Fantaxy's Creative Prompts

Well... I know that personally, I'm often at a loss in terms of ~creativity~... I'm in the mood to write something, leather-bound notebook open in front of me, fountain pen in hand... and no ideas come to mind.

Here are some creative prompts I've come up with that you can use (mostly meant for poetry, but can be used for anything else)


1. Rules

I'm gonna keep these rules simple, because I'm a busy person with much to do, and you're a beautiful person with much to write. 

Without further ado, the rules: 

1. If you end up using a prompt in a published story here on Movellas or on Wattpad, tag/recognize me @fantaxyoreality (my username/handle on both sites). Please give credit if you use my prompts!

2. If you have an idea about what genre you want to write a poem on, comment below and I can try to come up with a prompt specific to you! 

3. Even if you tweak the prompt (as you're more than welcome to do!) please give credit for my idea

Side note: I can also make a cover if you need! Just message me ;) 

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