Harry Styles going to the dentist 2018 - fear and tears

Harry was never that kind of person who would be terrified of going to the doctors, getting needles and stuff. In fact, he was covered with tattoos all over his body including the most sensitive places like ribs or chest so he was definitely able to manage some pain. So ether, the dentist appointment
wasn´t a big deal for him. Or, at least, everyone expect it. Till today.


1. CHAPTER I. - 23years old man crying at the dentist office. How awkward situation!


Driver (D)

Mitch Rolland (M)

Harry Styles (H)

The dentist (Dr)

Receptionist (Nurse) (R)


D: So we´re here! The driver announced while parking the car.

M: Good luck Hazza, I´m sure you´re cavity free. As always, haha! Mitch told him and Harry started to be confused. He hoped Mitch will follow him and … you know, he was planing to ask him if he can hold his hand during this shitty visit because…

H: What? I mean, You won-

M: Sorry Hazza, I just need to start our rehersal earlier than usually, you know, that guitar was suck last time, I´m sure there´s something wrong with it so I have to set it up.

H: Oh, um… so I

D: So you should go sweetie, otherwise you´ll be late. I´ll just drive Mitch to the arena and then drive back. I´ll be right there waiting for you.

M+D: Bye! See you later!!

Harry just sighed a bit, came to the door  with huge sign read CLOSED. The fact this sign is there just and only because of him (To make sure no fans or paparazzi or anyone is inside during his appointment.) makes him feel so anxious, despite the fact he was trying to calm dowm so much. As he wanted to press the bell on the door, the young receptionist opened the door for him.

R: Hey Harry! Nice to se you again! C´mon, doctor James is ready for you.

She told him politely and Harry followed her straigth to the office.

He tried to control himself, but no way. His body started to shaking so bad, his palms were sweaty and he felt like he´s gonna cry in the few minutes.



Alright Harry, take a seat and make yourself as comfortable as possilbe. The dentist told him while typing somenting on computer.

In that moment, Harry started to feel such woozy. He quickly wiped his cheek as he felt a few tears on his face, glad the dentist still work with his computer so he can´t see that he is crying.

In Harrys mind:

Fuck... 23 years old man crying at the dentist. How awkward situation! Shit Shit Shit!! Alright, I should take a deep breath, deep breath. Who the fuck can work as an dentist!? That´s it. I´m done. Can I pretend I´m fine? I should try it.  

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