The Witch of New York 2 A novel

Ellie and her cat Candle are in New York with her parents during a snow storm. When Christmas arrives, she meets Edward the elf, who transports her to the tavern where she meets all kinds of creatures who are dangerous.


3. Ellie-Part Three


King Andreas stood on his majestic throne.

He was gazing at Markham, his advisor.

"Is she back?", he asked him.

"Yes, my King. Ellie is with her cat, Candle. That's the rumour", Markham answered him. The King grabbed some legal papers in his hands. 

"If she's here, arrest her".

"Yes, my Lord", Markham bowed. 

And he grinned, and walked out of the King's Court, and headed towards the black carriage that was near the arched walls.

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