The Witch of New York 2 A novel

Ellie and her cat Candle are in New York with her parents during a snow storm. When Christmas arrives, she meets Edward the elf, who transports her to the tavern where she meets all kinds of creatures who are dangerous.


2. Ellie-Part Two


Anton smiled.

"My Lady, how good it is to serve you", he said. He ate some chicken that was mixed with gravy in the servant's chambers that was to the far left of the dim hallway. Ellie smiled, as Candle hissed at him. "Behave, Candle!", she said. The cat ignored her. Edward laughed, then headed towards the fireplace. Suddenly they saw Ry the dwarf was warming his small hands; his face was etched in concern. "Someone has stolen The Golden Dagger of Low Winds". He sighed. "Maybe it's a thief", Ellie suggested. The dwarf nodded. "Alas, it's so my Lady". He saw Candle was with Edward. "We shall get it back", Ellie said. And the dwarf nodded. Suddenly they saw Lucinda was gliding towards them. She had a happy look on her face. "Dear child. What's the matter?", she asked her. "A dwarf dagger is missing, my Lady", she answered. She looked around to see other people. And then she saw someone who chilled her blood. It was Lord Blood Stone.


"Forgive my insistence on coming so soon, child witch. You see, I have other, important, matters to deal with", he said. Ellie shook her head. She saw that he was wearing a red cloak, black breeches, and black boots on his huge feet. "So, you want me out of the way because you want to rule the lands?", she asked him. "My priorities are mine alone. Lucinda can tell me about witches and warlocks", Lord Blood Stone smirked. She looked around. The dwarfs were too scared to speak; the elves were too scared of the Lord. "Ry, it's alright. I won't let the Lord attack you", Ellie said. And the dwarf nodded. He walked slowly towards her. He bowed, then waited for Lord Blood Stone to speak again.


Ellie heard it.

The sound of heavy footsteps. 

Candle hissed. 

Then, as she hugged her, and stared at a dark orc. Its black eyes focused on her. "It's no use, child witch. We know what you're doing. Besides, Lord Blood Stone is an arrogant man", it said. "How can he be arrogant, orc? I'm not going to be leaving here", Ellie said. She scanned the blue sky, as the orc nodded. She watched him. Then she saw Anton. "It's time to go, my Lady", he said.

And she nodded.

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