Gamechanger of feelings

Skrevet på engelsk som et projekt og forsøg. Jeg lover ikke at den er fejlfri i sproget og grammatikken, men giver den en chance alligevel.

Imagine being able to read souls. Or being capable of reading every feeling a person has ever felt in his or her life, including what they feel right now. You know when people lie, or when they are turned on by you. You might call it reading auras, but auras are what people feel in the moment, not all their feeling-memories, so souls are more fitting, I guess. And then imagine, that the way you read them is by absorbing others feelings, and you can't turn it off. Then your problems with loud-speaking people seem very small, don't they?

Historien er om Sparrow, som kan noget andre ikke kan. Nemlig læse andre folk følelser - alle dem de nogensinde har følt. Desværre skaber det ofte problemer for hende. Hun lever et liv i det skjulte indtil nogle hændelser forsøger at bringe hende ud i lyset.


2. Mission

I'm sitting at a restaurant in Vienna. In one of those cozy small corners just out of sight from the buzzing main streets. I like it where it's quieter and with fewer people around. It subdues the headache a bit. I am supposed to meet James here too. He has a task for me. There is a guy who has been tracking our network for a couple of months now. James will show me exactly who he is when he arrives.   

I'm 18 at the moment and a part of an organization consisting of people like me. James has been training me ever since he saved me from the orphanage. James has the ability to see people's relations. He can see who you like and hate, who is in your family (if they are alive) and with whom you have ever spoken. His gift makes him capable of knowing who is loyal and who is not. Quite useful, when you live outside the system.   

I'm pulled out of my thoughts when James takes the seat, which is opposite of mine. He has a grin on his face "Reading people, are we?" he asks me. He has a little twinkle in his eye. 

"No, just thinking on nothing. That nasty migraine is killing me if I am on that street." I gesture at the main street, which is barely visible from our seats. Actually, I thought on my mom, but luckily James could see if I lied - that was my thing.   

"I gave it some thoughts on my way here. We must train that next time you join me in the headquarter. I'm worried about how it impedes your alertness and attention in critical situations. It could affect whether or not you succeed. A way to reduce how many people you read at the time would do good. What do you think?" I'm stuck in his gaze. His brown, dominant eyes don't miss a thing. He might not understand people like I do, but he has seen too many lies and shifty eyes, not to notice when they are there.

"It would do good. Anything is better than this..." I gave him a little smile and looked at his briefcase. Do you have the details?" 

"I do. His name is unknown, but we have his picture here." he hands me a foto, which seems to originate from a facebook page. "He is a trained agent. Be careful. If you could knock him out quickly it would be safer for you. Call me when you have him under control. The rest of his personal information is here."

He handles me 5 or 6 pieces of paper. The letters are in ancient runes. Everyone in the organization can read it, and almost no one in the world can, so that's quite safe. Of course, everyone can just google a translation, but as soon we have read the papers, we destroy them anyway.   

My eyes skipped over the pages. Tall, good-looking, 20, probably wealthy. He would make an easy task. Rich people who never seem to worry are easier to read. They haven't learned to hide their feelings. I can see he is in Vienna as a student. I smile at myself. Ha! A person who is a student by day, an agent at night, things don't get any more cliche.  In between the papers were 30 dollars:

"For lunch, J".

I looked at the time. Half past 1 and almost time for dinner. I said thank you to James in my thoughts and ordered a delicious sandwich at the café. I read the remaining pages. He was a tough nail this guy. He had arrested about a dozen of Interpol's most wanted. It wasn't exaggerated when James told me to take care. At the last page, I could see his calendar:

14:00 - tour at Natural history Museum. 

17:00 - Dinner at Karlsplatz Evening

Me-time at the hotel. 

I might catch him when he was done eating. Then he would be missed before tomorrow. Plenty of time to take him with me. The waiter came with my sandwich. I didn't bother about the papers - one of the advantages of using runes. Common people would understand them anyway.    

"Uf, that looks difficult" he pointed at the documents. "Studying ancient history or something?" He was joking, but I could see that he was quite curious. I am not sure if it was in the documents or me. He did seem like the flirty type. 


"Jaer. Some old documents from the Viking Age. Not difficult if you know how to read them." He laughed at me.  "Not a surprise to me. Personally, I hated history in school, but I'm sure it would be better with a good teacher. Mine was boring as hell." He winked. "Enjoy your sandwich, miss." He left, but I noticed the number on the napkin. Player.   

The sandwich tasted good, though. I left 7 dollars on the table and left. If I should find my guy, I should do it before he left the museum. His schedule didn't say in which restaurant he would eat at, so the museum was the best place to wait. The entrance and exit was the easiest place to have a sharp lookout and would increase my chances of finding him. 

I took a deep breath before heading out on the main street. I was ready to find my man. 

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