were rudely interrupted when he saw the woozel general enter the room. He ordered the two woozel solders behind him to open the cage, shackle up Pooh and Goat and take them out.

            “Where are you taking us, General?” Goat demanded.

            “You’ll see,” the general said. Then he turned to his soldiers. “Take them to it.”


Ten minutes later, Pooh and Goat were escorted into the insides of a tall and stony tower. At the bottom, there was a lot of water. It looked like an ocean had moved in. Up above there was a big balcony of heffalumps and woozels up above them.

            As he wondered what was going on, Pooh was pushed into the water. Treading, he turned around and saw Goat being pulled back with the woozel soldiers and the grate gate closing down in front of them. He still didn’t know what was happening.

            Goat tried to break of the soldiers and help Pooh, but they were too strong and they were holding him very tightly. “What are you doing to Pooh?” he demanded.

            “Look up,” one of the woozel soldiers said.

            Goat looked to see the heffalump general and the woozel general rising from their wooden seats on the balcony.

            “Ladies and gentlemen,” the heffalump general. “The Jagular has had to go away on some important business. He further says that during his absence, for all of your hard work, he has given a show for you to watch. A fat, brainless teddy bear against Fluffy.”
            Pooh was confused. “Fluffy? Who’s Fluffy?”

            “Behind you,” said a booming voice.

            “Well, that’s all right, then.” Then Pooh realised what just happened. He turned around and came to face to face with a giant crocodile.

            “I didn’t think crocodiles were fluffy,” the bear with very little brain said. “I thought they were scaly and had sharp white teeth.

            Fluffy showed his sharp white teeth and licked them.

           The heffalmup general rose. “Let the fight begin.”

           The heffalumps and woozels cheered, but Goat feared for Pooh.

           Fluffy roared and charged for his opponent who was still clueless about the whole thing.

“Do I swim away from you or just give you something to eat?” Pooh asked.

           “Pooh, just swim away!” That was all Goat managed to say before his mouth got wrapped by strong woozel hands. But it was enough for Pooh to swim away in time.

           “Give him any more advice, Goat, and both of you will be Fluffy’s snacks tied up in rope on a sharp rock,” the woozel soldier warned him.

           Goat sighed as he feared the worst for Pooh. All the teddy bear could do was swim around the big pool to avoid Fluffy. It was hard enough swimming because he was fat and didn’t do a lot of exercise. Christopher Robin had given him a few swimming lessons when he was on his summer holidays from school, but that was a few years ago and none of those lessons ever taught him how to swim away from a predator.

           Pooh needed to take a breather. “Can we – Can we take a breather, please, Fluffy?”

           But, of course, the answer was no as Fluffy charged for him again, only to avoid him.

           As he continued to swim to avoid the crocodile, Pooh noticed a big stone. It looked like a honey pot.

           Goat gasped at what he saw. No, Pooh. What are you doing? He wanted to say that out but he remembered that the woozels warning him of giving him more advice.

            Pooh picked up the stone and look inside. To his disappointment, it had no honey in it. Then he heard a roar and saw Fluffy opening his mouth right in front of him. He closed his eyes and held the rock in front of his face to defend himself. Then his mitts felt like he wasn’t holding anything. He opened them to see that they weren’t. The rock was in pieces and around a knocked-out, groaning Fluffy.

            Goat was pleased that Pooh had won, but the heffalmups and woozels weren’t applauding. In fact they were too quiet.

            Then the heffalump general stood up. “Well, I guess Winnie the Pooh is not the fat, brainless teddy bear we all thought he was. He and Goat need a new fighter and I know the very one. Squishy the shark will be the one to fight them both.”

            Then all the heffalmup and woozels finally cheered.

            “You can’t do that!” Goat roared. “Pooh won that fight fair and square. And I didn’t even fight in it.”

            “Well, we are only following orders from the Jagular,” the heffalump general said. “Besides, the Jagular Empire didn’t get to where we were by being fair to others. Soldiers, take them to the ship and set sail for the Eighty Two Sea.”

            Pooh was fished out of the water and was shoved with Goat.

            “I thought you did very well, Pooh,” Goat said.

            “Thank you, Goat,” Pooh said. “I was trying to work out what I couldn’t do but what I could do and know the difference between them.”
            Goat smiled at last and started to practise serenity as he and Pooh was shoved out of the tower.

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