First Kiss

Your best friends are obsessed with these 2 singers from Norway that you have no idea or interest in. Until you are forced to go to one of their concerts......


7. Pt.6

Y/ns pov

One of them walked away and started singing but the other one that chose me to come up stayed and said, "I'm Marcus." and i nodded. Then he started singing. 'Damn he has a beautiful voice. NO! I can't think that!' Then Marcus walked away and when his twin was singing he came up to me with a look on his face that i got lost in. He came closer to me and grabbed my cheek and I didn't want to but his hands were so soft. Then he leaned in and we kissed. It felt like it lasted hours but it only lated 30 seconds. He broke the kiss and smiled then sang again. Then the song ended and Marcus took me off stage and handed me something but made sure no one saw it. I opened it and saw a phone number. After the concert I texted the number.

Y: Hello

M: Who is this

Y: Its Y/N.

M: Oh. Hi!

Y: Who are you? ;)

M: Marcus duh

Y: I knew that just being silly.

M: Oh. Okey.

M: Are you busy tomorrow?

Y: No. Why?

M: Would you like to go on a date with me?

Y: I would love to.

M: Ok. I'll pick you up tomorrow at 1. Wear something comfy.

Y: Okey. I'll see you tomorrow.

M: See you tomorrow. <3

I can't believe I am going on a date with my best friends crush. I feel so bad. 

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