These quotes have stuck with me and made me feel happy, inspired, angry and made me cry . I wanted to share these quotes to all of you xx

This is filled with quotes! Quotes that inspire to go far and never look back . Quotes that make you release the pain other people suffer . Quotes that fill you up with happiness and a warm feeling. Quotes that make you want to burst out crying. Quotes that make you want to forget the haters and put your middle finger to the world ! Quotes that will hopefully make you better as a person and make you realise important stuff...


9. Quote 9

This is for my bestie Esther who has never EVER hurt me , you are so so kind and I’m so lucky to have you xx you are smart , beautiful and kind-hearted ! We will fight (probably over Australia or chicken) but I know we will always be friends. Thank you for being there and making me feel better when I was at my saddest . Love you so much you crazy wonderful girl ! Movellas - Essegop_gop go check out her story !

Quote- ‘Appreciate good people . They are hard to come by .’

Quote- ‘ Having those weird conservations with your friend and thinking if anyone heard us , we would be put in a mental hospital .’ -for our weirdest talks ahaha xx.

Quote - ‘ Best friend ? Nahhh she my sister .’

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