First Kiss

Your best friends are obsessed with these 2 singers from Norway that you have no idea or interest in. Until you are forced to go to one of their concerts......


4. Pt.3

You and your friends go to the concert 5 hours early so that you can get up in the front. About 2 hours later, they finally start letting people in. You 4 run to front and get there and are on the rails up at the front. 1 hour later, they come out and say "Hello!" and start singing 'Make you believe in love'. "They are pretty good." you think to yourself."What am I saying??" you look to your besties and see them singing and dancing. After they sing a few songs they say,"Would a girl ike to join us on stage while we sing 'First Kiss'?" Michealia looks at you with a smirk. "What?"..........

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